Moti Pishti

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Moti Pishti

It is an Ayurvedic medicine typically used to assail the abdominal disorders. Moti Pishti is prepared from pearl which adds powerful antacid in it. Antacid does help us by governing the acid secretion in the body which allows us to reinstate the damage caused by the excess acid production. Acidity and Hyperacidity is strongly linked to the excess acid production therefore Moti Pishti can vitally help you to get rid of both conditions. Heartburn, GERD, Pain, Bloating and the inflammation in the stomach lining can be managed through it. It is a great tonic for alleviating the influence of high blood pressure.  It is found be beneficial in treating the disorders which cause bleeding. Moti Bhasma No.1 does not allow seasonal flu to affect you as it improves the immune system. It has potent anti-pyretic agents that can have the potential to reduce the fever by alleviating the heat of the body. You can consider using it for preventing the respiratory and cardiovascular diseases too. Mentioned medicines are considerably safe to use unless the overdose occurs. 

Long Description of Moti Pishti

Amid the various treatment options, it often seems hard to find out an appropriate treatment for your condition. A number of treatment options typically associated with the adverse effects, therefore, it is essential to take exception to every treatment that may have adverse effects on you. It is true that selecting the right treatment option amid the various treatments, could be a hard nut to crack for you but, if you show the presence of your mind then it is not as harder as you might be expecting. Ayurveda can be a great treatment option for you to treat the disease you are suffering from. It can be substantially helpful for you to deal with various ailments. There is a potent medicine found in Ayurveda recognized as Moti Pishti. It is comprehensively hailed for its ability to ameliorate the entire well-being and the plus point is it has the sufficient capability to obliterate certain diseases effectively. The abundance of various medicinal agents makes it an impeccable treatment option for controlling any type of ailments.

Let’s see the medicinal agents found in Moti Pishti-

  • Anti-arthritic               
  • Fat Burner               
  • Hypo-glycemic
  • Muscle Relaxant           
  • Anti-cancer                
  • Anti-stress
  • Anti-depressant               
  • Anti-gout               
  • Demulcent
  • Antacid                   
  • Anti-inflammatory           
  • Anti-pyretic
  • Anti-hypertensive           
  • Adaptogenic               

All of the aforementioned medicinal agents work perfectly on the different part of the body. Some of them help to ameliorate the immune system and some of them work by alleviating the severity of various diseases. Further, we are going to converse about how and how long Moti Pishti can be assisting to controlling various sorts of diseases but before that let us discuss the main ingredients found in Moti Pishti.

Moti Pishti extensively consists of Pearl (Moti or Mukta) which adds various medicinal agents in it. Here you need to also know that Rose water is another potent ingredient used during the process of the making of Moti Pishti. It is believed by Ayurveda that Moti Pishti is more beneficial if we compare it to the Moti Bhasma. While making the Moti Pishti both Pearl and Rose water mixed together and ground with rose water for 5 to 6 days. After following the aforementioned process, Moti Pishti is finally obtained from it. Moti Pishti can be prominently used not merely to control the severe diseases but also as a health supplement. Whether you are suffering from diseases or not, you can still use this for a healthful life.

Benefits You Can Receive From Moti Pishti

Ayurveda and Ayurvedic Medicine can be seen as an essence of life because it adds extra years to your life and doesn’t allow any sort of diseases to take place. Today, people are enormously prone to various diseases that could be proved to be extensively harmful to your health. The diseases causing Microbes are dominating the world and in that circumstance, anyone can be a victim of such thing. However, following the potential of Ayurveda can be comprehensively beneficial for improving the entire well-being. Here’s what you need to know about the Moti Pishti.

Heartburn and acid-related issues are comprehensively common globally. It affects people of all ages and race doesn’t matter at all. The major reason for the aforementioned issues is the ungoverned acid production of. Imbalance of acid secretion often happens when there is lack of Antacid found in the stomach. Antacid plays a primary role in regulating the acid production in the body and for that reason Mukta Pishti can be a drug of choice for many people. The abundance of Antacid found in Mukta Pishti has made it one of the principal Ayurvedic formulations for alleviating the aforementioned complications. An antacid is found to be comprehensively influential for regulating the excessive acid production and by doing that it instantly decreases the severity of stomach linked ailments. Indigestion is also a major concern for many people as it is an issue that can force various stomach related issues to take place. Sometimes treating the issues of digestion could be like hard nuts to crack but not for the patient who is appropriately utilizing Moti Pishti. As Ayurveda believes, Antacid holds the extreme potential to improve the digestion and treats all sorts of stomach diseases. Mukta Pishti possesses various anti-inflammatory agents that can be a boon for nearly all the inflammatory diseases especially if it comes to Arthritis. Arthritis is a common issue among people that typically incorporates intolerable pain with severe inflammation. It generally affects the bone of any parts of the body. To ameliorate any inflammatory diseases, Mukta Pishti can be a soft option for you to go for. As I have already aforementioned that Mukta Pishti possesses powerful anti-inflammatory agents in it which works like an elixir for you. Plus the natural Analgesic agent in Moti Pishti alleviates the intense pain caused by the Inflammation. One can also use it for controlling the various other inflammatory diseases such as Asthma, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, Colitis, Allergy, Autoimmune disease, and Appendicitis. Moti Pishti has the sufficient potential to ameliorate all the mentioned inflammatory diseases and also the diseases that are not mentioned above.

