Prawal Bhasma

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Prawal Bhasma

Prawal Bhasma is a potent Ayurvedic Medicine of Ayurveda consists of Coral Calcium. It can be a great option for a patient to counter attack various diseases. It carries the adequate amount of Calcium content which is responsible for a better bone health. Stronger bone inhibits various bone associated ailments to take place. Prawal Bhasma can be also used to heal tooth decaying. It also blessed with Antacid that doesn’t allow abdominal ailments to take place. It neutralizes the acid in the stomach thus prevents the occurrence of acidity and hyperacidity. Fever can be also alleviated by mentioned Ayurvedic formulation. It is a digestive stimulant holding the adequate capability to heal digestive issues. Fever, Heart Palpitation, Productive cough, stress, Acidity, Ulcer, Fissure of anal, Low Bone Mineral Density, Aching Periods & hair fall are the maladies that can be also managed by Prawal Bhasma. It can be consumed orally twice or thrice a day amount should be between 125 mg to 500mg. A patient is not needed to consume beyond 1000mg a day otherwise you may be receptive to side effects. 

A wide range of people often think that why Ayurveda is being highly adopted by the present human being? What makes Ayurveda so relevant even in the 21st century while it is an ancient natural based practice? How far should they trust Ayurveda and what about the efficacy of such option? Does it beneficial in curing the even severe form of Ailments?

All the aforementioned questions have comprehensive relevancy to every single person who has decided to approach that sort of medicament, which is the reason why we have decided to quote the every single detail that can help you to comprehend Ayurveda and its holy effects. What does Ayurveda mean to you? If I quote the Ayurveda an essence of life then it won’t be wrong. It is a holistic approach to practice that doesn’t leave people in the lurch unlike other traditional medicaments do often.  The endless efficacy of Ayurveda makes it a prominent way of treatment. Further, we are heading to an Ayurvedic medicine which significantly paves the healthy and ailment free life.

What Is Praval Bhasma?

Today, we are approaching to unveil all the aspects of Praval Bhasma. It considerably consists of Coral which is extensively high in natural Calcium. It has a wide number of therapeutic contents that can prove to be fair-weather friends. Ayurveda sees Coral Calcium a miraculous natural substance that has significantly blessed with a variety of medicinal properties. Here you need to take into account that Coral isn’t directly used in Ayurveda, it is processed with rose water to make it very fine powder. The rose water used in Praval Bhasma incorporate numerous essential therapeutic properties in it. Here are some of the therapeutic properties possessed by Praval Bhama.

  • Anti-pyretic
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Digestive Stimulant
  • Antacid
  • Anti-arthritic

Ayurveda does believe that Praval Bhasma holds the potential to treat a wide number of health inclinations and wherever feasible it eradicates the disease from its root. Like other Ayurvedic medicines, Praval Bhasma also possesses the strength of balancing the Vata, Pitta and Kapha Dosha (Imbalance}.

What Are The Main Ingredients Found In Praval Bhasma?

Although Coral Calcium is the principal ingredient found in Praval Bhasma, certain ingredients do also use while formulating such Ayurvedic formulation. Aloe Vera juice extract is another typical ingredient typically used in that process. Shatavari is a potent herb that has the variety of medicinal properties and Ayurveda considers its properties highly advantageous when it comes to either treating or ameliorating certain kind of diseases. Therefore, it is also used in Praval Bhasma. Praval Bhasma also consists of Cow’s milk.

Health Pros of Praval Bhasma

Praval Bhasma has been considerably renowned to have the abundance of calcium which makes it a blessed Ayurvedic medicine for various sorts of health inclinations. It has been remarkably used by the people globally and taking the huge advantages of it. Since, it is greatly blessed with Calcium it not only paves the path of a better bone density but, also assist to treat various kinds of bone metabolic diseases which take place due to the insufficiency of Calcium. Various clinical trials have been done to determine the inhibitory effects of Praval Bhama on bone loss progression and most of them have shown positive results. A late study reveals that Praval Bhasma is influential even in estrogen linked bone deficiency. For many people, such Ayurvedic medicine is a soft option for alleviating the heat and burning sensation. Few studies have even found that Praval Bhasma works as proficiently as Acetaminophen works. Praval Pishti is a highly blessed Antipyretic Ayurvedic formulation which also makes it a potent Remedy for treating Fever caused by any Ailment. It is even more beneficial than Godanti Bhasma (A medicine extensively hailed for curing Fever). It not merely obliterates the fever but also bring under control other related issues such as Genera debility, thirst, uneasiness, restlessness, vertigo and, insomnia.

