Giloy Powder

गिलोय चूर्ण

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From:  300

Benefits:Immunity Stimulator, Fever, Anti-inflammatory, Pain Reliever, Protects Liver, Cholagogue, Fertility Booster,



Giloy needs no introduction as Indians have been using the wonder herb for relieving fever as well as pain. However, scientific findings indicate that giloy powder has a lot more potential than just treating fever. The nutritional content of giloy is very high so it has been an integral part of medicinal and healing systems since ancient times. Adding to it are its healing abilities that continuously has been surprising humans since ages. Apart from the traditional beliefs and ancient medicinal texts, science also has a say on the benefits of giloy powder. According to recent researches and scientific studies, there are many giloy churna uses that can benefit humans.

So, with time and plenty of research studies exploring the medicinal capabilities of the herbal powder, human beings can finally utilize the goodness of the herb in a variety of diseases. However, we can utilize its potential only when we will get to know some of the benefits of giloy powder, if not all. Here are some of the giloy churna uses and benefits:

  • Giloy Powder BenefitsThe first one the list of giloy churna uses is its ability to lower down body temperature naturally. In ancient times, people in India used to chew the leaves of giloy whenever they had fever. However, it is not feasible today, but you can try giloy powder as it is easily available and also easy to use. Several studies claim that the antipyretic action of giloy is better that that of the famous allopathic medicine paracetamol. But, there is a significant difference too- there are absolutely no side effects of giloy powder. So, you can beat fever without compromising with your overall health.
  • One of the most important benefits of giloy powder lies in its ability to prevent oxidative damage. Because of this, the herbal powder acts as an anti aging formula. Giloy is famous for its anti pyretic action, but only an experienced ayurvedic doctor knows about such benefits of giloy powder. It is probably the simplest and safest way to reverse aging effect on your skin.
  • Immunity has a great role to play in deciding how long a human is going to live and how healthy / diseased his life is going to be. Yes, this is the value of immunity- disease fighting system within human body. Just like our body needs food to grow and work, immune system also requires nutrition and other factors to become strong. However, the allopathic medicines we rely on actually work by hampering the immune system. To undo the effect of years of allopathic drugs and to improve your immune strength, you may need something like the benefits of giloy powder. Apart from raising your immunity by clearing the effect of excessive drug intake, with the immunomodulatory properties, you can expect a strong action of the benefits of giloy powder in minimizing your intake of allopathic drugs. The less allopathic drugs you take, healthier your body will be.
  • Another most important of all the giloy churna benefits is the detoxification of human body. Giloy powder detoxifies your body of all the unhealthy substances accumulated over time from different mediums. The herbal powder also has an anti toxic effect, hence you will soon become free from toxins if you regularly use giloy churna for quite some time.
  • Giloy powder also benefits in chronic conditions like diabetes. The natural anti diabetic property of giloy powder is a hope to millions of diabetes patients. The herbal powder has the power to lower down blood sugar naturally and hence you can relax as there is a safe and side effect free way to deal with a problem for lifetime. What can be better than this natural solution when diabetes was ruining lives for decades in combination with the least effective drugs?
  • Not only diabetes, but the simple looking giloy churna uses include the treatment of some other fatal and painful problems like arthritis and some forms of cancer. Yes, you have to take the complete treatment that include a few other strong ayurvedic medicines and may also include ayurvedic therapies. But, the Anti arthritic and anti cancer effect of the herbal powder make it worth using for those who are struggling to live a normal life.

Although these are the major benefits of giloy powder, you will experience some other magical changes in your health after consuming pure giloy powder in right quantity. Now the question is from where to get pure giloy churna. There are many websites selling the product online, and you can also get it at any store nearby. However, if you want to get pure giloy powder at your doorstep with a assurance of quality, order it from It is a one stop solution for all your ayurvedic needs. Be it placing an order, or tracking your already placed order, you just have to dial the toll free number 18001030318. Here you will get all kinds of assistance related to your order. Not only this, but in case of any doubt regarding any ayurvedic medicine, or simply to consult a good ayurvedic doctor over phone, you only need to take up your phone and dial the same number.

This makes using ayurveda and ayurvedic products like giloy churna extremely easy. You can have a supervised treatment with quality ayurvedic medicines by making a phone call. What can be easier than this? Not sure about what is going to be easier, but nothing can be healthier than an ayurvedic cure.