Calcium is a vital nutrient for human’s body as it paves the path of a strengthened bone and at the same time also increases the bone mineral density. The deficiency of calcium in the body means a weakened immune system that can cause various bone disorders such as brittleness of the bone, Arthritis, and Osteoporosis. All the issues may become visible when one is deficient in Calcium. Fortunately, we have Moti Pishti for our bone-related complications. Moti Pishti possesses the high amount of Calcium which can be utilized to manage the various bone associated issues especially the aforementioned bone Ailments. It empowers the bone and at the same time decreases the vulnerability of yours to bone-related complications. Calcium is also imperative for a better functioning of the brain tissues, nerves, and muscle cells. It also improves the function of all body.

Mental illnesses are the very common health issues people are suffering from therefore, it becomes imperative to take the relevant steps towards preventing the issues of brain disorders. Though, a number of healing methods out there claiming to have the potential to treat the mental issues but do they credible? Well, when it comes to allopathic medicines, we can’t say that it is worth reliable but we can entirely rely on Ayurvedic medicines. Why? Well, there are various reasons can be enumerated here. Ayurvedic medicine named Moti Pishti possesses potent antioxidants that protect the cells of the brain by scavenging the free radicals.  Having the ungoverned free radicals in the body is the herald of a compromised health that can encourage the various brain issues as well as other health disorders. Free radicals can force umpteen issues to take places such as a compromised immunity, a poor body function, skin infection and microbes related diseases. Here we would like to quote the fact that it’s only antioxidants that can counterattack the free radicals and by doing this it decreases the bad influence of the same. The potent anticancer agents possess by Moti Pishti can be substantially used to decrease the proneness to any sort of cancer. The Antioxidants found in Moti-Pishti have the adequate potential to inhibit the cancerous cells to form and if cancerous cells are already present in the body then antioxidants stop the proliferation of it. Obesity is an issue that is comparatively prevalent than viral and bacterial infection. It is an issue that has affected nearly 2 out of 5 people globally. Men are comparatively prone to obesity than women however this doesn’t mean that women have lesser receptiveness to get this issue. Actually, anyone can easily get such issue. Fat Burner is another vital agent possessed by the medicine named Moti-Pishti. It is well renowned for its potential to obliterate the excessive fat as well as reduces your chances to be prone to be overweight. Hypertension which is also known as High Blood Pressure is a medical condition which denotes the persistently elevated flow of the blood which may incorporate a wide range of heart and cardiovascular associated illnesses. If you are suffering from hypertension you may develop Myocardial infarction, Congenital Heart Disease, Coronary Artery Disease, Stroke, Angina and many other health complications. Since Moti Pishti is comprehensively blessed with Antihypertensive agents, what you need to do is to take the benefit of it. It can substantially decrease your receptiveness to heart diseases. It significantly alleviates your vulnerability to brain stroke as well as heart failure.

What Is The Relevant Dosage of Moti Pishti?

The applicable dose of Moti Bhasma can be 25mg to 125mg a day, however, the dosage could be varied from one person to another. It is typically recommended by the medical practitioners that the appropriate consumption is imperative to avoid unwanted issues. It could be taken either after the meal or before the meal. It can be administered with cow’s milk. One can also consume Moti Pishti by Honey or butter. 

Does it belong to Side Effects?

Most often Moti Pishti does not encourage adverse effects to occur. It is comparatively safe to consume as it doesn’t cause any major adverse effects. Moti Pishti is wholly derived from natural sources, hence, the calcium exists in Moti Pishti is completely safe. It is highly absorbable in the body it comfortably absorbed through our digestive system. Despite the aforementioned truth, certain circumstance may take place which aggravates the adverse effects to become visible. During the making of such powerful Ayurvedic formulation, the role of rose water is to add certain healing agents in it. One can easily get the adverse effects of Moti Pishti if the person is allergic to the ingredients used in it. The side effects like stomach bloating, the restlessness of the stomach, abdominal pain, and gastritis issues may take place as a result of heavy Moti Pishti consumption. Moti Bhasma can also pave the path of various side influences like Digestive issues, Diarrhea Indigestion and much more.

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