Dasanakanthi Churnam

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Dasanakanthi Churnam

Dasanakanthi Churnam is a well-known herbal preparation containing many therapeutic benefits. It is a powerful Ayurvedic preparation that helps people to deal with a number of health issues. It is beneficial because it is derived from Yashti, Darvi, Maricha, Krishna, Lavang, Ela, Twak, Karpoor and many other powerful herbs. This Ayurvedic preparation is broadly used by the people to deal with numerous oral complications. It gives the strength to the teeth and makes them less receptive to teeth associated disorders. The one who is suffering from gums issues can effectively use this Ayurvedic preparation. It helps people with bleeding gums, cavities, and any sort of a toothache. Physician also indicates this Ayurvedic preparation for the management of gum inflammation, sensitivity to cold and hot, and prevents and treats mouth odor. Throat and tongue irritation can be also managed with the right utilization of Dasanakanthi Churnam. This Ayurvedic preparation should only be used under the strict medical supervision.

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