Moti Pishti No. 1

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Moti Pishti No. 1

Moti Pishti is prepared from two major active ingredients named Pearl and Rose water. It is a powerful tonic for calcium efficiency. Moti is an enriched source of calcium which holds significant medicinal agents fruitful for nearly all the bone diseases. Tooth decay can be managed by using such medicine. Arthritis is an inflammatory condition that affects bone. The weakness of the bone is the prominent factor for arthritis to occur. It also incorporates intolerable pain as well as severe inflammation. Moti pishti no.1 has the sufficient potential to eradicate the all brittleness of the bone by strengthening it. Since it contains anti-inflammatory agents it can obliterate the inflammation. It is not only beneficial for aforementioned conditions but also, it can be used to deal with bloating, indigestion, pain, heartburn, constipation,Diarrhea, and various respiratory diseases. It can be also used to alleviate the body heat thus it heals fever. Cold, cough, acidity, hyperacidity, burning sensation, rickets and urinary infection can be treated with it. The self-medication of this medicine may prove to be dangerous therefore consult with the doctor before heading to it. 

If you are tired of following medicines that often end in smoke then you should convince yourself that you are following a wrong treatment. Innumerable medicines out there which are of no avail and may even associate with various adverse effects. Amid of various useless medicines, Moti Pishti No.1 can be a fruitful option for controlling the various ailments even if it is in the severe state. There are various diseases that occur at snail’s pace such as cancer. Cancer needs extreme attention and extreme attention can only be taken with Ayurveda. It might be true that the allopathic medicines may provide cold comfort but it is only a slight satisfaction and cut no ice. It doesn’t help you to put up with even minor issues. In the other hand, Ayurvedic Medicines such as Moti Bhasma No.1 deserves a little gush of gratitude as it can comprehensively ameliorate the entire issues you are suffering from. Unlike other medicines, it doesn’t leave you in the lurch. Many people have a wrong notion in their mind that Ayurvedic medicines are complete of no avail but do you think it is true? Of course not! To find a better cure for a disease what an individual is needed to do is to explore every avenue. I know, for many people exploring every avenue of treatment could be a herculean task to perform but if a patient follows Ayurvedic remedy from the beginning then nothing could be as better than that. You might not believe but all the Ayurvedic medicines especially Moti Pishti No.1 carry huge weight when it comes to improving the entire health.

Moti Pishti No.1 Is Derived From Below Mentioned Ingredients

Ayurveda has confirmed Pearl (Moti or Mukta) as one of the vital ingredients for our health. The abundance of therapeutic agents found in pearl has long been hailed for its healing action in various detrimental diseases. By keeping in mind the above factors, Ayurveda has decided to formulate a potent Ayurvedic Medicine which has paved the path of formulating the medicine named Moti Pishti No.1. Now you might have understood that Moti Bhasma comprehensively consists of Pearl. Rose Water is another vital ingredient Ayurveda has used to form Moti Pishti No.1. Rose Water adds various therapeutic agents in it that make this formulation even more powerful and influential.

How Moti Pishti No.1 Benefits Our Body?

Moti Pishti No.1 considerably fruitful for a number of health issues. It possesses innumerable potent therapeutic agents which will comprehensively allow you not to be receptive to very common occurring Ailments. Antacid, Anti-inflammatory, Anti-arthritic, Anti-pyretic, Fat Burner, Anti-hypertensive, Muscle Relaxant, Antioxidants, Antidepressant, Anti-stress, and Anti-cancer are the principal therapeutic agents found in Moti Pishti No.1. Other healing agents which can be found in Moti Pishti No.1 are Demulcent, Febrifuge, Adaptogenic, Anticonvulsant, Hypoglycemic, Anti-gout, and Anti-mutagenic. Further, we are going to show you how aforementioned therapeutic agents work in our body.

Say Good Bye to Stomach Disorders

If you are approaching heading to Moti Pishti No.1 for your stomach linked disorders then, the ball is in your court. Such Ayurvedic medicine contains a powerful therapeutic agent named Antacid which possesses the adequate potential to bring under control nearly all the stomach issues. The deficiency of antacid in the body may pave the path of various abdomen disorders to take place. Such disorders can be defined as heartburn, gastritis, pain in the abdomen, Indigestion,Diarrhea, Gastrointestinal diseases, GERD, Constipation, and Appendicitis. The powerful antacid present in Mukta Pishti No.1 is the solution for all the aforementioned diseases as it substantially regulates the abnormal production of acid. Once the excessive acid production comes under control above mentioned diseases automatically get down. Indigestion is a very common issue among human being which affects nearly every person at some point. Moti Pishti No.1 can be a drug of choice for getting the instant relief from indigestion. Such Ayurvedic medicine can be a soft option for getting the immediate comfort from heartburn and acidity.

