Laxadi Guggulu

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Laxadi Guggulu

Laxadi Guggulu is an Ayurvedic formulation based on herbal components. It is a very useful medication for various inflammatory diseases. It can act like a boon for the skeletal disorders. The prominent work of Laxadi Guggulu is to manage the low mineral density and by doing this it provides the adequate strength to the bone. Osteoporosis is an issue which often incorporates the brittleness of the bone which makes you receptive to broken bone. Laxadi Guggulu can help you to deal better with Osteoporosis. Osteoarthritis and Arthritis are very common bone issues that can make you helpless. It may cause severe pain and inflammation to the affected body part. One can use Laxadi Guggulu to deal better with such conditions. If a patient is suffering from muscle spasm or muscle pain he/she can consider using it for managing both conditions. The right dose of Laxadi Guggulu can vary person to person but 250mg to 2000mg is sufficient. One should not go beyond 6 grams a day.


Laxadi Guggulu is a brilliant ayurvedic herbal composition which is available in the form of tablets. It is among the most demanded as well as effective ayurvedic medicines for bones related health issues. Apart from these, it is beneficial for the teeth, joints and muscles related health ailments as well. The way it treats the patients with its magnificent effects is really amazing. Now, you need not remain devoid of getting the desired results in case of the bones and associated health disorders. Let’s now go through the factors making this so potent and efficient in solving the troubles.

Ingredients of Laxadi Guggulu

Laxadi Guggulu possesses overall 6 powerful ingredients contributing to its effectiveness. These include:

  • Laksha – Laccifer Lacca
  • Asthisamharaka – Cissus Quadrangularis
  • Arjuna – Terminalia Arjuna
  • Ashwagandha – Withania Somnifera
  • Nagabala – Grewia Populifolia
  • Shuddha Guggulu – Purified Commiphora Mukul

Here, laksha and shuddha guggulu are the major ingredients in this ayurvedic medicine. Let’s throw some light on their effectiveness as well as their importance as ingredients of Laxadi Guggulu.

Laksha – Laksha is basically a resin and wax mixture that is secreted by a scale insect species named as Laccifer Lacca. It is secreted by these insects as a protective covering after sucking the sap of various plants. Before using this lac for the medicinal purposes, it is heated and filtered. After the whole process, we get purified lac or “shellac”. The various medicinal properties of Lac making it potent of dealing with the different health issues are astringent, anthelmintic, anti-hiccup, anti-inflammatory, antiulcerogenic etc. properties. The numerous health issues that can be taken care of using Laksha are injuries, fungal infections, herpes, scabies, hiccup, osteoarthritis etc. According to Ayurveda, Lac is a wonderful pitta and kapha naashak and is known to enhance the strength of the body.

Apart from the medicinal purposes, Lac is used for many other purposes as well like:

  • Filling the hollow in gold and silver ornaments
  • Bangles preparation
  • Making dyes etc.

Shuddha Guggulu – Shuddha guggulu is again a well-renowned name in the field of Ayurveda. Guggulu is basically the gum derived from the bark of “mukul myrrh tree”. Shuddha guggulu is obtained by purifying and processing the guggulu in triphala decoction. Shuddha guggulu has been used in Ayurvedic medicines since centuries and even ages. Shuddha guggulu possesses certain health benefiting medicinal properties like anti-obesity, hypolipidemic, Anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial etc. properties. Due to these properties, shuddha guggulu is known to be a perfect option for treating obesity, atherosclerosis, High blood pressure, osteoarthritis etc.

Shuddha guggulu is a great ingredient used in numerous ayurvedic medicines, but it is not limited to that only. Shuddha guggulu is used in the hindu rituals and its fumes are said to purify the surroundings as well as the air.

So, here you got to know how much beneficial are these ingredients for us even if used individually. And it is all these ingredients of Laxadi Guggulu that altogether give certain health benefiting properties to it.

The beneficial properties of Laxadi Guggulu include:

  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Anti-arthritic
  • Anti-oxidant
  • Anti-spasmodic
  • Natural Calcium supplement
  • Natural supplement for bones and joints

All these properties available in Laxadi Guggulu due to the 6 powerful ingredients make it a potent ayurvedic medicine for dealing with a number of health ailments. Let’s talk about the health benefits of Laxadi Guggulu in detail now.

Health Benefits of Laxadi Guggulu


When your bones get weaker than the usual level, but not to the extent of getting broken easily, that condition is called osteopenia. You can term it as a condition between your healthy bones and osteoporosis as well. Although, 50 is the standard age considered for a person to get affected with osteopenia, it still depends on the strength your bones carry at your young age. There are times when people don’t get osteopenia for the whole life. The surprising fact is that women are at higher risk of getting osteopenia than men. Well, if we talk collectively, the various factors that tend to cause osteopenia include anorexia, celiac disease, overactive thyroid, chemotherapy, lack of calcium and vitamin D, smoking alcohol abuse etc.


