Panchakarma or Panchkarma is the divine art of Ayurveda that aims to remove toxins out of the body and get the balance restored within various organs and systems of the body. There are many many benefits of Panchakarma, more than you can count.

Paramanand Ayurveda is the No. 1 option if you are looking for a Panchakarma Treatment Centre. We provide quality and state of the art Panchakarma services at affordable prices. We have experienced doctors and therapists who ensure that you get the best possible treatment & results. And all the ingredients, oils and medicines to be used in the treatment are of highest quality to ensure maxm effectiveness of the therapy for the patient. On top of that, we provide free yoga lessons also during the treatment to work well with the therapy.


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Panchakarma Treatment Cost & Pricing of various procedures

We are very open and transparent about the costs and the charges. We have mentioned costs and pricing for all the individual procedures and also mentioned the costs of various packages including complete panchakarma.

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Procedure Cost
Anuvasan Rs. 500/day
Niruha Basti Rs. 600/day
Erand mooladi Rs. 600/day
yapna basti
Piccha Basti Rs. 600/day
Chakshushya Basti Rs. 700/day
Lekhan Basti Rs. 700/day
Prishta Basti Rs. 1000/day
Dhumpana Rs. 400/day
Gandoosha Rs. 300/day
Jalaukavacharana Rs. 500/day
Jambeera Pinda Rs. 950/day
Kashaydhara Ekangam Rs. 600/day
Kashaydhara Fullbody Rs. 1000/day
Kawal Rs. 200/day
Ksheeradhara Ekangam Rs. 600/day
Ksheeradhara Fullbody Rs. 1000/day
Lepa Rs. 400/day
Mukha Lepa Swedan Rs. 600/day
Takradhara Rs. 800/day
Thalam Rs. 400/day
Complete Panchakarma Rs. 70,000 (30-35 days) (with meal) (Accomodation excluded)
Vaman Rs. 7000 {Complete Course)
Virechan Rs. 6000 {Complete Course)
Sneha Dhara(Sarwang) Rs. 1500/day
Shirodhara Rs. 1200/day
Shirobasti Rs. 1500/day
Matra Basti Rs. 500/day
Patra pind potli swedana Rs. 950/day
Shashtikshali pinda swedana Rs. 1500/day
Sarvanga swedana Rs. 900/day
Naadi swedana Rs. 400/day
Sarvanga abhyanga Rs. 1000/day
Ekanga abhyanga Rs. 500/day
Ekanga snehdhara Rs. 800/day
Kati basti Rs. 800/day
Grihva basti Rs. 800/day
Jaanu basti Rs. 800/day
Udvartana Rs. 900/day
Vidalaka Rs. 1500/day
Netraseka Rs. 900/day
Akshitarpana Rs. 600/day
Nasya Rs. 400/day
Baluka swedana Rs. 700/day

In case of any doubt or query call us on 999-05-222-44

Please note: – The charges will only be finalized after detailed examination and consultation with our doctors. Depending upon the patient condition and requirement the final costs will be prepared and the patient will be informed about the same.


Benefits of Panchakarma

There are numerous health benefits of panchakarma. From increasing memory to preventing aging, there are so many benefits that they are hard to be listed. But here are we have listed the top 10 most vital and general benefits of panchakarma.

Top 10 Benefits Of Panchakarma Detoxifies the body and mind by getting rid of toxins and other unwanted stuffs.

  1. Detoxifies the body and mind by getting rid of toxins and other unwanted stuffs.
  2. Boosts the immune system and restores the body’s natural ablity to fight diseases.
  3. Restore the normal functioning of metabolic system of the body.
  4. Gives exceptional benefits in many diseases about which you will read below.
  5. Slows down the aging process comprehensively.
  6. rejuvenates your tissues and helps you lose weight
  7. Helps you relax and let go the mental weight and stress you have been carrying
  8. Boosts memory power, concentration ability and capability of the mind in general.
  9. Brings production of all sorts of hormones in the body to balance.
  10. Gives much needed boost to your skin and opens blocked channels in your body.

Diseases in which Panchkarma gives exceptional results.

  1. IBS/Ulcerative Colitis (Picchcha Vasti and Nabhi Vasti are beneficial)
  2. Rheumatoid Arthritis (Basti, Baluka Svedan, Nadi Svedan and Churna Potil Svedan should be given)
  3. PCOS (Vaman)
  4. Skin Disorders and diseases (Vaman, Virechan, Kashaydhara, Lepa, Takradhara)
  5. Gout (Vasti, Patra Pinda Potli Svedan, Nadi Svedan)
  6. Obesity (Basti, Udvartan and Svedan)
  7. Mental Disorders (Shirodhara, Shirobasti, Shiropeechu, Shirobhyang, Nasya, Dhumpan)
  8. Sinusitis (Nasya, Dhumpan)
  9. Visual Defect (Akshitarpan, Netrasek and Vidalak)
  10. Quadriplegia & Hemiplegia ( A list of different & many procedures )
  11. Paraplegia & Monoplegia [List of different & many procedures )
  12. Acne ( Vaman, Virechan and lepam)
  13. Lumbar Spondylosis (Basti, Grihva Basti, Patra Pinda Potli Svedan, Abhyanga, Churna Potil Svedan, Jambir Pind Svedan)
  14. Cervical Spondylosis (Basti, Grihva Basti, Patra Pinda Potli Svedan, Abhyanga)
  15. Knee Pain, Joint Pain & Osteoarthritis (Janu Basti, Janu Dhara, Basti, Patra Pinda Potli Svedan, Nadi Svedan, Churna Potli Svedan)
  16. Mouth Ulcers/Dryness or cracks in lips ( Kaval Gandush)
  17. Backpain (Prishthabasti, Patra Pinda Potli Svedan, Abhyang)
  18. Rectal Prolapse (Basti, Sek)

These are the major diseases where Panchakarma gives great results. Apart from these there are many other disease also where panchakarma works great along with medicinal treatment.


Why Paramanand Ayurveda is your best option for Panchkarma?

Well, this is because of two major reasons – Our people which includes our experienced & caring doctors who give you a detailed consultation and a thorough examination before starting the treatment. Also, in the treatment our Doctors keep in touch with you every day to ensure everything is going well. Also, our experienced highly skilled and hard working therapists deserve no less credit. They work really hard but they always carry a smile and pride while helping many people and giving them various Panchakarma Therepies.

The second and equally important reason is the materials, medicines and oils that are used during treatment. We use all the ingredients of only top notch quality. The materials used during the treatment decide how much effective the procedure is going to be. That is why we make no compromises there. We only use companies like Arya Vaidya Sala (AVS), Arya Vaidya Pharmacy (AVP), and some other southern companies who have been tried and tested by our professionals.

Due to these factors, People from across the Globe and from every corner of India come to us for Panchakarma Treatment. We not only provide high quality services but also our treatment cost and prices are affordable. Because, we don’t want Panchakarma to be a luxury for only the rich but we want everybody to be able to utilize this gift of Ayurveda.

If you are looking for Real & Authentic Panchakarma Treatment, then Paramanand Ayurveda is waiting for you.

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