Mahamrigank Ras (SW.MO.YU.)

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Mahamrigank Ras (SW.MO.YU.)
Mahamrigank Ras is a very common Ayurvedic medicine typically used to deal with a wide range of health issues. The ingredients that make it a powerful Ayurvedic Medicine are Swarna Bhasma, Moti Bhasma, Moti Bhasma, Shudha Parad, and Shudha Gandhak. It is believed that Mahamrigank Ras is a potent Ayurvedic medicine that can treat Emaciation effectively. Tuberculosis can be life-threatening but the right utilization of Mahamrigank Ras can effectively treat such condition. Mahamrigank Ras can be also used to treat other health issues associated with Tuberculosis. Asthma is a respiratory health issue which incorporates shortness of breath,Difficulty in breathing and wheezing. Mahamrigank Ras is found to be highly beneficial in the treatment of asthma and associated problems. It has certain immune boosting agents that can help in fortifying the immune system and speed up the healing process of infections and wounds. Various heart and cardiovascular system can be also managed with the help of Mahamrigank Ras.

It is said that developing healthy habits when you’re a teenager, can help you as you grow into an adult.  Have you heard about maha mrigank ras? This is an ayurvedic medicine which has lots of health benefits. The people of this generation think that there are many allopathic medicines which are known and used to cure health-related issues, why we should use Ayurvedic medicines. Also, there is a misperception that ayurvedic medicines take a lot to time to cure any disease.

Have you ever tried to find an answer behind this misperception? Yeah, of course, you don’t that much time, right? Well, if you did, you would know that there is a big reason behind this. Ayurvedic medicines cure diseases from the roots and this is the reason that it takes time. You think allopathic medicines are the best and there is nothing which can cure your illness like those, right?

If you search, you will know that there is nothing which can make your condition more critical than allopathic medicines. Yes, Allopathic medicines can give you instant relief but, it works on your symptoms only. I think this is the reason that many of you might never get rid of your illness. But, not more, now you have an option to cure your health woes naturally.

Like I mentioned above, maha mrigank ras is the ayurvedic medicine which can cure your illness easily. So, let me throw some light on the benefits of using maha mrigank ras. Maha mrigank ras for health is the best medicines and I will tell you about those benefits but at very first let me tell you about its superior and irresistible ingredients.


Ingredients make this medicine more powerful and help to treat diseases easily. So, here is the brief description of its ingredients.

1. Swarna bhasma- Like its name defines that it is made of pure gold filings. This is the most common and used ingredient which has the potential to cure many diseases. You can buy this medicine in powdered form. Swarna bhasma is made to cure diseases like infertility, tissue wasting, asthma and poisoning.

2. Moti bhasma- Moti bhasma is the most important ayurvedic medicine which has been used to cure many and various type of diseases since ancient times. The main benefit of using this medicine is to reduce heavy bleeding. Moti bhasma is made of pure pearl.

3. Praval bhasma- Praval bhasma is the ayurvedic medicine and it is made of coral. This medicine has been used since ancient times and it has the capability to cure various diseases like asthma, cough and bleeding disorders. Via this medicine, you can cure indigestion, eye disorders and many more.

4. Shuddha Gandhaka- Shudhha Gandhaka is the ingredient which is made of detoxified sulfur and processed juices as the main ingredient.  The main work of this magical ingredient is to cure eczema, boils, scabies and many more. Along with these, it also has many medicinal properties like antibacterial, anti-viral and anti-microbial. This is a not end because there are many more benefits of this ingredients.

5. Shudhha tankan- It is made of borax (kind of a mineral). This ayurvedic medicine is used to cure diseases like cough, menstruation, and bronchitis. This ingredient can be used to cure heart-related issues. If you want, you can use this ingredient to cure Vata imbalances too. This medicine can also improve digestion power and cure abdominal colic pain.

6. Ras Sindoor- Ras Sindoor is an ayurvedic medicine which is made of herbal and mineral ingredients. This medicine is available in the form of tablets. There are many diseases which can be cured with this and some of them are fistula, abdominal colic pain, respiratory-related issues and asthma.

7. Raupya bhasma- Raupya bhasma is called silver ash also and has been used to cure many diseases since ancient times. Via this bhasma, you can cure an acute headache, migraine, Parkinson’s diseases, vertigo etc. Raupya bhasma is also one of the most used ayurvedic ingredients in many ayurvedic medicines.

So, this is all about the ingredients of maha mrigank ras. The reason I have explained about the ingredients is to make you understand one important thing. That is, if a medicine contains these types of ingredients, it can cure your health woes easily and without causing side effects.

