Manikya Bhasma

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Manikya Bhasma

Manikya Bhasma is a very common Ayurvedic medicine use by humans to get rid of various diseases. It is prepared from certain purified elements such as Ruby, Mercury, Orpiment and Reaglar. It is found to be beneficial in treating Tuberculosis which is commonly called TB. It acts like a heart tonic therefore one can use it to deal with heart as well as cardiovascular complications. Manikya Bhasma can prevent Myocardial Infarction, Angina, Coronary Artery Diseases and Various other complications. It can prove to be beneficial for eradicating the general debility. It enhances the strength of the digestive system thus prevents the various stomach issues such as heartburn, bloating, indigestion, constipation and diarrhea. It found to be fruitful in regulating the acid production in the stomach. It can also improve the strength of respiratory tract and sexual strength. One can also use it to improve libido. You can use it to annihilate the issue of impotency. The self-medication of this formulation is not advised by any mean as it may cause little mild adverse effect. One can consume it safely with the amount of 70 mg to 135 mg twice a day. 

Have you ever tried to listen to a resonating sound in favor of Manikya Bhasma? You might be oblivious to the reverberating sound in favor of Manikya Bhasma and the air blowing towards it. Manikya Bhasma is indeed a phenomenon in medical science which may help you solve the conundrum of dozens of diseases. Have you listened to the term Ayurveda? Most of you must have been shaking your head in yes but what if I ask how about the use of Ayurveda or Ayurvedic medicines? Well, I am damn sure; you may have been dispelling Ayurveda and its medicine. Isn’t it queer that even after the possession of a myriad of natural benefactions, we are still discriminating Mother Nature and the Ayurveda? Well,Doing so may prove to be the curse of your life and you may have to repent for life.

Well, what you do when you get ill? You probably must have been going to the allopathic medical practitioner and that’s it. After five minutes of check-up, he handed you a list of chemical included medicines. Have you ever tried to comprehend, how dreadful those chemical pills could be? Those medicines do not only exacerbate your existing condition but also deteriorate your optimal health. They enervate you mentally as well. If you are the host of dozens of diseases, it will certainly affect you psychologically and put you in lassitude condition. Make it a note that allopathic medicines are chemically included and dozens of perusals have been done and most of those perusals have concluded that it would be sagacious decision to shy away from chemical included medicines.

Well then, what is next? What can be done in order to prevent such situations? Well, the only way is to go to the shelter of Mother Nature, go to Ayurveda. Today, Ayurveda has been recognized as the science of life and you would not believe but Ayurveda has superseded dozens of medical therapies and allopathic is way behind. Over the years, lack of services quality of allopathic medicines has degraded it and an acute slump in allopathy has been noticed. Today, people’s predilection towards Ayurvedic medicine has been noticed and so its prominence in the world and Manikya Bhasma is not an exemption. Well, what makes Manikya Bhasma that kind of potent? The answer to this question resides in its ingredients. As you may have been aware of the fact that all Ayurvedic medicine is prepared with the help of natural ingredients and these ingredients are the secret of success of Ayurveda and Manikya Bhasma. So, let’s have a close look at its ingredients and later in this article we will have a thorough consideration towards the preparation of Manikya Bhasma.

Ingredients of Manikya Bhasma

  • Purified Manikya
  • Purified Mercury
  • Purified Orpiment
  • Purified sulfide of Arsenic (Realgar)

When it comes to the ingredients of Manikya Bhasma, the aforementioned ingredients are the mixture of herbs and mineral compounds which give this medicine the potency it possesses. These ingredients are mostly used in Ayurveda for the preparation of dozens of other Ayurvedic medicines. Now let’s dig into the preparation process of this impeccable medicine.

Preparation of Manikya Bhasma

When it comes to preparation of Manikya Bhasma, first of all, purified orpiment, mercury and sulfur (Realgar) are taken. All these ingredients are then triturated into a fine powder and a thorough powder of all the ingredients is obtained. Now take another ingredient called Manikya and triturate this as well in fine powder. After the trituration process ends, you can mix the mixture of purified orpiment, mercury and sulfur (Realgar) powder. Now again triturate this mixed powder in freshly squeezes lime juice for at least 4 hours. Then it is being coated and coated until seventh coating is not obtained. Now, this paste is transmuted into the small pallets. Now a pot is taken and all the pallets are drawn into it, this pot is now sealed thoroughly and heated at a very high temperature of 15-20 kg charcoal. This process is rehearsed seven times. Now the final product is ready and furthermore, this product is triturated in fine powder again. Now your final product is ready.

Therapeutic Indication

  • Sexual strength
  • Tuberculosis
  • Liver disorders
  • Oligospermia
  • Polyuria
  • Respiratory disorders
  • Urinary ailments
  • Impotency
  • Fever
  • Stomach disorders

Benefits of Manikya Bhasma

  • Anemia: Anemia could be very intractable to deal with as it is one of the most severe conditions which need to be understood first. Anemia is a condition related to your blood where your body lacks healthy red blood cells. The root of the cause could be some of the underlying health conditions which are causing damage to your healthy red blood cells or it may also cause due to dysfunctional red blood cells in the body. Well, this condition may lead to lack of oxygen in the body. Symptoms such as fatigue, shortness of breath,Dizziness, fast heartbeat and many more symptoms can be seen. If you are the victim of such situation, as far as my perspective is concerned, you should consider taking one of the best Ayurvedic medicines called Manikya Bhasma which will certainly aid in the replication of red blood cells. This medicine has an abundant amount of iron which will help you propagate red blood cells in the body. Lack of iron in the body inhibits the development of red blood cells.
  • Fever: Well, fever is one of the most common ailments rife in the world. Basically, we can divide fevers into three parts. Ephemeral fever which may last for 3-4 days or a week, intermittent fever which may last for a month or two or three and chronic fever that doesn’t go away over time. If you are the victim of such conditions, try to be in the good books Ayurveda. Manikya Bhasma is the ultimate way to cure any kind of fever and even related symptoms will not find a way out after being trapped in the web of Manikya Bhasma. It will help you assail off bacteria which are the main cause of increases body temperature.
  • Sexual Strength: It will also help in boosting your sexual drive. If for some reason, you are becoming reluctant to sex, well it’s time for you to scrutinize the cause of the problem and treat yourself accordingly. There are many causes such as psychological issues as well as physical inability to which are coming in your way to perform well in bed. Manikya Bhasma is the hope for those who are deceived by the allopathic doctors and they have left with no choice. Manikya Bhasma will help you stimulate the glands which are accountable for secreting sexual hormones. It will also help in increasing the blood flow to your body. This is the way you can take the best out of your health. For those who are impotent, this medicine may prove to be the best cure.
  • Respiratory disorders: Respiratory disorders are some of the epidemic diseases prevalent in the world. If you are affected by any of the diseases related to respiratory system, Manikya Bhasma is the only option left for you if you want to uproot any of the respiratory diseases

Doses and Precaution of Manikya Bhasma

When it comes to its doses, you can take Manikya Bhasma once or twice a day and the dose amount should be 60-125 mg along with honey, rock candy and butter in order to better administer Manikya Bhasma. This medicine can be taken before or after a meal but adhere to a strict timing and method which will help you get best out of this medicine.

Some key points should be in mind before taking this medicine and those key points are enumerated below:

  • Self-medication may prove to be fatal as this medicine consists of heavy metal ingredients which in term prove to be poisonous.
  • Overdose may also cause a poisonous effect on your body; therefore, watch the doses you are taking.
  • Pregnant, lactating women along with children are advised to not to take this medicine.
  • Always consult your doctor before taking this medicine.

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