Dhanwantaram Gulika

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Dhanwantaram Gulika

Dhanwantaram Gulika is an efficacious herbal medicine which contains the medicinal properties of Ela, Shunti, Haritaki, Brihati, Chirayata, Rudraksha, Chandan Kwath, and Jeera. Mentioned Ayurvedic medicine possesses the therapeutic agents such as Anti-inflammatory, Adaptogenic, Antipyretic, Anti-stress, Carminative, Anti-stress, Anti-bacterial, and Cardiac Stimulant. This Ayurvedic medicine works well in treating various respiratory health disorders. It is a preferred Ayurvedic preparation for the management of Asthma. It works by alleviating the inflammation and chest sensitivity to outside irritants. Physician indicates this Ayurvedic medicine for the management of lower respiratory tract infections, upper respiratory tract infections, Phthisis, and Dyspnea. Since it holds the potent antipyretic properties, one can prefer to use the efficacy of Dhanwantaram Gulika to treat general fever, intermittent fever, and chronic fever. Various stomach issues can be also treated and prevented with the efficacious effects of Dhanwantaram Gulika. Flatulence, Indigestion, Constipation, Acidity, Hyperacidity and Stomach pain can be effectively managed with this medicine. It also works best in Low Blood Pressure, Pre-menstrual syndrome, Anorexia, Headache, Cough and Hiccup. This Ayurvedic preparation should not be used without the prescription of the registered healthcare professional. 

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