Now, let me tell you the health benefits of using maha mrigank ras. Mentioned below are some of the diseases which can be cured with the astounding medicine-maha mrigank ras. Now, let me tell you the health benefits of using maha mrigank ras. Mentioned below are some of the diseases which can be cured with the astounding medicine-maha mrigank ras.

Benefits of maha mrigank ras

Tuberculosis- Tuberculosis is a disease which is known as T.B. This is a viral disease and you can get this disease via air. T.B is the condition which affects your lungs. But thankfully, this is the condition which can be cured. Yes, you can cure this condition if you use correct medicine on correct timing. To cure tuberculosis, you can use maha mrigank ras.

Fever- I know this is a very common health issues but, still, I want to tell you something and that is fever is not a disease. I know, many of you might don’t know about this. Actually, fever is a symptom reflecting the underlying disease. There are many medicines which can cure this but if you want better results, you can use maha mrigank ras.

Diarrhea- Studies show that diarrhea is one of the main diseases for people to seek medical advice. This is the condition which described as an increased frequency in bowel movements. This disease can range from mild to temporary diseases. Diarrhea can be treated if you use correct medicine on correct timing. As per Ayurveda, maha mrigank ras is one of the most effective medicines which can cure this disease.

Hoarseness- Hoarseness is the condition which is known as swarbhed in Ayurveda. Because of this condition, you can experience the difference in your voice. It is the disease which can leave you with a harsh voice. Because of this, you can experience difficulties while speaking. 

Calms mind- Mind health or mind stability is a very important thing if you want to stay healthy. If your mind is not healthy, you will not enjoy in doing even that work which you likes to do. So, it is important to keep your mind calm and if due to certain circumstances, you are having any problems while maintaining that, maha mrigank is one of the best medicines.

So, these are the diseases which are known to be cured with this astonishing medicine. See, this is the reason I have decided to tell you the health benefits of using maha mrigank ras. Here, you might say that there are some allopathic medicines which can cure these types of diseases too, what the difference is or where the benefits of this medicine, right? Maha mrigank ras is an ayurvedic medicine which has been used to cure many diseases along with these since very long time. It has the potential to cure diseases from the roots. In fact, every ayurvedic medicines have the same potential.

Points about Ayurveda

Ayurveda is the treatment which is between us since 2500 years. This treatment is native to India. Globally, there are many people who might be using ayurvedic medicine. See, ayurvedic medicines are effective because they are made of all natural ingredients and natural ingredients will never cause any kind of side effect.

Have you ever noticed that I have used the sentence- side effects? Do you know why I am using this sentence again and again? Allopathic medicines are made of chemicals and chemicals can cause side effects. It is a well-known fact that side effects can make your condition complicated rather than curing. Yes, even one single side effect can make your condition from bad to worse and I am sure that none of you want that to happen.

So, now tell me, the medicines you have been consumed yet are better than ayurvedic medicines? Okay, you can take your time. My motive is only to make you understand that ayurvedic medicines are the best option to cure health woes in every angle. The choice is totally yours, I can only suggest you.

So, this is also done, now, let's move forward and talk about the doses. In Ayurveda, doses are the most important part. Actually, in Ayurveda, you have to take care of its sevan (doses) and anupan (co-ingredient). So, read ahead about its doses.


You should not consume this medicine more than half to one tablet once in a day. The prescribed co-ingredient of this medicine is honey. If you want, you can take this medicine along with cow’s ghee or black pepper.

So, if you are planning to consume this medicine, keep its doses in your mind. But, try to use Ayurvedic medicines rather than allopathy. There is nothing to be serious which you should keep in your mind while taking this but, still, here are some points which I think you should know. 

Important points

Maha mrigank ras for health is the safest medicine that you can take for yourself. But, you should take care of few points and those are

• You should consume healthy and lite food so that your intestine won’t affect.

• You can’t consume bitter gourd, asafetida, eggplant and excessive salty food

So, this is all that I wanted to tell you about the health benefits of maha mrigank ras. This is known medicine and you can buy this from anywhere. But, if you are unable to find this medicine, there is one more option. Now, you can buy this or any other ayurvedic medicine online too.

Yes, now you can buy ayurvedic medicines online and there is one company which provides quality medicines at affordable prices and that is paramanand Ayurveda. Paramanand Ayurveda is the company which provides all the medicines under one roof. Also, you don’t have to pay any extra amount such as shipment cost to buy your desired ayurvedic medicines.

Yes, now you can buy this or any ayurvedic medicine without paying any extra cost. So, now you don’t have to compromise with your health. You can stay disease free with the help of ayurvedic medicines.

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