Phal kalyan Ghrit

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Phal kalyan Ghrit

Phal Kalyan Ghrita is an elixir of Ayurveda profoundly utilized to ameliorate innumerable well-being disorders. The powerful Ayurvedic herbs used to formulate this elixir are Manjishtha, Ashwagandha, Triphala, Madhuka, Draksha, Haridra, and Ajamoda. This medicine is typically proved to be an elixir for numerous gynecological disorders. This medicine is highly beneficial in obliterating infertility in women. It can treat premenstrual syndrome, heavy uterine bleeding, Miscarriage, pelvic pain, preterm labor and urinary tract infections. This medicine is found to be fruitful in improving your memory and intelligence. This Ayurvedic medicine is also helping pregnant women to get stable conception. It is also beneficial in improving the strength of genital parts thereby making you less prone to sexual disorders. This medicine is not for self-medication as it may prove to be dangerous. Consult with the registered practitioner before consuming it.

Phal Kalyan Ghrita- A Best Way to Heal Women Sexual and Infertility Problems

Let’s directly get into the matter. Today our topic is Phal Kalyan Ghrita which is an Ayurvedic formulation prepared with the help of herbs and is blended in ghee. Phal Kalyan Ghrita medicine is being used for various purposes and some of them are infertility, impotency, and even balances Vata, Pitta and Kapha.  Have you been enticed by the western medical treatment practitioners? Approaching to those medical practitioners will not only cost you an arm and a leg but will certainly affect your life in numerous ways. Especially for the women, well if you are in grievous condition, facing uterine and hormonal imbalance, going allopathy may further exacerbate your existing condition. Isn’t it queer that even after being pregnant, we usually prefer chemical included medicines which certainly going to debilitate fetus and even may put harmful effects on baby? Using those chemical included medicines is apparently going to exaggerate your situation and you would not be able to solve the conundrum of the disorders effectively.

Today, as per our lifestyle, the sexual related complications are getting rife in the world and the reason being unhealthy lifestyle,Depression, anxiety and many more. All the aforementioned conditions are conniving to several disorders in women and today we are especially going to talk about some of the most common disorders related to women. Phal Kalyan Ghrita is an impeccable medicine which if used in women related disorders; well the result you are going to experience is flabbergasting. Have you been repudiating Ayurveda? For how long have you been doing this? Well, I don’t know but the only thing I know is that if you are one of these people, it would be better for you to be in the good books of Ayurveda or it could be perilous for you to neglect Ayurveda. Well, I am not intimidating you and neither I will equivocate, let’s get directly into the crux of the matter and the matter is that allopathic medicines work as a slow poison in your body. Yes, there are hundreds of perusals have been done in the context of Ayurveda and most of them have concluded allopathic medicine a kind of slow poison. So, now imagine what you have been doing with your unborn baby and even with yourself as well. Unlike Allopathic medicines, Ayurvedic medicines are prepared with the help of nature and nature is the base of every Ayurvedic medicines. Yes, the same nature through which you are breathing, eating food and enjoying greenery. Well, let’s discuss some ingredients which are being used in the preparation of Phal Kalyan Ghrita.