41 reviews for Giloy Powder

  1. Chakshu

    I’m taking it for 5 about months for a low immune system. It is effective but has a little bitter taste. Most of the problem of mine has been solved. There is a minor issue but hoping them to be solved soon.

  2. Ehsaan

    Isko kaise istemaal kiya jata hain aur kya ye mere disease fighting skills ko badhayega?

    • admin

      You should not undermine capability of Giloy as it helps ameliorate your disease fighting capability.

  3. Abhinanda

    मैं गिलोय की पत्तियों को काफी समय से खा रहा हूँ जिससे मुझे बहुत फायदा मिला हैं मगर ये मेरे पेट में थोड़ा इर्रिटेशन पैदा करता हैं खाने के बाद। मुझे क्या करना चाहिए ताकि मुझे पेट में कोई दिक्कत न हो गिलोय को खाने से।

    • admin

      आप हमें 9990004674 पर संपर्क करें और हमारे डॉक्टर से परामर्श लें।

  4. Hiten

    Now that the scientists have predicted the third wave of Corona Pandemic, it becomes necessary to assimilate immune stimulating agents and nothing is better than Giloy Tab. It has been proved that Giloy can enhance the immune power so effortlessly. I am using Giloy since 3 years now and thankfully I am doing very well. I even contracted with Corona but nothing much happened to my health.

  5. Vedaansh

    Giloy is mine on the go supplement that improves my health and immune system. I started taking this supplement post-COVID 19 outbreak. It has helped me a lot to gain resistance against the CORONA VIRUS.

  6. Harsh sharma

    इस गिलोय पाउडर के प्रयोग से मैंने अपनी इम्युनिटी शक्ति को मजबूत किया है।

  7. Kailash

    There is a wide range of immune booster but when it comes to Giloy nothing can beat it. if you really want to elevate your immune system I will recommend you to continuously use Giloy for a month. You will definitely see the result.

  8. Ranjan

    Looking to improve my immune system in the tough time of COVID 19. How long do I require to take Giloy in order to improve my immunity to the maximum? Than you

  9. Mehar

    I want to know whether or not should I use Giloy Powder with milk. Will it harm me or i can get even more benefits if I use Gioy with Milk

  10. Amit rathi

    Best immunity booster ever …this is the original giloy powder first time got pure giloy powder. 100% purity…

  11. Muthlesh

    Taking everyday Giloy has helped me deal with the day-to-day common health issues and also it has helped me improve my immunity power. My friends agar apko bhi immune sysem majboot karna hai to Giloy ko roz subah sham shahad ke sath le. Apko bahoot acha outcome milega.

  12. Yash kumar

    Now it’s mandatory for my family… it’s my 11th pack which i order… it increased our immunity very much..thank u Paramanand Ayurveda

  13. R.P mathur

    Sir giloy ka churana jyada achha hota h ya , sukha kadha vala giloy ya fir giloy ka tablet inme se konsa sabse jyada achha hota h immunity boost krne k liye.

  14. Roshan prince

    Giloy se mujhe immunity boost karne me help mili hai…Thanks paramanand ayurveda

  15. Nandu

    My immunity is working since I taking Giloy powder with Honey. This product really works. I hope everyone can take advantage of it.

  16. Bhavin kumar

    I will give 5 rating to this product…Bilkul pure honey hai..yeh isko kha kar maza aa gaya ….sbse pure honey..main isko bimar hone per bhi upyog krta hu…cough and cold me…or ayurvedic dava lene sath lene se iska double benefit milta hai

  17. Komal

    It is good for the immune system but its flavor is very bitter. If you tolerate lite bitterness of the medicine you can achieve good health with an improved immune function.

  18. Rajat agarwal

    This product is very easy to helps to improve immunity&controls sugar levels as well I will recommend to my neighbor’s. it’s a complete value for money.

  19. Anita parmar

    Very good quality, well grinded and packaging is good too. Take one spoon of giloy powder in warm water in the morning every day for best results.

  20. Ekadanta

    Giloy bahoot hi asarkarak Ayurvedic herb hai jo Immune system ko bahoot achha bana deta hain aur iske sath sath sabhi bimariyon se ladne ki taakat deta hain.

