Cheriya Rasnadi Kashayam

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Cheriya Rasnadi Kashayam

Cheriya Rasnadi Kashayam is an efficacious preparation of Ayurveda which is holding the medicinal properties of many nutraceutical herbs namely Bilva, Brihati, Gokshura, Rasna, Devdaru, Guduchi, Eranda, Shunti etc. This Ayurvedic preparation is capable of alleviating the pain and inflammation because it has the anti-inflammatory properties. It is broadly administered by the patients with Arthritis disease. One can effectively manage to deal with Joints Pain and stiffness. The physician prescribes this Ayurvedic preparation for the treatment of Osteoporosis, Osteoarthritis, Gout, and Rickets. It is also a fruitful Ayurvedic preparation to treat body ache, headache, and backache. Rheumatoid arthritis can be also managed with the right utilization of Cheriya Rasnadi Kashayam. It is also found fruitful in Oedema. It is advised to take this Ayurvedic preparation under the strict medical supervision. One should avoid the overdose of this medicine.  

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