Chirata Powder

चिरायता चूर्ण

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Benefits:Used in Fever, Cold, Cough, Asthma, Mainly Kaph disorders, Balances Kapha and Pitta Doshas, Useful in Bleeding Disorders, Heavy Periods, Nasal Bleeding, Effective in Pediatric complaints like recurrent Fever, Cough, Cold, Widely used in Liver disorders



Chirata has been on the service of diseased human beings since ages. People believed in the powder made up from quite a famous herb- Swertia chirata simply because there were so many traditional stories attached to it. With time, humans did not forget about the chirata powder benefits and its role in various diseases. When everyone was after allopathy and the pharma companies were going places promoting their products, it became difficult for natural medicines to survive. Even when allopathy was advertised as an instantly effective healing science, the herbal powder was there. Thankfully, the benefits of chirata powder could not be replaced by any drug. With time, things have changed, and the chirata churna online you can see today is not merely a traditional solution to some health problems. Rather, it is a proven cure to a dozen of diseases which is prescribed by many ayurvedic doctors.

Chirata powder is a herbal powder made up of the herb Swertia chirata. You might not have heard about the herb because this isn’t as famous as amla or giloy. But, looking at its medicinal abilities, you will be surprised to see where it was in all these years. However, herbalists and ayurvedic doctors know and rely on this magnificent herb given in the form of chirata churna online. In case you still don’t know the complete list of chirata churna benefits, have a look at the list:

  • The Chirata powder online is a natural solution to fever. The herbal powder can be used against fever of any type including malarial fever. It lower downs the body temperature naturally due to its antipyretic action. In addition to this, the proven anti malarial properties make it a suitable cure for malaria. So, it can also give it to patients suffering from malaria because studies have shown its effectiveness in the fatal problem.
  • The herb which is responsible for all the chirata powder benefits, swertia chirata was traditionally used to eliminate weakness and fatigue. Hence, debility and fatigue are also on the list of benefits of chirata churna. In fact, weakness due to anemia can also be treated with the help of chirata churna online.
  • Chirata powder online also is loaded is anti fungal and anti bacterial abilities. Hence, infections like asthma, especially bronchial asthma can be healed with the use of chirata churna.
  • The benefits of chirata powder for liver related problems are numerous because of the hepatoprotective properties of the nature’s gift.
  • Chirata powder online is great in a variety of stomach related problems and digestive disorders. Gastritis, constipation, loss of appetite and intestinal worms are also some of the chirata powder benefits for stomach.
  • Because chirata powder is anti inflammatory agent, you can also address skin problems like acne, itching and rashes with the help of chirata powder online.
  • With chirata churna benefits, winning over complicated mind related problems is not more difficult. Anyone can very well manage issues like dyspepsia, epilepsy and many more just with the use of chirata powder online.
  • Mind HeadacheThe natural healer, the amazing herbal powder is probably the best solution for ulcers, hypertension and melancholia. In addition to these, chirata churna benefits in some chronic and life threatening problems like diabetes and cancer also. However, make sure you consult an ayurvedic doctor before choosing anything for such complicated problems.
  • In other wise incurable infections like herpes as well, chirata churna benefits a lot. The herb swertia chirata is rich in anti diarrheal abilities. You can also buy chirata powder online if you have a heart problem. The herbal powder is cardiostimulant and this is good for the most crucial body part.

This was the list of benefits of chirata powder, however, many more surprises are yet to come. First of all, the list of chirata churna benefits is an indication of problems in which chirata churna definitely helps. However, the actual benefits can be experienced only when you give it a try. Yes, giving it a try is the best alternative since the herbal powder is free from side effects. You can easily trust it. You can also trust the chirata powder benefits because of its mention in ancient ayurvedic texts. The herb has an influential history of medicinal use and the reference can be found in charak samhita. According to this ayurvedic text, chirata is helpful in kapha and pitta doshas. The imbalance in these two can cause great deal of trouble in your life. In fact, most of the diseases on the list of chirata churna benefits are caused by pitta and kapha imbalance.