  21. Aishu

    गिलोय एक शक्तिशाली रोगप्रतिरोधक क्षमता बढ़ने वाली औषधि हैं। सुबह शाम रोष 5 ग्राम गुनगुने पानी में मिलाकर ले सकते हैं। इसे शहद के साथ भी खाया जा सकता हैं

  22. Jogendra rai

    Writing this review after using it. Very good product. To boost immunity its work amazing

  23. Uthkarsh

    रोगप्रतिरोधक क्षमता बढ़ाने में इस औषधि का कोई सानी नहीं हैं। आप इसका सेवन किसी भी समस्या में कर सकते हैं।

  24. janki devi

    everyone must have giloy powder in the morning..replace your cup of tea with giloy powder in hot water

  25. Ramesh thakur

    Here is the pure giloy powder…everyone must have giloy powder in the morning..replace your cup of tea with giloy powder in hot water

  26. Deepti

    I’ve been using this product for more than 2-3 years now & I am personally extremely happy with the product. It delivers what its website claims.

  27. Vikas kumar

    Great Product..Worth buying..Using it since more than week but i can really feel better..

  28. Manohar

    क्या हम बुखार की समस्या में गिलोय का सेवन कर सकते हैं। मुझे टाइफाइड की समस्या है और मैं महासुदर्शन काढ़ा का सेवन कर रहा हूँ। मुझे और क्या क्या करने की जरूरत है जिससे मैं टाइफाइड को जल्दी ख़तम कर सकूँ ?

    • admin

      Call us @ 9990004674

  29. Jasmeet

    It does something magical to my body. Twice daily and a little exercise will surely improve your health. You will be less vulnerable to illness. Initially, you will make a face odd after drinking, but once you get a habitual taste will not matter to you.

  30. pradeep verma

    meri immune system weak ho gai thi jisase mai bar – bar bimar padata tha fir maine giloy powder ka use 3-4 month kiya jisase meri immune system strong ho gai

  31. Anuradha aacharya

    Mera immune system low hone ki wajah se Muje bar bar fever hone ki samsya rehti thi maine Giloy churna ka upyog continue 3 months tak upyoh kiya or immune system strong hua.1 glass water me 5 gram Giloy churn ko milakar le.

  32. Khanna

    Mai iska istemaal mere immune system ko improve karne ke liye kar raha hu picchhle 2 mahine se. Aisa mujhe lagta hai ki mujhe kaafi takat mili hai disease se fight karne me…Iss Herb ka sevan mere liye kaafi upyogi saabit hua hai.

  33. casper vargas

    A highly efficacious herb to improve the capability of the body’s disease-fighting ability. I am thankful to God that I know about this herb. This is a life-saving herb.

  34. Devansh

    Effective against Diabetes as an adjuvant and if combined with Gurmar it is great medicine for Sugar control with the immunity booster

  35. Pushpendar kumar

    Giloy Powder is great👍 Herb of immunity booster .mene Giloy Powder ka sevan kiya mujhe isay bahut fayada hua

  36. Mr. kamat

    Mai isse roz subah sham le raha hu immune boost karne ke liye. Covid se fight karne ke liye bahhot achhi medicine hai…

  37. Harshita Kumari

    This giloy powder is very effective, Bcz I used this churna

  38. Seema yadav

    Bast giloy churn

  39. Rajat Rai

    I am getting the impressive health benefits from Giloy as I consume it since October. Jab mai giloy use nahi karta tha tab mujhe jaldi jaldi bukhar ho jata tha aur yaha tak ki Typhoid ki samasya 4 bar ho chuka hai mujhe…But ab aisa lagta hai ki mere sharir me ab koi bimari nahi hai….

    Giloy ko maine Honey ke saath har roz liya hai………

  40. Mannu

    Mai picchle 2 mahino se giloy ka kadha pee raha hu……aur mujhe isse bahoot fayada mil raha hai.
    pahle mai bahoot jaldi jadlo bimar ho jata tha aur hamesha chidchidapan rahata tha mann me. But, ab mai masneek aur sharirik roop se theek hu. Giloy sach me ek Atyant Labhkari Aushadhi Hai…

  41. Rakesh Sharma

    I love Giloy Powder because it helps reduce mental stress as well as anxiety. I have purchase this powder from Paramanand Ayurveda and using Giloy powder everyday, I getting lots of benefits.

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