It Is Beneficial In Inflammatory Diseases

Today, innumerable diseases are associated with inflammation that typically incorporates severe pain. Arthritis is a noble type of inflammatory disease that generally brings inflammation with pain. Arthritis denotes a bone issue where patient deals with the brittleness of the bone, as well as stiffness and joints, swelling. Asthma is another ailment that causes inflammation in the lungs making it difficult to breathe easily. Chronic Sinusitis can be also categorized as the inflammatory disease as it causes the severe inflammation in the sinus area. Chronic Sinusitis can cause severe irritation and pain in the nasal area. Aforementioned are the few ailments associated with Inflammation. We can’t name all the diseases out here. What you need to know here is that if you are dealing with any sort of inflammatory disease you require to follow the Ayurvedic medicine such as Moti Pishti No.1 because it will allow you to treat your condition by leaps and bounds. The anti-inflammatory compound present in such Ayurvedic medicine can substantially reduce the inflammation and by reducing the inflammation it also provides immense relief from pain. It will even put you up with the severe form of inflammation. To control the inflammatory disease the patient also need to take exception to everything that may aggravate the inflammatory issues.

Alleviates Fever

People often think that fever is itself a disease but, you might be amazed if you come to know the fact that fever is not a disease but it is an indication that denotes you are suffering from internal deterioration. Fever occurs when our body tries to fight up with internal deterioration. Fever can occur as a result of general debility, bacterial or viral infection, pneumonia, chickenpox and various other health declinations. Antipyretic agent present in Moti Pishti No.1 benefits the patients with high fever and with the low-grade fever. Antipyretic agent not only alleviates the fever but it also prevents the further occurrence of the same.

Benefits in Brain Disorders

Dementia and Alzheimer are the two primary brain disorders that can make anyone’s flesh creep. However, these are not the only brain diseases that can cause severe health issues to anyone but chronic stress, anxiety, and depression are highly linked to severe brain complications. Vatta, Pitta and Kapha issue is the very common cause of brain disorders (Stated by Ayurveda). Therefore, it becomes extremely imperative to balance the Vatta, Pitta and Kapha issue. The potent antioxidants found in Moti Pishti No.1 can substantially provide the strength to the brain cells making it hard for the brain to be receptive to the brain disorder.

Beneficial for Hypertension

Ayurveda and its various medicines have adequate potential to alleviate high blood pressure and Moti Pishti is not an exception of that. Ayurveda sees Moti Pishti as one of the major formulation that possesses various agents which are capable of mitigating and precluding Hypertension. Moti Pishti No.1 possesses anti-hypertensive agents that comfort the heart muscles and as a result, it mitigates the severity of high blood pressure. Such medicinal agent also helps to prevent the complications linked to hypertension like stroke, Myocardial Infarction, heart failure,Dementia and numerous other cardiovascular diseases.

Moti Pishti No.1 Does Not Allow You to Be Fat

The people who continuously use Moti Pishti No.1 in an appropriate manner can comprehensively decrease down their susceptibility to be fat. Presently, obesity is a very common issue all over the world and is associated with a wide range of health complications. The people who are obese may easily become prey to heart diseases, cardiovascular diseases,Diabetes, cancer, arthritis and various other health issues. It is a leading cause of mortality around the world. Keeping in mind aforementioned facts, it is imperative for an obese person to burn the additional fat so that it will help the people to avoid being receptive to aforementioned life-threatening diseases. Ayurveda does believe that Moti Pishti No.1 possesses the significant amount of fat burner agents which adequately hold the potential to obliterate down the excess fat out from the body. We know that Moti Pishti holds powerful antioxidants which have a number of things to do in our body. Antioxidants are enormously beneficial for controlling the accumulation of excessive fat. It also helps our body to get rid of additional fat which enables a person to better manage the weight.

What Are the Appropriate Dosage of Moti Pishti No.1

The appropriate dosage of Moti Pishti No.1 may vary from person to person. For instance, a child should not consume Moti Pishti No.1 beyond 50 mg a day. In the other hand, the appropriate dose of Moti Bhasma No.1 for an adult is 125 mg a day. In both conditions (Child and An Adult One), the dose can be divided into two parts (25mg at a time for child and approximately 60mg at a time for Adult). If a person wants to enhance libido then, such medicine should be consumed with butter or with Ghee. It will significantly increase the sexual wellness and help you perform better in bed. If a person wants to control high blood pressure then Moti Pishti o.1 can be taken with pomegranate juice. It can be also administered with honey for getting a better result. The juice of Indian Gooseberry can be a great option to take such medicine as it can strengthen the heart muscles and obliterate all the heart muscles debility.

Can Moti Pishti No.1 Cause Adverse Effects?

Moti Pishti No.1 is completely safe to use as it doesn’t cause any major adverse effects. Not only Moti Pishti No.1 but nearly all the Ayurvedic medicines are completely safe to use. However, there are certain rare conditions that may force few adverse effects to take place. Consumption of such medicine in heavy amount can cause few adverse effects to evolve such as gastritis issue, abdominal pain, indigestion, and restlessness. Some people could be allergic to the ingredients found in Moti Pishti No.1 so that that kind of people should continue consuming it otherwise it may cause few fatal issues. Leaving aforementioned rare conditions aside, Moti Pishti No.1 is considerably safe it is even beneficial for the pregnant women without causing any adverse effects. So, it is well tolerable in most of the people. 

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