Osteoporosis is the health condition when your bones become so weak and fragile that they become susceptible to fracture. The disease affects mainly the hip, wrist or spine. It can affect both males and females in equal ratio, but the women of older ages tend to face it more than anyone else. On occurrence, osteoporosis shows the symptoms like:

  • Back pain which is caused by fractured or collapsed vertebra
  • Loss of height over time
  • Stooped posture
  • A bone fracture that occurs much more easily than expected

The various factors that lead to cause osteoporosis in you include female gender, thin and small body frame, smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, lack of exercise etc.

For this condition, Laxadi Guggulu is recommended to be taken with Boswellia Serrata and dried Holy Basil Leaves.

Bone Fractures

The broken bones are medically termed as “fractures”. It is a common condition and every person faces one or two of it in the whole lifetime. This condition is caused by some physical force exerted from outside is much stronger than the bone strength. The bone fractures are of certain types like displaced, non-displaced, open and closed bone fractures. On influencing you, it might show certain symptoms like pain, swelling, bruising, discolored skin around affected area, bent of affected area at an unusual angle, no movement in the affected area etc.

Harjod, arjuna and other herbs available in Laxdi Guggulu work to boost the healing process of Bone fractures. Using Laxadi Guggulu can be really helpful for you in this case.


It is termed as the painful condition that affects the small, fluid-filled sacs, like bursee. These sacs are found in the between the tissues such as bone, muscle, tendons and skin. Basically the repetitive, minor impact on some or some sudden or serious injury may lead to cause bursitis in you. Growing age or overuse or injury to the joints may lead to increase the bursitis chances in a person. On suffering from bursitis, a person may face certain symptoms in him which include:

  • Feeling achy or stiff
  • Hurt more when you move or press the affected area
  • Seem swollen and red

This situation can be prevented by using kneeling pads, lifting properly, repetitive tasks with proper breaks, exercising etc. If you are already suffering from the same, Laxadi guggulu is the solution now.


An abnormal stretch or tear in th ligament supporting a joint is termed as sprains. These can be caused either by the same repetitive activities or some accident. The sprains mainly affect the ankle area. When it comes to the symptoms of sprains, these include pain, swelling, bruising, limited scope of moving the affected part etc. There are certain factors that may cause you suffer from strains, i.e.

  • In ankle due to walking or exercising in an uneven area
  • In knee due to pivoting during some athletic activity etc.

Regardless the reason and area of influence, they cause a real mess in our daily life. Here, the health benefiting properties of Laxadi Guggulu can be your perfect companion on the way.

These are the major health ailments that can be taken care of using Laxadi Guggulu. But, these are not the only problems that can be treated using this brilliant ayurvedic medicine. The other health benefits of Laxadi Guggulu include the treatment of bone pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, stiffness of joints, tendonitis etc. Apart from all these, Laxadi guggulu is a very well-known Vata Shamak as well. Laxadi guggulu is a very brilliant option for relaxing the muscles. For achieving the health benefits of Laxadi Guggulu, you need to take care of the dosage part as well.

Dosage of Laxadi Guggulu

If we talk about the dosage of Laxadi Guggulu, this ayurvedic medicine can be taken 1-2 tablets twice or thrice a day either before or after the food as per your ayurvedic doctor’s recommendation. This medicine can be taken with normal water. Laxadi guggulu is possibly safe if used with under strict medical supervision. But,  if taken in overdose, it may lead to cause stomach upset and headache. Moreover, you need to check your hypersensitivity before using the medicine as it may cause itching, hives or skin rashes if you are hypersensitive to any of its elements.

So, you can opt the best way of keeping the side-effects at a bay, i.e. consulting the ayurvedic doctor and then only following the medicine. Now, if you are not able of approaching the ayurvedic doctor or want to consult the doctor online, we can assist you this way. Yes, Paramanand Ayurveda provides you an ayurvedic doctor online whom you can consult completely free of cost. You can freely discuss all your health issues with the doctor and get them solved.

What comes in the end is the question about from where to purchase the ayurvedic medicines, right? You can now easily get the quality ayurvedic medicines online with the discounted prices from Paramanand Ayurveda. Moreover, there are free home delivery services as well that we are providing. Along with the medicines we always try to provide you the adequate knowledge also about the health ailments you are facing as well as the ayurvedic medicines related to them. So, now you can feel closer to Ayurveda with Paramanand Ayurveda.

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