Mandoor Bhasma

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Mandoor Bhasma

Mandoor Bhasma is a drug of choice to treat Anemia and various complicaitons associated with Anemia. Anemia is an issue where there is enormous deficiency of blood in the body. It is typically caused by the   scarcity of Iron content. Since, Mandoor Bhasma is primarily derived from Old Iron Rust it contains abundance of iron in it which works like a boon in the treatment of Anemia. Mandoor Bhasma is also blessed with Haematinic which is known for increasing the hemoglobin (A type of red blood cells) level in the body. It also holds the sufficient capability to annihilate the general debility of the body by providing the require strength. Complicaitons of Anemia may include huge tiredness, recurrent infection, heart and lung problems, restless leg syndrome and various other kinds of disease. All the mentioned issues may cause severe complications so it becomes essential to appropriately treat it. All The aforementioned diseases have one answer and that is Mandoor Bhasma. It can be also used to treat Amenorrhea, Jaundice,Dysmenorrhea, and Liver enlargement. 125 mg to 250 mg is commonly safe to use.



Mandoor Bhasma- A Salubrious Agent for All the Blood-Related Disorders

Mandoor Bhasma is an Ayurvedic medicine which has long been used in Ayurveda to cure the disorders related to blood. Mandoor Bhasma is an Ayurvedic calcinated iron formulation which may help you in dozens of blood-related disorders and today our main topic is going to be the same. Have you ever ended yourself comparing Ayurveda with other medical treatment therapies such as allopathy? If you are emphasizing the use of western medical science over Ayurveda, you probably are unaware of the aristocratic history of the Ayurveda which is more than 4 and a half thousands of year old. Most of the people born with a predilection that allopathy is the only treatment therapy which can save them from the diseases they are affected with. They have a blind faith in the western medical science which ultimately taking them into the dreadful condition. How neglecting could you be towards your health? What has happened to the mankind which is going towards an epidemic? You are unaware of the fact that the medicines you are taking for your wellness ultimately becomes the cause of your death. Let me explicate you how. Any medicine you are taking, even if it is a painkiller, is being prepared with the help of poisonous chemicals.

When that chemical included medicine goes into your body, they directly start affecting your internal organ as these medicines are harsh for your internal body. They start releasing virulent effects in your body. As soon as your immune system identifies the particles of the taken medicine, it suddenly launches an attack on those particles because your immune system understands those particles as a foreign threat and initiates the process of eliminating those particles. Now, where those harmful particles get accumulated is quite dreadful. Each and every waste products get accumulated in your kidneys so those particles. Your kidneys become the victim of the muff made by you. You may have to repent for life if your kidneys condition gets deteriorated. As of now, you may have understood that if you want to play safe, you need to have something salubrious for your health and in the same context, Ayurveda is the hope that the whole world is looking at. Mandoor Bhasma is one of the impeccable medicines helps in treating the disorders such as anemia, loss of blood, physical debility associated with anemia, jaundice, inflammation, anorexia and any more of same kind diseases can be cured with the help of Mandoor Bhasma. Let’s get to know the ingredients used in the preparation of Mandoor Bhasma and later in this article we will have a thorough look at the preparation process of this medicine.

Ingredients of Mandoor Bhasma

Mandoor Bhasma is prepared with the help of following ingredients and out of those ingredients Old, Iron Rust is the prime ingredient used in the preparation of this medicine. Those ingredients are enumerated below:

  • Old Iron Rust (Ferric Oxide Or Red Iron Oxide)
  • Triphala Decoction
  • Cow’s Urine
  • Aloe Vera Juice

All the above ingredients are an integral part of this medicine but Old Iron Rust plays a big role in powering up the Mandoor Bhasma. Mandoor is a kind of form of iron i.e. iron oxide. When the iron remained inside the soil for centuries, it automatically becomes Mandoor. According to Ayurveda, the old-aged Mandoor is considered to be the best. Hundred or above years Mandoor is considered the best. So these were the information related to the ingredient part of Mandoor Bhasma. Now let’s get to know the preparation process of this medicine which will help you understand how this medicine is being prepared.

