Chaturbhuj Ras (SW.AM.YU.)

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Chaturbhuj Ras (SW.AM.YU.)
It is a herbo-mineral preparation of Ayurveda which is believed to have a number of health benefits. It contains Swarna Bhasma, Purified mercury, Aloe Vera, and Eranda as its major ingredients. The valuable active ingredients in it hold sufficient capability to heal the issue named Epilepsy. It is also found to be significantly fruitful in the treatment of Chronic Fever ad various complications associated with it. Chaturbhuj Ras can be indicated for the treatment of general debility, Emaciation,Dizziness, Nausea, and Fainting. It works efficiently in sleep deprivation and insomnia. It can be also successfully used to annihilate Tuberculosis, Bronchitis, Hysteria, and Nervousness. One can find it enormously beneficial in treating Lumbago (A sort of lower back pain). This medicine should be only used under strict medical supervision as it is associated with few adverse effects. The dose of such medicine should not be more than 1 to 2 tablets twice a day.

Chaturbhuj Ras is one of the famous ayurvedic medicines that are widely used for dealing various health purposes. Only a few of you people may know about the health benefits of Chaturbhuj Ras. Well,Do not worry, today, we are going to tell you the amazing and astonishing health benefits of Chaturbhuj Ras. This is mainly used to treat anemia,Diabetes, asthma, fever etc. So, if you are suffering from any of these health disorders, this article will help you a lot.

We all know that a balanced diet and daily routine is necessary for a healthy mind and body. When it comes to maintaining your health, these steps are just the beginning. If you want to live a healthy and long life, you need to try some more than only eating a healthy diet. You need to bring Ayurveda to your life to improve your overall health and to protect your body from the unwanted side effects of allopathic medicines. Ayurveda is the ancient healing system of India that has been practicing for thousands of years. You can live a peaceful life with Ayurveda. Today, we are going to tell you the health benefits of Chaturbhuj Ras in detail. So, let’s start with its ingredients and preparation process.

Ingredients and Preparation Process

Here, I want to tell you that all ayurvedic medicines are prepared from several natural ingredients which make them beneficial and safe for the human health. Ayurvedic medicines are completely natural which used natural herbs, oils, minerals and herbs that are safe for your health. Chaturbhuj Ras is also a great combination of several natural herbs such as marita suta, gold bhasma, musk, castor leaves, asphaltum, purified and processed orpiment, shuddha gandhak, loha bhasma and abhrak bhasma. These ingredients are highly effective in curing a number of health disorders. Let’s see the health benefits of these natural ingredients used in the preparation of Chaturbhuj Ras.

Castor leaves

Castor leaves are one of the valuable natural herbs that are used for cooking as well as health purposes. Castor leaves are generally used to prepare castor oil. Castor oil is a natural emollient and can be applied to the skin and hair softener. The juice extracted from the leaves of castor plant can be used against rheumatism, headache, ringworms, warts and edema. Castor oil is also used for treating constipation, acute diarrhea and indigestion problems. This is the perfect herb for hair treatment.

Gold Bhasma

This is also known as swarna bhasma. Swarna bhasma is one of the famous ayurvedic medicines that are used in the preparation of Chaturbhuj Ras. It is a great natural immune enhancer and cardiac toner. It helps to boost the immunity that helps to fight against infections and diseases. It makes you healthy and strong.

Abhrak bhasma

Abhrak bhasma is also a powerful natural ayurvedic medicine that is used for penetrating and spreading properties in our body. This helps in curing digestion problems, weakness, low immunity and several health issues too.

Aloe Vera

All of you might have familiar with aloe Vera.  Aloe Vera has umpteen health benefits. It is beneficial for your hairs, skin,Digestion and in other words, overall health. It helps to make your skin looking younger, cure skin problems such as acne, pimples and cysts as well as make your hairs shinier and lustrous.

All other natural herbs such as musk, shuddha gandhak and shuddha parada are also beneficial for the treatment of various health problems and to make you healthy. They have powerful medicinal properties that help to improve the functions of your body and thus improve your overall health. So, this was all about the health benefits of the natural herbs used in the preparation of Chaturbhuj Ras.

Now, the next question is how this ayurvedic medicine is prepared? So, here is the preparation process. Fine powder of above all natural ingredients is ground with juice extract and decoction, made into paste and pills are prepared. After this, keep the pills in castor leaves for drying in three days. Now, let’s come to the health benefits of Chaturbhuj Ras.

