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Dhanwantaram Tailam

Dhanwantaram Tailam is an efficacious herbal formulation of Ayurveda which possesses the therapeutic properties of various herbs namely Balamoola, Paya, Yava, Dashmoola, Agnimantha, Gokshura, Daru, Sariva, Vacha and numerous other potent herbs. This medicine is majorly prepared for the treatment of Vata associated disorders. It works by pacifying the imbalance of Vata. It is a powerful nervine tonic hence it is broadly used to give the strength to nerves. It is found to be significantly helpful in treating Paralysis. Facial Palsy and hemiplegia are the major Paralyses where Dhanwantaram Tailam can offer great treatment. One can effectively manage to treat Muscular Weakness, Muscular Pain, Back Ache, and Spondylosis. It has anti-inflammatory as well as analgesic agents that play the broad role in the treatment of various Arthritis issues especially Gout, Osteoporosis, Osteoarthritis, and joint pain. Numbness, Chest Pain, Toothache and Ear pain can be managed with Dhanwantaram Tailam. This Ayurvedic preparation is entirely safe unless it is used inaptly. This is for only external use, oral consumption is prohibited.

Significance of Dhanwantharam tailam in Ayurveda

Have you ever come across the word – Dhanwantharam tailam? Most of you obviously not, as this is more common among the people practicing in Ayurveda. Ayurveda is least popular than modern medicines and allopathic medicines. The reasons for this could be the less availability of ayurvedic medicines or sometimes their slow to act nature. Have you ever imagined a treatment that can cure your health problems from the roots without giving any side effect and further you do not need to pay thousands of dollars in hospitals and in complicated surgeries? Well, it is possible with the help of Ayurveda.

Ayurveda is one of the ancient treatment options in all over the world. Ayurvedic approach treats all aspects of a person as anything that affects the mind will affect the body. The Sanskrit word Ayurveda simply means –the science or wisdom of life. It treats the individual through the assessment of his or her unique circumstances and makeup. Ayurveda is a personalized approach to health which helps to know your body types allows you to make optimal choice diet, exercise, supplements and all other aspects of your lifestyle. Ayurveda has the secret of a disease-free and healthy life. That’s why today we have come with an astonishing ayurvedic medicine that may help you to enjoy a healthy life with Ayurveda. Today, we are going to tell you some of common health benefits of Dhanwantharam tailam. First of all, let’s discuss about the formulation and methodology of preparing this ayurvedic tailam.

Formulation and Method of preparation of Dhanwantharam Tailam

As like all ayurvedic medicines, Dhanwantharam tailam is also prepared from innumerable potent natural ingredients. These ingredients are purely natural and effective to deal with health problems. Dhanwantharam tailam is a great combination of sesame oil, cow milk, hordeum vulgare,Dolichos biflorus, uraria picta, tribulus terrestris, rubia cardofolia, saussurea lappa, ichnocarpus frusescens and parmelia paerlata etc.

These natural ingredients are powerful and effective in dealing with the health issues naturally. These ingredients have several medicinal properties such as neuroprotective, anti-paralytic, anti-arthritic, analgesic, antispasmodic, anti-inflammatory, carminative, adaptogenic and antioxidant properties. These potent medicinal properties help to cure the diseases as well as make you healthy and strong. The nutritive values of these natural herbs help to enhance the effectiveness of this ayurvedic medicine known as Dhanwantharam tailam. Do you want to know the methodology of preparing Dhanwantharam tailam? If yes, here it is.

This taila is prepared with avartana process which is also known as dhanvantara taila avartana wherein, the oil making process is repeated for 101 times. Now, you might have comprehended the effectiveness of the Dhanwantharam tailam as it is prepared from natural ingredients with natural processes. So, let’s have a look at the health benefits of this ayurvedic medicine.

Health Benefits of Dhanwantharam tailam

Dhanwantharam tailam is the ayurvedic medicated oil formulated especially for vata disorders. You can use this oil in both ways, externally and internally. Both of these applications are beneficial in the treatment of paralysis, hemiplegia, quadriplegia and physical weakness. It acts as a nervine and neuroprotective tonic that plays a vital role in neuroprotective and preserving the natural systems of the nervous system.

This ayurvedic medicine also helps to support musculoskeletal system that’s why it is effective in the treatment of arthritis, knee pain, backache, osteoarthritis and spondylosis. You can use this ayurvedic medicine also for treating children’s disorders, urinary disorders, hernia and hydrocele. Dhanwantharam tailam pacifies vata disorders and acts as antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-paralytic and analgesic. So, let’s take a look at the health benefits of this ayurvedic medicine in detail.