Preparation of Mandoor Bhasma

Preparing Mandoor Bhasma can be a hard nut to crack because any Ayurvedic medicine is prepared under the strict supervision of the erudite of Ayurvedic medicines. It should be also noted that any lapse while preparing this or any Ayurvedic medicine may lead to poison in making and this certainly will not be good for you or for your loved ones. When it comes to the preparation of this medicine, one thing should be noted that the number of ingredients used in the preparation of this medicine should be in right amount and any muff is going to spoil everything. First of all iron oxide is purified and purified iron oxide pieces are triturated in fine powder and are further with Triphala Kashaya decoction. Triphala Kashaya is a decoction prepared with the mixture of water and Triphala Kashaya. Now, this mixture is made into flat disc-shaped cakes and dried. Now the obtained product is subjected to heat to 800-900 degree Celsius for at least 3-4 hours. This process is repeated thirty to forty times in order to obtain the final product called Mandoor Bhasma.

Therapeutic Indications of Mandoor Bhasma

  • Anemia
  • Splenomegaly – Spleen Enlargement
  • Metrorrhagia – Excessive blood loss
  • Anemia due to Geophagia – Earth eating
  • Hepatomegaly Dysmenorrhea
  • Jaundice
  • Amenorrhea – Linked with iron deficiency anemia

Health Benefits of Mandoor Bhasma

Mandoor Bhasma can be used in the treatment of dozens of disorders and today we are going to discuss those diseases which hold no value in front of this medicine. Those disorders are enumerated below:


Anemia can be life-threatening in its severe condition. Anemia is a condition in which the blood doesn’t have enough healthy red blood cells. If you do not have enough red blood cells in the body or the red blood cells are functioning abnormally in the body, well you might be the victim of the same condition. In this condition, you may have to face symptoms such as fatigue, skin, shortness of breath, dizziness, fast heartbeat. Mandoor Bhasma will emerge as an amicable friend for you and help you in getting over this condition. You need iron in your body in order to stimulate the production of red blood cells in the body and as you know this medicine is itself Made up of high-quality iron, hence it will help you in getting rid this condition in the stipulated time period.


Edema also known as inflammation is a condition where any part of your body gets inflamed. It can affect a small area or the whole body, therefore, if you want to get over this condition Mandoor Bhasma could be the best option for you. This medicine is blessed with anti-inflammatory properties and such properties play a big role in playing the safe game against edema. It will help you uproot the root cause of inflammation and alleviate the swelling of your body.

Liver Health

Your liver is one of the main organs of your body which helps in eliminating the toxins out of the body. Suppose what if this organ is not at its health, well it is a condition which is dreadful. Your liver is something which needs to be fit every single moment and Mandoor Bhasma will help you to achieve the same. Your liver has to bear innumerable complication in order to keep you fit and healthy. Mandoor Bhasma will help you in doing the same. It has some of the astounding hepatoprotective characteristics which will surely help you get rid of this condition.

Along with aforementioned disorders, it helps in curing Hemolytic Jaundice, Fatty Liver Disease, Hepatitis, and Metrorrhagia – Excessive blood loss. Therefore consider revising your predisposition towards western medical science and try to get into the good books of Ayurveda which will surely help you in attaining your best health possible.

Doses and Precautions

When it comes to the doses of this medicine, one can take this medicine according to the prescription of the doctor. Standard dose amount should be 125-250 mg twice or thrice a day with honey for adults. Age group between the years 1-10, the dose amount should be 25-50 mg twice a day. You should consult your doctor first before taking this medicine. Some key points should be kept in mind and those points are enumerated below:

  • This medicine should be taken under strict medical supervision as it contains heavy metal ingredients.
  • Always consult your doctor before taking this medicine.
  • Self-medication may prove to be fatal.
  • Overdose may also cause a poisonous effect on your body, therefore, watch out for doses.
  • Pregnant, lactating women are especially advised to take this medicine according to the prescription of the medical practitioner.

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