Medohar Guggulu Baidyanath

मेदोहर गुग्गुलु बैद्यनाथ

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7 reviews for Medohar Guggulu Baidyanath

  1. Lakhan

    If you’re looking to lose weight this will help. After a week I notice my stomach going down however I also did some physical activities. Just take one day or every other day.

  2. Gagan

    I am heavily obese, can I be free from obesity

  3. Hansh Rathore

    This medicine improves metabolism and burns the extra fat from any parts of your body. It is my personal experience, however, you may be required to perform some physical activities on daily basis. I am satisfied with the result.

  4. Devdutt

    This herbal medicine helped me burn fat however I also gave myself time for physical activities. These two combinations excessively burned fat. Thanks for this medicine.

  5. Dyamond Hannaway

    These tiny pills have helped me decrease my weight by burning out the extra fat. I will definitely recommend this herbal supplement to better deal with obesity.

  6. Pankaj Maurya

    Today, most people are vulnerable to complications associated with Obesity. The fast food is ruining our metabolism and so the western culture foods. Few years back I also had the temptation of greasy and street foods. But, with the time I suffered from many complications and obesity was one of them. Soon i realized that I should quite the unhealthy foods. So I decided to not to eat these types of foods. Initially, it was a hard task but as time gone I got my self better with the time.
    After that I had to reverse the damage that my bad habits have done to my health.
    I took the resort of Paramanand Ayurveda and they are treating me healthily. My main concern was obesity and it is now fading down effectively.

  7. Manohar Bhai

    मुझे इसका सेवन करते हुए करीब 5 महीने हो गए है और इसका रिजल्ट देखके मैं बहुत आश्चर्य चकित हूँ। हालाँकि मुझे डाइट पे भी कण्ट्रोल करना पड़ रहा है इस मेडिसिन के साथ, बहुत अच्छी मेडिसिन है ये मेद को कम करने के लिए।

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