Mahamanjisthadi Kwath

महामंजिष्ठादि क्वाथ

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From:  210


There are a few ayurvedic formulations that can be used in almost every disease. Yes, you must be surprised to know that mahamanjisthadi kwath for health is beneficial in more than a dozen human health problems. How is this possible? Do you know exactly what makes mahamanjisthadi kwath? Actually, it is a blend of more number of herbs than you can even imagine. So, we will today see the benefits of mahamanjisthadi kwath. Along with this, we also have included the list of ingredients of this wonder medicine to help you know how it is effective in so many diseases. In the end, for those who really want to use mahamanjisthadi kwath for health, we will tell you how you can get pure form of this ayurvedic kwath and also free online consultation by the bets ayurvedic doctors in the country for free.

Let us start by having a quick overview of the list of ingredients and following this is the list of benefits of mahamanjisthadi kwath.


  • Indian madder and nutgrass
  • Telicherry tree
  • Tinospora and costus
  • Ginger and Clerodendrum
  • Yellow nightshade and Sweet flag
  • Neem, Turmeric and Barberry
  • Chebulic myrobalan
  • Indian gooseberry and Beleric myrobalan
  • Picrorhiza and Frangipani vine
  • Embelia, Malabar kino and Red plumbago
  • Wild asparagus and Bacopa
  • Snake gourd
  • Long pepper and Malabar nut
  • False daisy
  • Ailanthus and Pata root
  • Cutch tree and Sandalwood
  • Solanum
  • Sacred garlic pear, transparent wood- rose and malay tea
  • Indian laburnam and Indian coral tree
  • Indian beech
  • Coleus
  • Bitter apple
  • Indian stinging nettle and Indian sarsparilla
  • Oldenlandia and Atis root.

With so many herbs involved in the preparation, it can now be easy to believe that mahamanjisthadi kwath is extremely powerful and capable of healing humans in a wide variety of ways. You might not have heard about most of them, but all of them are herbs used in ayurvedic medicine manufacturing.


  • Skin diseases and benefits of mahamanjisthadi kwath: Mahamanjisthadi kwath for health supports your skin and provides you with healthy skin complexion. The herbal mixture purifies blood naturally, and hence is a perfect answer to acne, pimples and many other skin issues. This is one of the most common reasons females use it. It is much better than the cosmetic products that do nothing good for your skin. So, if you too want a flawless skin, make sure you do not fall prey to these expensive chemical products. Rather, choose natural skin healer and get desired results.
  • Get relief in syphilis by using mahamanjisthadi kwath for health: One can also address more complicated problems like syphilis with the help of this amazing ayurvedic formula. Although in the beginning, the sexually transmitted infection starts with a sore, later on, it can turn your life upside down. So, to get rid of it faster, if you need a natural help, try this herbal mixture and see the magic.
  • Benefits of mahamanjisthadi kwath for bones: The herbal mixture is extremely good for health of your bones and joints too. It holistically heals human bones and joints related problems by reducing pain as well as strengthening the body parts. This is why many ayurvedic doctors recommend the use of this ayurvedic medicine is problems like gout, rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis.
  • It is a potent solution to various skin issues: Be it non healing wounds or eczema, the benefits of mahamanjisthadi kwath for skin vary greatly. It improves the skin repairing capability, and hence can be used in any type of wound healing. Diabetic people can also rely on it, but only after consulting your ayurvedic doctor.
  • Get rid of obesity naturally: Mahamanjisthadi kwath for health is recommended to those who want to get rid of excess of fat, but while improving the overall health. There may be some products in the market that claim to cut down your weight instantly, but, none of them is good for your future health. The only healthy way out to permanently get rid of obesity is this magical ayurvedic formula.
  • Other diseases it can cure: Although by now you have an idea of the varying benefits of mahamanjisthadi kwath, there are some more problems in which it can be used, namely, hyper- cholestrolemia, eye diseases and urinary tract problems in both- males and females.

If you find this ayurvedic combination useful in any way, consider buying it from Here are some of the benefits of placing your order at this reliable ayurvedic company:


The first and most important reason to place your order at paramanand ayurveda is the guarantee of purity. Here, you will get mahamanjisthadi kwath for health that is manufactured only according to ayurvedic procedures. Secondly, you get the flexibility to order it online from, or over a phone call at 9990005395 / 9990004674. Last but not the least, in case you want to consult an ayurvedic doctor regarding some health problem, you dial the same number and get online consultation for free. Some ayurvedic herbs can interact with modern medicine, hence it is better you take advice from an ayurvedic doctor.

