Suvarna Bhasma (Dhootapapeshwar)

सुवर्ण (स्वर्ण) भस्म (धूतपापेश्वर)

(4 customer reviews)

From:  1,623 From:  1,461

From:  1,623 From:  1,461

4 reviews for Suvarna Bhasma (Dhootapapeshwar)

  1. Raju

    Any weakness of your body can invite thousands of diseases but if your body is strong and working in the right way you could actually deal with a large number of diseases successfully. Swarna Bhasma is such a mineral that improves the functions of Vital organs and gives the body strength to counter-attack diseases. I am highly satisfied that is why I am here to post my review about this product.

  2. Lalit

    I wandered here and there to treat sexual debility from which I was suffering for 3 years. I contacted innumerable doctors but no doctor cured my problems. Later on, I contacted the doctor from Paramand Ayurveda, and then my problem was solved. I can’t expect more than what I achieved from Paramanand Ayurveda.Thanks for your support I always keep recommending your remedy to the world.

  3. Ajay negi

    Nice but i dont now before use

  4. Ajay negi


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