Dindayal Churna

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Deendayal Churna
Dindayal Churna is an Ayurvedic formulation that has considerable health benefits. Such Ayurvedic tonic is profoundly used to deal with chronic constipation. It works by enhancing the digestive function and strengthening the digestive system. It also has the adequate potential to manage the digestion linked issues. Indigestion typically results in heartburn and abdominal distention. Dindayal Churna can be a great treatment option for treating both conditions (Heartburn and Abdominal distension). It also eradicates the issues of indigestion by providing the strength to the digestive system. Pain in the stomach can be sometimes unbearable and can be caused due to constipation. Dindayal Churna can do a miraculous thing for your pain which will force pain to alleviate itself. One can successfully use it to manage the loss of appetite, irregular bowel movement, and fullness of the abdomen. 1 teaspoon of Dindayal Churna after the meal is the appropriate dose.
Dindayal Churna
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