Yogendra Rasa (Dhootapapeshwar)

योगेंद्र रस (धूतपापेश्वर)

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From:  1,975 From:  1,791

From:  1,975 From:  1,791
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3 reviews for Yogendra Rasa (Dhootapapeshwar)

  1. Virginia Janis

    For 2 years I suffered from a neuromuscular disease and treated it vigorously in order to get rid of it but no allopathic medicine worked. Then I shifted to the Ayurvedic medicines 9 months back and started taking Yogender every day 1-1 tablet with some other recommended ayurvedic supplements. All thanks to the Natural treatment that now I am successfully treated.

  2. Jonier Jonier

    I have taken this medicine for epilepsy and I got great results with it

  3. Manish Lohiya

    Mujhe mere doctor ne mere problem ke liye Yogender Ras prescribe kiya tha aur maine online search karke Paramanad Ayurveda Se Mangawaya. Unhone mujhe 15 percent discount diya (25 tab ka order kiya tha maine) aur wo bhi delivery free ke sath. Mujhe sabse sasta yahi laga.

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