Mahamanjisthadi Kadha

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Maha Manjisthadi Kadha

An Ayurvedic medicine named Mahamanjisthadi Kadha is derived from myriads of precious herbs. Some of them are Manjistha, Guduchi, Ginger, Nimba, Turmeric, Triphala, Shatavari, Khadira, Parpata, and Bakuchi. These powerful herbs add various medicinal agents to Mahamanjisthadi Kadha. This Ayurvedic liquid is effectively used to treat myriads of health issues. It possesses powerful anti-pruritic effect that prevents the itchiness caused by Psoriasis, Acne, Vitiligo, and Dermatitis. Skin rash is another skin disorder where Mahamanjisthadi Kadha can offer huge positive influence. It has anti-inflammatory agents that prevent the inflammation caused by Gout, Osteoporosis, and osteoarthritis. It can be also used to heal syphilis and non-healing wounds too. This Ayurvedic medicine can be an elixir in the treatment of obesity. It also possesses therapeutic agents that alleviate cholesterol level. This Ayurvedic medicine should be taken under strict medical supervision. One should visit the doctors to determine the right dose of this medicine.

Mahamanjisthadi kwath and health

We all want healthy, spotless skin and a healthy body too but due to certain circumstances, we fail to maintain that. Actually, we can say that to some extent pollution plays a role in this. We get several types of diseases due to pollution. You might be thinking we can live a healthy life, if we reduce the level of pollution, right? Don’t you think that somewhere down the line we all are equally responsible for that?

No, I am not here to tell you about pollution, I am here to tell you about an ayurvedic medicine which can cure many health woes, whether it is related to your skin or overall health. There are many medicines which can do that and if you are thinking that this is a modern medicine, let me tell you, you are wrong this time.

There is no medicine which can cure any disease from the roots. The medicine on which we are going to talk is an ayurvedic medicine and the name of that medicine is mahamanjisthadi kwath. There are several benefits of using mahamanjisthadi kwath but, before elaborating those benefits, I would like to tell you about its concoctions.

Concoctions of mahamanjisthadi kwath

The reason behind the effectiveness of this medicine is its concoctions. It has almost 20 adjuvants and some of them are below mentioned.

Manjishtha- If you are aware of Ayurveda, probably you are also aware of this amazing herb. Manjishtha is known as Indian madder as well. There are many medicines which contain this herb. This bitter and astringent herb has been used to cure many diseases since ages. Most commonly it is used to purify the blood, liver and lymphatic system. Apart from this, it can be used to cure dry skin,Digestive issues, mood swings and brain fog.

Neem- Neem is known as Indian lilac as well. I don’t think that you need any description about neem, right? It is one of the most effective ingredients which can cure lots of health woes. It is used to cure dandruff, immune system related problems, reduce inflammation, cure wounds and many more.

Nagarmotha- We all are aware of pig which is often described as fat and ugly animal. The people who eat this can get heart diseases but have you ever heard that any of the pigs died due to heart related problems? This is not a matter of joke, I am telling you about this because I don’t think there is anyone who aware of this. Pigs don’t get heart related problems and this is because they eat a type of grass which is known as nagarmotha. I think, after reading this you might understand that this herb is mainly used to cure heart related problems.

Giloy- Giloy is a popular herb among neuropaths and gaining immense popularity. Giloy has been used to make many medicines since ages. There are many health benefits which include the names like cures chronic fever, boost immunity, improves digestion, treats diabetes and many more. This is one of the best ingredients which one can use for better health.

Turmeric- Turmeric is one of the common spices of Indian household, but do you know that turmeric is also considered as one of the best spices to cure health woes? Yes, this is true there are many studies which show that the consumption of turmeric can cure many health woes such as diabetes, unintentional weight gain, brain related problems, heart related problems and many more.

Daru haldi- It is also one of the most common ingredients of ayurvedic medicines. Daru haldi is considered as one of the best herb to cure metabolism, liver related problems and nourishes skin. It has hepato protective,Diuretic, anti-inflammatory properties. Daru haldi can cure urinary tract problems as well. All an all we can say that this is one of the best herb which you can use to stay healthy.

