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According to ayurveda, ashoka ghrit is an ayurvedic formulation that pacifies Vata and Pitta dosha. Although ayurveda is gaining popularity these days, these terms can be better understood by ayurvedic practitioners. So, we will directly see the benefits of ashoka ghritam. The benefits of ashoka ghrita available here are all proved by modern day researchers. But, before we tell you all the Ashoka Ghrit uses, you should also know what actually makes ashoka ghrita. The herbal formulation is used in a wide variety of diseases. And, it would be easier for you believe it once you know all the ingredients of ashoka ghrit.

So, we will start by enlisting the ingredients of ashoka ghrita and then we will see the benefits of ashoka ghrit. After this, if you feel ashoka ghritam is of any use for you, we will also tell you how you can get pure ashoka ghrita at affordable price. Also, there are several money saving offers you can utilize while maintaining your health. We will throw light on these aspects, before that, decide whether ashoka ghrita uses are meant for you or not with the help of following information.


The list of ingredients of ashoka ghrit is quite long. All the ingredients are natural and hence you can expect a safe and side effect free action.

  • Ashoka-valkala
  • Ghritha
  • Jiraka-kvatha
  • Tandulambu
  • Ajakshira
  • Kesharaja rasa (Bhringaraja)
  • Jivanti
  • Kakoli and Kshirakakoli
  • Meda and Mahameda
  • Mudgaparni and Mashaparni
  • Rishabhaka
  • Jivaka
  • Rddhi and Vriddhi
  • Yashtimadhuka and Yashtyahvaya (Yashti)
  • Piyala (Priyala)
  • Parusha (Parushaka)
  • Rasanjana (Daruharidra)
  • Ashoka mula
  • Mridvika (Draksha)
  • Shatavari
  • Tanduliyaka-mula
  • Sharkara

With the above-listed ingredients, ashoka ghrita can benefit in the following diseases:


  • Ashoka ghrit uses in MenorrhagiaAshoka ghrit uses in Menorrhagia: Abnormally heavy periods or prolonged bleeding can be a real trouble in any female’s life. Although it is becoming a very common problem these days, there is no effective solution in allopathy. However, menorrhagia can be treated with ayurvedic ashoka ghrit. In addition to menorrhagia, ashoka ghritam is also used in treating bleeding disorders.
  • Ashoka ghrit for relieving menstrual pain: In case you suffer from unusual pain during menstruation, try ashoka ghrita. This herbal formulation relaxes the uterus and regularizes the menstrual cycle. It is also helpful in having a pain free period without interacting any of your body’s natural process.
  • Ashoka ghrit in vaginal problems: Be it vaginal discharge or unexplainable vaginal ache, ashoka ghrita can heal both naturally. By killing all types of infections, it gives every female a healthy vagina.
  • Ashoka ghrit is excellent at dealing with womb disorders: Womb disorders are of many types. Sometimes, they are reasons a female is unable to conceive. While many other times, a problem in womb hinders the ability to maintain the pregnancy. Waist aches also often result from anything wrong in the vagina or womb in females. And to get rid of all these, the only thing you need to do is order your pack of benefits ashoka ghritam from
  • Ashoka ghrit uses for male problems: At first, it might look like ashoka ghritam is only meant to improve female health. However, the same is excellent solution for many sperm disorders males usually suffer from. Sometimes, it is given to couple who want to have a baby, but cannot due to reasons unknown.
  • Benefits of ashoka ghrit in weakness: By treating anemia and giving your body enough of red blood cells, ashoka ghrita can help save your body from at least a dozen of other diseases. Also, it is natural formula to gain healthy weight.
  • Ashoka ghrit uses in respiratory problemsAshoka ghrit uses in respiratory problems: Several respiratory diseases that aren’t actually life threatening, but can make your life very difficult can be treated with the help of ashoka ghrita uses. If you frequently suffer from any such problem, talk to your ayurvedic doctor about using the ayurvedic product.

Several other diseases like jaundice can be treated with the ashoka ghrit uses and you can also improve your overall health the use of this ayuvedic product. But, for that, you need to have only pure ashoka ghrita. All these benefits of ashoka ghrita will reach your body only if you know how to use it and what you are using is real ayurvedic ashoka ghritam. Next, we will see from where and how to get pure ashoka ghrita.


Paramanand ayurveda is the only place you can get pure ashoka ghrita from. The ayurvedic company manufactures ashoka ghritam with 100% natural and fresh herbs taken directly from the wilds. Special care is taken while manufacturing the herbal product and no chemicals are added to fasten up the process. Since this is the only way to get pure ayurvedic ashoka ghrita, it would not be wrong to say that you can avail all the benefits of ashoka ghrit only if you buy it from

So, go ahead and get your pack of pure ashoka ghrita from by ordering it online from, or simply by dialing the toll free number- 18001030318. Here you can place your order, or track your delivery, or can also get free online consultation from the team of ayurvedic doctors at paramanand ayurveda. In case you have not consulted an ayurvedic doctor, dial the number to get a personalized prescription. Else, simply order from and get your pack of pure ashoka ghritam at your doorstep.


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