Ekangaveer-Rasa (Dhootapapeshwar)

एकांगवीर रस (धूतपापेश्वर)

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From:  94
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3 reviews for Ekangaveer-Rasa (Dhootapapeshwar)

  1. P. Tilak

    6 mahino se mai iss Ayurvedic medicine ka istemaal kar raha hu aur mai har baar yahi se Ayurvedic medicine Mangwata hu. Inki medicine ki quality top class ki hai aur courior service bhi kaafi fast hai .

  2. Akshay

    I am 42 years and was suffering from nerve pain around my thigh. Allopathic medicines were working but they were temporary relievers. Then I shifted my treatment to naturopathy and took the suggestion of Paramanand Ayurveda’s doctor. They prescribed me Ekangveer Ras and Vat Chintamani and some other medications. My condition is now improving gradually.

  3. Kamal

    I experienced the impact of Facial paralysis in Oct 2019 on my left side. At that time I was completely hopeless and confused that how will I get this traumatic condition. I shifted from one treatment to another but did not see significant improvement. Later on, I showed my faith to Paramanand Ayurveda and they prescribed me some potent medications to treat my suffering. Now I am fine to a great extent though still in recovery mode. I would like to say great thank you to doctors.

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