Manjishthadi Kwatham (Tablet)

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Manjishthadi Kwatham (Tablet)

Manjishthadi Kwatham is an efficacious herbal medicine which is traditionally used to deal with a number of health issues. This medicine contains Manjishthadi as its major active ingredient. It possesses many therapeutic actions such as Styptic, Anti-tumor, Diuretic, Astringent, and Metabolism stimulator. This Ayurvedic medicine is broadly indicated by the physician to treat a number of gynecological disorders.  The one who is suffering from Amenorrhea should use this Ayurvedic medicine to treat it effectively. It has Styptic actions that can be utilized by the people to better deal with several bleeding disorders. One can use this Ayurvedic medicine to treat uterine bleeding, heavy menstrual bleeding, premenstrual syndrome and Menopause. It is also proved to be an efficacious Ayurvedic medicine to treat many skin diseases such as Pruritus, Eczema, Psoriasis, and Dermatitis. Physicians also recommend this Ayurvedic medicine for the treatment of Dropsy, Leprosy, and Vitiligo. It also takes participation in the liver cleansing process. It is not a medicine that can be taken without the prescription. Hence it is advised to take this medicine under the supervision of the registered healthcare professional.

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