Jatyadi Ghritam

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Jatyadi Ghritam

Jatyadi Ghritam is an efficacious herbal medicine containing the noble influences of many nutraceutical herbs. This Ayurvedic medicine is made of Jatipatra, Nirgundi, Palasa, Durva, Parpata, Kutaki, Manjishtha and Ghrita. This Ayurvedic medicine is broadly indicated to treat many types of wounds. It has the strong antiseptic property that does not permit microorganism to replicate. The powerful therapeutic properties exist in Jatyadi Ghritam help people to deal with healing and non-healing wounds. This fruitful medicine is even found fruitful in the treatment of ulcer. One can successfully use this Ayurvedic medicine to treat many skin associated health issues especially Eczema, Psoriasis, Dermatitis, and Vitiligo. Burns Boils and insect bites are the other common issues that can be managed with the efficacy of Jatyadi Ghritam. This Ayurvedic medicine is used externally on the wounds and lesion. It is not for oral consumption.

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