Mahakukkutamamsa Tailam

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Mahakukkutamamsa Tailam

Mahakukkutamamsa Tailam is a renowned proprietary preparation of Kottakkal. It is a powerful Ayurvedic preparation that is capable of treating myriads of well-being disorder. This Ayurvedic medicine consists of Eranda, Magadhi, Shatavari, Chavya, Manjishtha, Ketaki, Vyosha, Yavani, Sethi, and like these potent ingredients. This Ayurvedic medicine is found to be fruitful in facial palsy, Paraplegia, Monoplegia, and paralysis. It possesses the analgesic properties that help people with joint aches, earache, arthritic pain, headache, and pain in the neck. The analgesic agent exists in Mahakukkutamamsa Tailam is even fruitful in a severe headache and Migraine. Weakness and numbness of the muscles can be treated with the efficacy of Mahakukkutamamsa Tailam. Deafness and tinnitus are the two major ear issues which can be effectively managed with the right utilization of Mahakukkutamamsa Tailam. Arthritis, Rheumatoid, and blunt injuries are the other issues in which it shows the effective result. This medicine is safe to use unless you are allergic to some of the component present in it.

Mahakukkutamamsa tailam

Life is short but a healthy body can make it better, more attractive, productive and fulfilling. The most important thing is you can live your full life, when you are fit and healthy. Getting older is a process of life, but still, people want to stop this, which they actually can’t. There are many studies which show that you can stay healthy by eating healthy food and doing exercise, easy, right? Well, if this is easy, why don’t you do it?

Now, some of you might say that they are already doing all the possible things but still, not living a healthy life, right? Well, I agree that even after doing all correct things, some of you can’t live a healthy life but,Do you know the reason behind this? Medicines, yes, medicines are one of the main reasons behind this.

See, there is hardly anyone who is not suffering from any health woe, agree? Consumption of wrong medicines can cause a big mess in your health condition. You might be thinking that how would I know which kind of medicines you are taking, right?

Well, this is not a hidden thing that to cure health woes some of you mostly prefer to use modern medicines. Modern medicines are not that much capable to cure health woes. Not all the medicines are same but, yes some of them are. The reason I am saying this, is only to make you understand that this is your life and by choosing the correct treatment method, you are only making your health better.

Do you know that Ayurveda is one of the best treatment methods? Of course, you know it, right? But if you know, why are you not taking advantage of it? See, there is nothing which can cure your health woes better than this treatment method. There are many medicines which can be used to cure several health woes but Mahakukkutamamsa tailam is something different. It is an ayurvedic tail which is used to cure many health woes. I will tell you about the health benefits but before that I would like to tell you about its adjuvants.

Adjuvants of Mahakukkutamamsa tailam

Sesame oil- Sesame oil is generating buzz for good reason. Recent studies show that sesame oil health benefits are quite promising. Moreover, it is beneficial for your skin and hair. Oh, how can I forget to mention, this healthy oil can add a great flavor in your cooking as well.

Gmelina Arborea- Gmelina arborea is also known as Gambhari. It is a deciduous tree which attains height up to 20 meters. It is a fast growing tree and it is one of among dashmoola groups. Gambhari is known for its bitter tonic and to cure general weakness. It can cure vata and pitta doshas as well.

Aegle marmelos- It is also known as Indian bael. It is a spinous deciduous and aromatic tree with long, strong and axillary spine. It has many medicinal benefits some of them are cure heart related problems, skin related problems, constipation, and pitta related disorders or many more.

Stereospermum colais- This is also a deciduous tree which grows in a warm climate and up to 20 meters.  Most commonly it is used to cure intestinal worms. But, there are more health woes in which it is used. According to studies, Stereospermum colais has been used since ancient times to cure many health woes.

Gokshura- Gokshura is an amazing ayurvedic herb which has the potential to change your life positively. In Ayurveda, Gokshura is known as effective as Rasayana for rejuvenative health. It simply means that this herb is best for rejuvenation of a person’s health. Apart from this, it can be used to cure many health woes, like kidney diseases, sexual disorders, stress, rheumatoid pain, bed wetting, piles and many more.