Ingredients of Phal Kalyan Ghrita

12 grams of each of

1)      Manjishta – Rubia cordifolia

2)      Madhuka – Licorice – Glycyrrhiza glabra

3)      Kushtha – Saussurea lappa

4)      Triphala – Terminalia chebula, Terminalia bellirica, Phyllanthus emblica

5)      Sharkara – Sugar

6)      Bala – Sida retusa

7)      Meja – Sida cordifolia

8)      Payasya, Kakoli – Fritillaria roylei

9)      Ashvagandha – Withania somnifera

10)  Ajamoda – Carum roxburghianum

11)  Haridra – Turmeric – Curcuma longa

12)  Daruharidra – Berberis aristata

13)  Hingu – Asafoetida

14)  Katukarohini – Picrorhiza kurroa

15)  Utpala – Nymphaea caerulea

16)  Kumuda – Nymphaea stellata

17)  Draksha – Raisin

18)  Kakoli – Fritillaria roylei

19)  Shvetachandana – Santalum album

20)  Raktachandana – Pterocarpus santalinus

21)  Ghrita – Ghee – 768 g

22)  Shatavari juice – Asparagus racemosus  – 3.072 liters

23)  Ksheera – cow milk – 3.072 liters

24)  Lakshmanamoola – Ipomoea sepiaria

As we told you that every Ayurvedic medicine is prepared with the help of herbal ingredients, just have a thorough look at aforementioned ingredients, what did you see? All the above ingredients are the herbs and some of them are minerals which give Phal Kalyan Ghrita the power to take on with dozens of sexual as well as uterine related complications. Now let’s have a close look on the preparation of this medicine.

Preparation of Phal Kalyan Ghrita

When it comes to preparing Phal Kalyan Ghrita, it is being advised not to imitate the process we are going to talk about or else it may lead to poisonous effects in your body. Yes, Preparation of Phal Kalyan Ghrita or any Ayurvedic medicine is prepared under the supervision of an erudite. It would be better for you to neglect the preparation process of this medicine. Any lapse while preparing Phal Kalyan Ghrita may bring severe poisonous effects in the body. Therefore, you are advised to comply with the statements made above. Now let’s talk its preparation process. Preparation of Phal Kalyan Ghrita is a subject to adherence to a strict methodology inscribed in the ancient books of Ayurveda and by following those rules and regulations, this medicine is prepared.

Health Benefits of Phal Kalyan Ghrita

Infertility: Infertility, a term which no women would want to listen in her life. This condition is like an evil for those who are dreaming of conceiving but their fortune is not allowing them to the same. Are you one of those women who are the victim of infertility? Well, if you are not getting pregnant even after having unprotected sex for a year, well you might be the sufferer of infertility. Though the reason of this condition is still vague but it is believed that some factors such as trouble with ovulation in women or inadequate level of certain hormone in both men and women are the main cause of this problem. Well, not to worry anything as Phal Kalyan Ghrita is there to help you with every aspect of infertility. This condition will fascinate your chances of being pregnant as it is one of the best stimulants which will stimulate the glands accountable for the production of helping hormones.

Improves Fetus Health: Are you the person who wants a healthy baby? Are you concerned of your baby growth, whether your baby would be under-developed? If you are such person, Phal Kalyan Ghrita is there to help you as this medicine will help you nourish the fetus and even your fetus would be strengthened with the help of Phal Kalyan Ghrita. It will help improve your baby’s mind and intelligence. Not only that, it will also help in improving the immunity system of the fetus.

Improve Hormone: Hormonal imbalance is something which may prove to be the curse of your life if you want to conceive. Phal Kalyan Ghrita will help stimulate the glands. Not only that, it also stimulates those glands which are responsible for producing various kinds of hormone in the body. Phal Kalyan Ghrita will also help you stay fit and healthy as it has many other properties which are needed to help you achieve your optimal health.

Impotency: Impotency is a kind of stigma in men. In this condition, a man can’t hold the erection firm. In this condition, people usually are unable to perform sex. This condition can also be treated with the help of Phal Kalyan Ghrita.

Doses and Precautions of Phal Kalyan Ghrita

This medicine can be taken 1-2 times a day and the dose amount should be quarter to half teaspoon with lukewarm water. This amount is for adults and is advised not to take this if not consulted with medical practitioner.

  • Always consult your doctor first before taking this medicine as self-medication may prove to be dangerous for you.
  • This medicine should be taken under strict medical supervision or else could be fatal for your body.
  • Children are advised to take Kapardak bhasma according to the prescription of the doctor and if the doctor stops you not to take this medicine, well, better stay away from this medicine.
  • Watch out for overdoses. Overdose may lead you to severe complications. Avoid taking an overdose of any medicine. It may cause severe poisonous effects. Keep away from the children and store it in cool and dry place.

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