Mahalaxmi Vilas Ras (Baidyanath)

महालक्ष्मी विलास रस (बैद्यनाथ)

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From:  335

From:  335
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3 reviews for Mahalaxmi Vilas Ras (Baidyanath)

  1. Anant

    I am using Laxmi Vilas ras for 3 months and it has helped me manage the symptoms of Asthma and its complications. It is a very effective medicine

  2. Radhika

    I am diagnosed with sinusitis 3 months back and since then I started taking Ayurvedic medicines under the guidance of Paraanand Ayurveda’s doctor. Initially, my body wasn’t adapted to the natural remedy but gradually this treatment proved Life-saving. I think now I am cured as I don’t have signs for two months.

  3. BHAIRU singh

    Very nice

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