Panchvalkal Kwath

पंचवल्कल क्वाथ

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From:  220

Benefits:Heals Internal Wounds & Infections, Very effective in female health problems, Uterus Cleanser, Fallopian tube blockage, Vaginal & cervical infections, Purifies blood and body, Natural anti-bacterial and anti-fungal



Panchvalkal kwath – a blend of five extremely powerful and healthy herbs can do magical changes in your body. It is an ayurvedic formulation being used in all the corners of the world for resolving different human problems. You too might have heard of its use in treating infections or some other disease. But, only an ayurvedic doctor would be able to give you the personalized prescription that your body exactly needs. Here, you will see the most common panchvalkal kwath benefits, but it is best if you take it only after consulting an ayurvedic doctor. So, we will also tell you how you can get free online consultation over a phone call. Yes, getting ayurvedic medicines as well as doctor’s prescription is not that difficult these days. Let us see what five components make the ayurvedic formula capable of healing human bodies so beautifully. Following the five ingredients will be the list of uses of panchvalkal kwath.


This herbal mixture is composed of following five astringent herbs:

  • Nyagrodha (Ficus bengaenesis Linn.)
  • Udumbara (Ficus glomerata Roxb.)
  • Ashvatha (Ficus religiosa Linn.)
  • Parisha (Thespesia populanea Soland ex correa)
  • Plaksha (Ficus lacor Buch-Ham.)

Have you used any of them? All five are used as ingredients in different ayurvedic medicines. But, when combined in equal proportions, they result in a mixture that is loaded with following medicinal properties:

  • Antiseptic
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Immune- modulatory
  • Antioxidant
  • Antibacterial
  • Antimicrobial
  • Wound purifying and healing
  • Astringent properties

If you aren’t related to the medicinal field, it might be difficult to correlate these properties with the diseases. So, let us directly see the list of uses of panchvalkal kwath.


  • Get a herbal solution to Urinary Tract Infections: Urinary tract infections create trouble in females at least once during their lifetime. Treating the UTI just once is not a big challenge for allopathic drugs. But, reoccurring tendency of UTI is impossible to control using any drug. In fact, the more you use drugs, more frequently you would suffer from such infections. This is because you will have a weakened immunity over time. So, to avoid all this, and to also get rid of UTIs permanently, just count on the panchvalkal kwath benefits and order your pack today.
  • A potent solution to infections: Be it an infection on skin, or any internal growth of microorganisms that is harming your body, panchvalkal kwath benefits in all kinds of infections. Because of the anti microbial action offered by every herb involved as ingredient, the end product is really strong in action against infections. So, if you are suffering from an infection, talk to your ayurvedic doctor and place your order for this magnificent ayurvedic medicine.
  • Uses of panchvalkal kwath improve immunity: Immunity is the strength of your body to fight with diseases and invaders. It acts as a wall between human body and any outsider that is harmful for the body. The reaction your body produces on encountering any foreign body either destroys the invaders and save you from diseases, or simply fails to control the attack. With the strong immune system, the chances of the former case are quite high. Hence, you can see how immunity can keep you disease free as well as medicine free. But, raising immunity is possible only with some natural solutions and uses of panchvalkal kwath are one of them. To get a healthy and disease free future, use this ayurvedic formula and see the magic.
  • Other panchvalkal kwath benefits: This ayurvedic formulation is best solution for healing wounds faster. It is also great at detoxification of human body. Many ayurvedic doctors prescribe it for purification of blood. Because it is natural and made up of only healthy herbs, one can take it for a long time.

To avail all these panchvalkal kwath benefits and some more, get you pack of the herbal kwath as soon as possible. If you want a guarantee of purity and a few other benefits too, prefer ordering it from Here are some more reasons to order the ayurvedic medicine from paramanand ayurveda.


Paramanand ayurveda is the one stop solution to all your ayurvedic needs. If you order you pack of panchvalkal kwath here, you can be sure of purity. Additionally, there are many more time and money saving offers you can avail. You can get free home delivery for all the ayurvedic products. Free online consultation is also available. You just have to dial the number- 9990005395 / 9990004674 and the doctors will assist you in your entire treatment. For this too, you don’t have to pay anything. So, it saves both- your hard earned money as well as time. Not only this, if you undergo a completely supervised ayurvedic treatment, this step can really save your health too.

