Chandramrit Ras

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Chandramrit Ras
Chandramrit Ras is a common Ayurvedic medicine holding the sufficient capability to deal with a number of respiratory and other well-being ailments. Trikatu, Triphala, and Lauh Bhama exist in Chandramrit Ras make it a very potent Ayurvedic medicine. It is found to be highly fruitful in the treatment of cough. Asthma is a breathing ailment which affects respiratory tract. Such issue makes it hard for the patient to breathe smoothly by causing the obstruction in the airways. Chandramrit Ras prevents the breakout of Asthma and heals it effectively. Loss of appetite can be also managed by the appropriate utilization of the same. Chronic Fever, Bronchitis, and Chest infection are the common issues where it can be used. Epistaxis denotes a condition where there is bleeding in nostril, nasal cavity and Nasopharynx. Since it is associated with severe side effects, therefore, one should consult with the physician before utilizing the same.
Chandramrit Ras
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