Praval Bhasma possesses Antacid as its principal therapeutic agent which can be comprehensively hailed for regulating the Acid secretion by the stomach. It is an agent that paves the path of balanced stomach acidity. Whether you are suffering from heartburn, indigestion or other forms of stomach discomforts, Praval Bhasma has the solution for all. Antacids found in Praval Bhasma relieves in heartburn by leaps and bounds. It also strengthens the entire digestive system by governing the stomach acid secretion.

We do know that Praval Bhasma does contain the abundance of Calcium in it, therefore, it is comprehensively beneficial in Calcium deficient diseases. Calcium has remarkable ability to strengthen the bone especially backbone and assist bone to maintain its proper shape. Calcium doesn’t only ameliorate bone-related ailments but also precludes the abnormal growth of cancerous cells. Apparently, you’ve heard it correctly. Polyps are the unusual growth of cells that can eventually lead to cancer, however, having the sufficient amount of Calcium in the body inhibits down the abnormal polyps which significantly reduces the receptivity of Cancer. Calcium is a vital and essential agent which is responsible for a better dental health. People who have deficient to Calcium are considerably vulnerable to develop dental associated disorders such as tooth decay, bleeding gums, low-grade enamel and many of that sort of illnesses. Apparently, Calcium is a vital and essential agent which is responsible for a better dental health as well as put you up with severe dental decay. For mitigating the deficiency of Calcium, Praval Bhasma could be a boon such thing.

Here I am heading to quote an astonishing fact about Calcium. Calcium is an agent which helps various nutrients to move flawlessly into the cell membrane which comprehensively improves overall body’s strength. For many people coping with inflammatory diseases such as Arthritis, Asthma, Colitis and, Osteoporosis can be the herculean task as inflammatory diseases don't easily go away. However, the appropriate utilization of Praval Bhasma can ameliorate inflammation thus helpful in alleviating pain and other issues. Clinical trials have suggested that Praval Bhasma can have great influence over the inflammatory disease named Hepatitis.

Apart from the aforementioned benefits, Praval Bhasma possesses great potential to treat productive and no productive cough by balancing the Vata, Kapha and Pitta Dosha (Imbalance). If a person is getting, again and again, ill, this means the patient is dealing with a compromised immune system. It is imperative for every individual to develop a required immune system so that their body can fight off with the different sorts of diseases. Praval Bhasma can be a soft option for most of the people to improve the immune system. It (Praval Bhasma) can also put you up with the eye disorders. It holds components that not only ameliorate and speed up the healing process of eye wounds but also reduce your receptiveness to any sort of eye complications. Praval Bhasm deserves a little gush of gratitude because it possesses certain compounds that can ameliorate a wide range of respiratory disorders. There are two sorts of respiratory disorders such as upper respiratory disorder and lower respiratory disorder. The upper respiratory disorder often forms difficulties to upper respiratory tracts such as Nose, throat, upper airways, and tonsils. A lower respiratory disorder typically affects lower respiratory organs such as lugs and lower airways. Here in this condition too, Praval Bhasma can be an elixir for controlling the infection as it holds anti-proliferative agents that preclude the replication of the virus and counter attack them. 

What Is The Recommended Dosage For This Medication?

The dosage amount of Praval Bhasma often differs person to person, however, the recommended dose of this Ayurvedic medicine is 125MG to 500 Mg twice a day or as directed by the GP. It can be orally taken with Butter, Milk or Honey. Keep in mind that don’t exceed 2500 Mg a single day otherwise it can be a sore point for you.

Does It Have Side Effects

Raw Coral is associated with various ranges of adverse effects therefore, people often think that Praval Bhasma can cause significant adverse effects but, that’s not true at all. It is worth quoting that there is no severe adverse effect has been reported yet and is abundantly safe to use. However, it doesn’t cause fatal issues in the form of adverse effects but, it might be a responsible factor of mild adverse effects. An allergic reaction is a very common adverse effect found in people. A person can be allergic to Coral, Aloe Vera, Cow’s Milk or Shatavari. Consuming Praval Bhasma beyond recommended amount can force you to be receptive to certain adverse effects. Infrequent Bowel Movement, Irritation in the digestive tract, Loss of appetite, Abdominal Pain, Gas and Kidney Stone is some adverse effect that may take place. It could be poisonous and fatal when consumed in a very high amount so never consume beyond your tolerable amount. Pregnant women and children should not consume it.

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