Health benefits of Chaturbhuj Ras 

As I told you earlier that Chaturbhuj Ras is an ayurvedic medicine which is available in tablet form. You can use this ayurvedic medicine in the treatment of asthma, anemia,Diabetes, abdominal colic, anorexia, hiccups,Dyspepsia, epilepsy, gout, herpes, abscess, psychotic disorders and hemorrhoids. It helps to improve the digestion ability and relives all the symptoms of digestive disorders.

Digestion Problems

Due to the trend of junk foods and unhealthy lifestyle, stomach problems are more common these days. All of you might have faced some type of stomach problems such as gastric, indigestion, constipation,Diarrhea, irritable bowel syndrome and heartburn at some point in your life. Allopathic medicines can only treat the symptoms of digestive problems not cure them from roots. The common health benefits of Chaturbhuj Ras is that it addresses the root causes of the stomach problems as well as improves your digestion power.


Anemia is a common health issue, especially in women. This is the condition in which the red blood cells start to decrease. A number of red blood cells or hemoglobin reach lower than normal. This can cause the symptoms such as the feeling of tiredness, weakness, nausea and headache. Well, you can get rid of all these health issues with the help of Chaturbhuj Ras. This will help to increase the red blood cells in the body as well as give strength to the body.


Diabetes is one of the common conditions that are affecting millions of people around the globe. In this condition, your blood sugar rises to a high point than normal. This condition can lead to several other health issues too such as heart attack, high blood pressure and high cholesterol level. If you want to protect yourself from these complications, you can try Chaturbhuj Ras. This will help to manage diabetes by reducing the high blood sugar level in the body.

Respiratory problems

Respiratory problems such as cold, cough, tonsils and bronchitis can be cured with the help of Chaturbhuj Ras easily from the roots. Respiratory problems can cause a lot of discomfort and irritation. Chaturbhuj Ras helps to cure respiratory problems, fever, cough and health issues from the roots. You can also get relief from a sore throat.

Mental disorders

A healthy body does not mean only a muscular body or a strong body, it also includes the mental health benefits. Chaturbhuj Ras helps to provide you both the health benefits –physical and mental benefits. This ayurvedic medicine helps to cure mental disorders such as paralysis, hysteria and Parkinson’s diseases as well as improve the concentration power, alertness and sharpness of the mind.

The health benefits of Chaturbhuj Ras are myriad. This is the perfect ayurvedic medicine to get a healthy and a strong body. This medicine has a great impact on the vata disorders. It cures vata disorders and also helps to balance the tridoshas –vata, pitta and kapha in the body. The health benefits of Chaturbhuj Ras also include boosting the immunity and strength. By boosting the immunity of the body, Chaturbhuj Ras helps to fight off infections and diseases. In total, you can get a healthy and peaceful life with Ayurveda and ayurvedic medicines.


Dosage is one of the crucial parts of any ayurvedic as well as allopathic medicine. If you take the medicine in inadequate amount, they can harm your body. So, it is best to consult an ayurvedic doctor before starting taking this ayurvedic medicine. Well, the suitable dosage of the Chaturbhuj Ras for adults is 1 tablet 1-2 times a day with honey and triphala. The persons who are suffering from heart diseases, respiratory problems and nausea problem can take Chaturbhuj Ras with honey or ginger.

Points to be noted

Although, ayurvedic medicines are completely safe for your health as they are prepared of several natural herbs but still, there are some points that you need to remember. The first point is that always consult your ayurvedic doctor before starting the medicine.

The second point is Accidental indigestion of the dose of Chaturbhuj Ras higher than prescribed may lead to severe neurological side effects. If you have ingested a higher dose, immediately consult an ayurvedic doctor.   

The third point is that Chaturbhuj Ras medicine should be avoided during pregnancy, lactation and for children. Self- medication with this medicine may prove to be dangerous. The last point is that take this medicine in precise dose and for a limited period of time as advised by the doctor.

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Ayurveda is an art of life that teaches the perfect and healthy way of living. You can get a healthy life with the help of Ayurveda. We just want to give you all possible knowledge related to Ayurveda and ayurvedic medicines. I hope you will like this article and will try to bring Ayurveda in your life to get a healthy life.

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