So, with all these facilities, it is no more difficult to take the right step in the direction of gaining back a healthy body with the use of ayurveda, isn’t it? Yes, this is the best time to act and with holistic healing ayurveda offers, you would definitely see the changes you want.

19 reviews for Mahamanjisthadi Kwath

  1. Tarikh

    Does it work in boils? If yes, How long do i need to take

    • admin

      Yes it does work against boils and any other skin problems. Start medication and use it until your problem subside. Most probably 2-3 months.

  2. Manish aroya

    मेरे सारे शरीर पर एलर्जी की समस्या थी मैं इसके लिए अंग्रेजी दवा खाता था थोड़े दिन आराम मिलता और फिर वही समस्या शुरू हो जाती फिर एक दिन मैंने परमानद आयुर्वेद की वीडियो देखकर महामंजिष्ठादि क्वाथ आर्डर किया। … अभी मैंने रोजाना सेवन कर रहा हु मुझे इस से आराम है।

  3. Lalit yadav

    Mahamanjisthadi kwath ko lene se mere skin ka glow bad gaya or hair fall bhi stop ho gaya…iske liye maine abhi tak 20 days he iska upyog kiya hai….benefit acha mil raha hai

  4. Mridul

    Mujhe skin me infection ho gaya hai jiski wajah se mujhe dard aur itching hota rahata hain. Kya iss medicine ko khane se mujhe aram milega.

  5. Ragav rghuram

    मेरे लिए मुझे ये मंगवाना है

  6. Yatin rajput

    I keep using this product again and again. Awesome for allergies and acne

  7. Akki narwal

    Meri skin pe acne ho jaate the..mere ek dost ko bhi skin ki problem thi..usne Mahamanjisthadi kwath ka upyog kiya tha..Fir maine bhi iska upyog kiya..or ab meri bhi skin problem thik ho gyi

  8. Laxminarayan

    Maine bahaut jhga se Mahamanjisthadi kwath mangwaya upyog bhi kiya..but ji quality Paramanand Ayurveda ka aata hai..vaisa nhi mila khi bhi

  9. Hari

    Mujhe skin infection bahoot jaldi ho jata tha magar jabse maine Mahamanjishthadi Ka sewan start kiya hai mera blood saaf ho gaya hai aur mujhe ab skin ki koi samasya nahi hai .

  10. Anish

    Mahamanjishthadi Kwath can correct all problems where the blood vitiation causes any problem especially skin diseases.

  11. swati

    There was a lot of pimples on my face since I started taking the Mahamanjisthadi kwath: I have benefited a lot

  12. Nagesh

    I want to use this herbal mixture for skin pimples… Can I do that or I should opt for another herbal supplement?

    • admin

      Please Contact Us At 9990004674

  13. Mithlesh yadav

    Muje joint pain hota hai maine kafi dino se paresan tha, kisi ke slah se main Mahamanjisthadi kwath leta hu. Aab 2-3 mahino se main kaphi achha mahsus kar raha hun

  14. ŦÚŃ का महकमा

    Very good medicine for all type of skin problems i used it

  15. Nishu

    pure and natural kwath for blood detoxifying

  16. Ayurveda Ka gyan

    It’s good for all skin problem like acne,pimples,allergic,psoriasis etc,

  17. अमरपाल

    मैं हाल ही में सोरायसिस से diagnose हुआ हूँ। मेरे डॉक्टर ने मुझे महामंजिष्ठादि क्वाथ लेने की सलाह दी है। मुझे आशा है की मई जल्दी इससे ठीक हो जाऊंगा

  18. harsh rana

    isko use krne se mere stomach ki saari problems me fayda hua

  19. Shruti Desai

    I used to get very pimples and my face was very speckled, I was very worried about how to get rid of these pimples, someone told me that you should try using the decoction of Mahamanjisthadi Kwath. I ordered Mahamanjisthadi Kwath from here and made a decoction. After consuming about 3 months, I started getting results. I am quite happy using this decoction, because now there are no pimples on my face at all.

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