Internal use

Dhanwantharam tailam can be used in both ways –internal and external. Internal use of this tail helpful in curing paralysis, facial paralysis, hemiplegia, muscular weakness, muscular pains, backache, spondylosis, hernia, uterine atony and endometriosis. The health benefits of Dhanwantharam tailam are not ended here. Using this oil internally can also relieve fever, bloating and urinary diseases. 

Fever and bloating are very common health problems that can attack person at any time. Generally, we take antibiotics and pain-killers to get rid of fever and bloating but they only suppress the symptoms for some time.  Modern medicines never cure the diseases from the roots but Dhanwantharam tailam is effective enough to cure the root causes of the fever and bloating. It will give you amazing results when taken internally.

You can intake this oil to cure aforementioned health ailments from the roots.  General debility is a health problem rife in the world and is affecting millions of lives all around us. Due to our hectic lifestyle, most of us experience this condition at some point in our lives. If you are suffering from infirmity from a long time, this is really a serious matter of concern. Well, you can get rid of this health condition with the help of Dhanwantharam tailam. This oil helps to cure the general weakness in the body as well as cure other health related symptoms deracinate from the roots. It will give you relief from backache, muscles pain, arthritis and nerves pain. It helps to improve the functions of the nerves and cure the disorders related to nervous system.

External use

You can also apply the oil to your body to get relief from innumerable health issues. Externally, it is most commonly used as a massage oil in Ayurveda. It gives the feeling of relaxation by applying on the affected parts. It will give you relief from the local pain, numbness and joint swellings. It also tones your muscles and improves the strength. The external use or massage of this oil is recommended in the muscular weakness, knee pain, muscular pains, hemiplegia and osteoarthritis.

Dhanwantharam tailam actually addressees the root causes of the problems. Muscles weakness and pain are generally caused due to stress, tension and minor injuries. This taila helps to tackle these root causes of the muscles pain and give you relief within some time. Could you imagine oil effective for women health disorders? Dhanwantharam tailam is the effective oil for women too. This oil is used as a massaging oil for ladies, after delivery, to improve the body strength. Moreover, it is also used as massage oil for babies. In total, this is one of the effective oils for all age-groups.

Apart from treating above health issues,Dhanwantharam tailam is really effective on vata and kapha mixed vata conditions. This oil helps to make a balance between vata, pitta and kapha in the body and cure vata disorders. Vata governs all movements of the mind and body. This energy helps to control blood flow, elimination of wastes, breathing and movements of thoughts across the mind. If you have vata imbalance, you will experience constipation, pain, numbness or tingling and insomnia. If you have the same problem,Dhanwantharam tailam is the best option for you. It helps to balance vata in the body as well as cure vata disorders.

So, these were some of the common health benefits of the Dhanwantharam tailam. If you want to gain these health benefits of Dhanwantharam tailam, you need to know its doses. So, let’s have a look at it.


As we told you earlier that you can use Dhanwantharam tailam in both ways, internally and externally. For external use, it can be used as massage or local application as per requirement.

The internal doses of the medicine depend on the age of the patients. For children, the recommended dosage of Dhanwantharam tailam is 5-10 drops and for adults, it is 10 to 20 drops. The maximum internal doses of the Dhanwantharam tailam is 60 drops per day. You can take this oil internally two times a day before meal with the warm milk of Dhanwantharam kashayam.  Although ayurvedic taliams are safe for use still, there are some points that you need to remember while using this.

Cautionary Note

The external usage of Dhanwantharam tailam is likely safe. There are no known side effects of using Dhanwantharam tailam externally. Its internal usage is also considered safe when is used in the dosage less than 60 drops per day. If you take the over doses of this taila, it can cause several health complications such as indigestion, abdominal discomfort and belching with taste of Dhanwantharam tailam.

Pregnancy and lactation -: The safety profile of Dhanwantharam tailam for pregnant women and lactating mothers is not well established. Pregnant women can use this oil for massage or other external application without any worry. There are no specific side-effects of using Dhanwantharam tailam in lactating mothers and breastfeeding babies. There is also no absolute contraindications for Dhanwantharam tailam.

Now, you might have comprehended the health benefits of the Dhanwantharam tailam. If you are suffering from any nervine pain and muscular pain, this is the best remedy for you. Try this oil and get relief from pain and infirmity. You can easily buy this ayurvedic oil from the market but if you want the same with high quality and at the affordable prices, paramanand Ayurveda is the best option for you. How? Read the next lines to find the detail.

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So, try to rely on nature and Ayurveda that are the foundation of a healthy life. To gather the roses only, try Ayurveda and spreads its affects all around you.

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