Prawal Bhasma (Chandra Puti)

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Prawal Bhasma (Chandra Puti)

Prawal Bhama (Chandra Puti) is a very effective Ayurvedic Preparation that works very similar to Prawal Bhasma but here it is a fact that it is more effective compare to Prawal Bhasma. It does hold the sufficient potential to annihilate the bone diseases like Arthritis, Neoplasm, Bone Infirmity, Osteoporosis, Bone Fracture and Rickets. It can act like a boon when it comes to improving the bone mineral density. One can successfully heal the issue of tooth decaying by the regular use of Prawal Bhasma (Chandra Puti). It is also found to be effective in preventing the productive as well as non-productive cough. All the types of abdominal issues can be controlled by using such powerful Ayurvedic formulation. It provides the strength to the digestive system and decreases your receptiveness to Acidity. A patient can consume it with honey or water and the dose should not go beyond 1000 mg a day. 

Prawal Bhasma (Chandra Puti)
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