Hence if you have any such problem, or just want a healthy life with the help of ayurveda, just order the chirata churna online. Our ancestors lived healthy and longer lives because they relied on herbs, more precisely ayurveda for healing. Today, it is not that easy to trust a herbal product. but, you can always be sure of quality with Here, you can get almost any ayurvedic medicine at best possible price. So, if you want to buy ayurvedic medicines, or have any query regarding ayurvedic medicines, or want to use ayurveda for health in any form, just call the toll free number 18001030318. You can directly interact with the team of ayurvedic doctors of paramanand ayurveda for free and can also get your medicines at doorstep. So, using ayurveda and getting chirata powder benefits is just a call away, isn’t it?

22 reviews for Chirata Powder

  1. Darsh

    My physician recommend Chirayata to treat stomach inflammation. Since I started taking this herbal supplement I witnessed significant decrease in inflammation. This herbal supplement is highly effective.

  2. kajal kumari

    पित्त प्रकृति को समान रखने के लिए कौन सी आयुर्वेदिक दवा लेनी चाहिए।

  3. Munesh

    Dr. Sahab Main iska prayog sardi khansi me kar raha hun aur mujhe iske istemaal se aram bhi mil raha hai. Mai apse bas ye janana chahata hu ki iske alawa mai aur kya use kar sakta hun jisse mujhe aur achha result mile.

  4. Nakul kumar

    कैंसर का इन्फेक्शन कम करने बहुत रामबाण औषधि है।

  5. Aman baisla

    Excellent product. It drastically reduces blood sugar level to normal

  6. Priyanka sharma

    Best skin tonic

  7. Mandeep preet

    Excellent product. It drastically reduces blood sugar levels to normal.

  8. Madhav

    Awesome product must buy for those who have skin infection and and those who eat junk outside to clean the intestines.

  9. Saksham kumar

    मैंने बुखार में इसका सेवन किया था… बुखार के लिए चिरायता को रामबाण इलाज़ माना जाता है

  10. Pawan giri

    Go for this…
    I was confused whether to buy it or not, after reading some of the good reviews I took my chances and ordered it. I’m using it and it showing great results.

  11. Hemraj

    In skin disease, you can effectively use Chirata.

  12. Anuraag singh

    Awesome product must buy for those who have a skin infections.

  13. Maanav jain

    Excellent product. A company we can believe on its products.

  14. Anil thakar

    Good product. One teaspoon and then drink a glass of water. U wouldn’t hv to worry about diabetes . My mother has it every day and she has experienced a great change. Apart frm restricted diet and exercise, hvng this Paramanand chiraya churna adds to keep control on diabetes.

  15. Kiran Chauhan

    चिरायता आयुर्वेद की सबसे सर्वेश्रेष्ठ औषधि है……चिरायता पाचन संबंधी विकार जैसे ब्लोटिंग में फायदेमंद होता है, क्योंकि ये पाचन शक्ति को बढ़ाकर खाने को पचने में मदद करता है और ब्लोटिंग जैसी समस्या को दूर करता है।

  16. Aakash kashyap

    Very effective in fever ..good herbal product. delivery on time recommended to all go for it.

  17. Mahendra punia

    Chirata powder.. cures all types of fever, specially in malarial fever. Also maintain blood sugar, improve immunity power.
    Take with hot water in empty stomach, Twice in weekly in normal, Thrice in fever stage.

  18. Bijender solanki

    Mujhe loss of appetite ki problem rehti thi din bhar bukh nahi lagti thi frr mere chacha ne mujhe yha se Chirata Powder lene ke liye bola is churna ke upyog se mujhe bookh lagne lagi

  19. Santosh

    This is extremely bitter in taste but it has strong therapeutic benefits for any skin-related issues. I had a wound on my skin and I consumed it for 20 days. It has sped up the healing of the wound effectively. Worth taking into consideration for skin wounds and lesions.

  20. Ram

    Mere blood me infection aa gya tha blood ko saaf krne k liye maine Paramanand Ayurveda se order kiya bahaut teji se ye churna blood ko saaf krta hai

  21. Sneha

    Chirata powder blood purify k liye bhut hi accha h iske use s skin problem bhi nahi hoti

  22. Rajvardhan Singh

    Mujhe kabj ki paresani rahti thi ttha bhukh nahi lagti thi, main chirata powder ka sewan kiya, aab mujhe kabj ki paresani ttha bhukh na lagne ki samasya khatam ho gayi hai. Aab mujhe jab iise samasya hoti hai iiska istemal hamesa karta hun.

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