Now, we move forward and see the health benefits of mahamanjisthadi kwath. I have already mentioned that there are several benefits of mahamanjisthadi kwath but here I am mentioning some of them so you can get an idea that which kind of diseases mahamanjisthadi kwath can cure.

Health benefits of mahamanjisthadi kwath

Paralysis- Paralysis is the loss of the muscle function in the part of your body. It happens when something went wrong with the way massage passes through your brain to your muscles. This disease can be complete or partial and it can occur on one or both side of your body. There is no cure for the same but by some medicines, you can control or I can say manage your condition and yes, in this condition you can use mahamanjisthadi kwath. The reason I am suggesting this medicine is because of its ingredients. It contains many potent ingredients which are proved to have a very strong effect on this type of disease.

Skin care- Globally, there are many people who are suffering from skin related problems like acne, pimples and non-healing wounds. This is not a hidden thing that a number of people are suffering from acne. If you are also one of those, start using mahamanjisthadi kwath. As per Ayurveda, this kwath is one of the best medicines to cure skin related problems. It contains neem and turmeric; both of them have very strong effects on acne and some other skin related issues.

GoutGout is a type of arthritis which causes inflammation and pain in the affected area. Gout affects approximately 1 in 40 adults, most commonly men between the 30-60 years of age. This is the condition which less commonly affects women. This is a curable condition but for that you have to take correct treatment on correct timing and for that, mahamanjisthadi kwath is one of the best medicines. It has some of the adjuvants which are known to cure arthritis.

Perfect blood purifier- It is a well-known fact that most of the skin related problems are caused by blood impurities. So, it is important to purify the blood. There are some people who think that the consumption of certain things can purify their blood, which is not true. There should be something which is made to purify the blood and that is mahamanjisthadi kwath. There are several studies, which show that ingredients of this medicine make this a potent blood purifier. 

So, I have done with the benefits of mahamanjisthadi kwath. If you are thinking that you can prepare this medicine at home, I would like to suggest you that try to avoid making ayurvedic medicines at home. See, ayurvedic medicines are made of lots of ingredients and if you put any of the ingredients more than the recommendation, there are possibilities to have side effects.

So, it will be great if you avoid making this medicine at home. Now, we will talk about the doses of this medicine.

Doses of mahamanjisthadi kwath

  • You can consume one to four teaspoons of this medicine with equal quantity of water, twice a day.
  • Try to consume this medicine as per the mentioned amount, but still, you should consult with the ayurvedic doctor before you start consuming this medicine.

Like other ayurvedic medicines, mahamanjisthadi kwath is also side effects free but still there are certain points which you should know.

Points about mahamanjisthadi kwath

  • The person who is hypersensitive to the ingredients of this medicine should avoid taking this.
  • While consuming this medicine try to avoid excessive consumption of some food items like rice, all type of meat and fish.

So, till here I end which each and every aspects of mahamanjisthadi kwath. The people who are suffering from any of the diseases which I have mentioned in this article, might be thinking to purchase this medicine, right? Well, if this is true, let me tell you from where you can purchase this medicine.

No, you don’t have to go anywhere to purchase that; you can do that by just sitting at your home. Yes, via online mode. You just have to visit the site and order whatever medicine you required. I know after reading the word “online” you might be thinking that you have to pay lots of extra amount, right?

But, you don’t have to, this company provides free home delivery service and this is the only company which is providing this type of facility. Apart from this, the medicines you buy from this company are with good quality and at best price. You will get a discount which is up to 15 percent in every ayurvedic medicine as well, isn’t that great?

Have you noticed that I have mentioned that you should consult with the ayurvedic doctor before consuming this medicine? If yes, what do you think, you can find ayurvedic doctor easily? It’s not possible, right? I know there are few ayurvedic doctors but, even to find even any of them, we need to do lots of searches.

But, now you have an option to consult with an ayurvedic doctor and that too without spending a single rupee. Yes, you can consult with the ayurvedic doctor online and Paramanand Ayurveda is providing this facility as well. Don’t you think that from now onwards, the people who want to cure their health woes can do that without any trouble? See, there are many people who might say that they are using ayurvedic medicines, but frankly speaking none of them can explain what the real Ayurveda is. Even the companies which are proving ayurvedic medicines are unaware of the heart of the Ayurveda.

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