All this while, you have been wasting resources and compromising with your health by using allopathic drugs. Now, it is time you give your body the real healing treat with the uses of panchvalkal kwath and other such ayurvedic medicines. Ayurveda has the capability to heal holistically, and the world today is going mad over the results it gives. In this era of ayurveda, you too can gain a lot. Utilize paramanand ayurveda as a medium and take your health to an completely unimaginable level with panchvalkal kwath benefits.

16 reviews for Panchvalkal Kwath

  1. Shweta Dabariya

    Hello this is Shweta Dabariya from Lucknow and I am suffering from leucorrhea so should i use Panchwalkal kwath or you have a better treatment for the given issue.

  2. Tejasvi

    Panchwalaka kwath possesses strong anti-inflammatory and analgesic activities. Hence I recommend my patient to use it in a broad range of Vyadhis (Diseases). It can be used in any condition where inflammation and pain are involved. Like arthritis.

  3. Arvind

    I have ulcer colitis in large intestine, and I have bleeding and white mucus in my stool. Can I use this to heal the wound and infection.

  4. Vinay Kumar

    I had an infection in my bladder and I did not want it to be treated with western medication. Hence I contacted Paramanand Ayurveda’s specialist doctor and they advised me the best medication including Panchwalkal Kwath. After pursuing a month of treatment, my problem has been cured now. A very thank you to the Paramanand Ayurveda’s doctor.

  5. Hanshika

    Ye Herbal Mixture Sach Me Kaam Karta Hai. Maine Iska Sewan 2 Mahine Se Kar Rahi Hu Aur Mujhe Isse Kaafi Aram Mila Hai Females Related Issues Me.

  6. Ranjana

    With a wide range of health benefits, I started using it for irregular menstruation issues. This has worked pretty well.

  7. Denesha Camacho

    I use it to help me with the fungal infection that I am facing for nearly 3 months now. I used it for 10 days and it helped me ease pain and other symptoms associated with my condition.

  8. Raima

    Panchvalkal Kwath is a powerful agent that has helped me heal the infection of the toe. I will definitely recommend it if you are having any skin associated wounds.

  9. Shaurya

    मुझे काफी दिनों से घाव था और मैंने इसका बहुत जगह इलाज़ मगर उस टाइप का रिजल्ट नहीं मिला जैसा मुझे चाहिए था इसलिए मैंने परमानन्द आयुर्वेदा से इलाज़ करवाने का फैसला लिया और मुझे काफी अच्छा रिस्पांस मिला। डॉक्टर ने मुझे पंचवल्कल का इस्तेमाल करने के लिए कहा था और इसके साथ कुछ और भी मेडिसिन दी थी।

  10. Gagandeep

    It is a better fighter against the infection, i am using it for combating the urinary infections. It is working efficaciously.

  11. Komal

    Kya isse irregular menstruation ki problem door ho sakti hai? Meri age 23 years hai aur 4 mahine se bahoot pareshaan hu…

    • admin

      Yes, it will definitely work in that…

  12. janvi mehta

    Muje pragnancy me dikkat ho rhi thi…meri firned se muje is kwath ke bare me btaya or maine yeh order kiya iska bahaut fayda mila

  13. Himani

    Very nice product

  14. Suraj thakur

    Meri wife ko 8-9 mahino se uterus me problem hone ke karan conceive hone me dikkat ho rhi thi..then Youtube per Paramanand Ayurveda ki ek video dekhi jisme Panchvalkal Kwath ke faydo ke bare me btaya..maine isko order kiya iske 2 mahino ke upyog se Uterus ki samsya khtm ho gyi..thanks paramanand ayurveda

  15. Ananya

    My doctor advised me to use Panchwalkal Kwath to increase the fertility chances, Hence I have been using it for two months. It has improved my entire health and might be it also has improved fertility chances.

  16. Meena Kumari

    मुझे फीमेल प्रॉब्लम थी। मैं डॉक्टरों से सलाह ले कर इस क्वाथ को परमानन्द आयुर्वेदा से मंगवाया और इसका सेवन किया, अब मेरी बीमारी ख़तम हो चुकी है। यह महिलाओ की समस्या ल्यूकोरिया तथा अन्य समस्याओं में बहुत ही लाभकारी है।

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