Sida cordifolia- Balamula is another name of this constituent. According to Ayurveda, the meaning of Bala refers to strength. This herb is used to increase strength in the body. It is an ancient herb which has been widely used to make medicines. It can be used to improve the strength of the bones and joints.

So, this is all about the adjuvants of Mahakukkutamamsa tailam. These are some of the Mahakukkutamamsa tailam, it has total 52 adjuvants. Now, I would like to tell you about the health benefits of Mahakukkutamamsa tailam. So you can understand the effectiveness of this medicine.

Health benefits of Mahakukkutamamsa tailam

Hemiplegia- The “Plegia” word defines server weakness and “Hemi” implies one side of the body. Hence hemiplegia means paralysis of half side of the body, including one arm and leg. This is an incurable disease but by certain types of medicines, you can control this condition. One such medicine which you can use to maintain this condition is Mahakukkutamamsa tailam.

Facial palsy- It is a facial paralysis and it describes as loss of facial movement in the nerve cells. Your facial muscle may appear droop or become weak. It can happen on one or both sides of the face. The most common causes of facial palsy are infection or inflammation of the nerve cells, head trauma or stroke.

Lock jaw- Lockjaw is the condition in which causes muscle spasms in the jaw muscles. Because of this condition, the affected person is unable to open the mouth. The pain may radiate to ears, face, neck and shoulders. This is the condition which takes its own time to vanish but there are certain medicines which can ease the discomfort which you can face and yes, Mahakukkutamamsa tailam is one of them. The reason behind is its ingredients. They are so potent that they can cure these types of woes effectively.

Hearing loss- We can actually imagine how many difficulties the affected person has to face, right? This is the condition which can be caused by many factors. Some of which can be successfully treated with surgery or medicine. Studies show, hearing loss can be treated if you take its correct treatment and medicines. According to Ayurveda, you can use Mahakukkutamamsa tailam for hearing loss too because it has many constituents which can cure hearing loss every effectively.

Parkinson’s- Parkinson’s can make your daily life difficult. It is a type of neurodegenerative disorder that impairs the brain neuron. The motor neuron may die or may not function in a patient’s body. Although, Parkinson’s can’t be cured, but through some medicines, you can cure the symptoms so that you can do your normal day to day work easily. To manage this condition, there is nothing better than Mahakukkutamamsa tailam. It has some of the constructive ingredients which can cure the symptoms of this disease.

Frozen shoulder- It is also known as adhesive capsulitis. This is the common condition in which your shoulder stiffens. Means it reduces its mobility. The term “frozen shoulder” often used incorrectly for arthritis but these two conditions are unrelated. This is a treatable condition and for that you can use Mahakukkutamamsa tailam as well. As I told you that, it has 52 adjuvants and some of them are responsible for treating these types of woes as well.

Mahakukkutamamsa tailam has the potential to cure these woes. Do you know any of the modern medicine which can cure these woes? See, this is the beauty and magic of ayurvedic medicines. one medicine can cure many health woes. Isn’t great that by the consumption of one medicine you can get rid of several types of health woes?

I know it will take some time to accept it, but till you think about this, we should move ahead and read the doses of this tailam.

Doses of Mahakukkutamamsa tailam

There are three ways to use this, the first one is internal. To take this medicine internally, you should not consume this medicine more than 5-10ml once or twice a day. The second one is external, for that you just have to massage with this oil on the affected part of your body. Last but not the least-nasal ingestion, this oil can also be used as nasal and an ear drop.

Mahakukkutamamsa tailam for health is one of the best tailam because there are no side effects of this medicine like others. Yes, I know, you might be thinking there are some medicines which can cause side effects. Well, there are some medicines which can cause side effects but, that is possible only when, you use ayurvedic medicine in an appropriate amount.

Although, there are no side effects of this medicine but still, there are some points which should follow if you are planning to use this medicine.

Important points

  • If you are hypersensitive to any of the ingredients which I have mentioned above, consult with your doctor first.
  • The people who have diabetes, high cholesterol and high BP should avoid taking it orally.

So, now I have done with each and every aspects of Mahakukkutamamsa tailam for health. I think after reading this article, you all are might be agreed that there is nothing better than Mahakukkutamamsa tailam.

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