Brahmi Ghrit

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Brahmi Ghrit

Brahmi Ghrita is a powerful medicine of Ayurveda derived from a potent herbs namely Brahmi. Some other ingredients that are used to formulate Brahmi Ghrita include Ghrita, Trikatu, Saptala, etc. This Ayurvedic medicine is profoundly used to treat brain disorders. This medicine is capable of improving the function of the brain by enhancing the blood circulation. Since it is an elixir for brain it can prove to be a boon for students. It improves the learning skills and intelligence simultaneously. It also helps in speech issues. It is also helpful in alleviating brain disorders including Epilepsy, Anxiety, Stress, Alzheimer, Depression, and Dementia. This elixir should be also used to treat female infertility and male infertility. It is also proved to be beneficial in several skin disorders. It is also proving to be a boon for the stammering patient.

Many of you people might have heard the name of Brahmi Ghirta as this is one of the common herbs used for various medicinal purposes. This herb is used in the preparation of one of the most effective ayurvedic medicines- Brahmi Ghirta. Brahmi Ghrita is a famous ayurvedic medicated clarified butter used for treating various health ailments from the roots. If you want to know more health benefits of Brahmi Ghrita, read the article till the end.

Ayurveda has the answers for your maximum health questions. This is one of the ancient healing systems of India whose history is more than 5000 years old. According to the Ayurveda, a healthy life does not mean a disease-free body but a healthy body which cannot readily get affected by any disease or infections. According to Ayurveda, life is a combination of senses, mind, body and soul. Ayurveda is not only limited to body or physical symptoms but it gives a complete knowledge about spiritual, mental and social health. Ayurveda has the secret of living a healthy life. Well, the concept of Ayurveda is too wide so, let’s talk about our ayurvedic medicine- Brahmi Ghrita.

Ingredients and the Preparation method of Brahmi Ghrita

Brahmi Ghrita is an ayurvedic medicine and all types of ayurvedic medicines are prepared from several types of natural ingredients. Here, I want to explain the relation between Ayurveda and nature. Nature gives us a number of natural herbs and ingredients that have powerful medicinal properties which are useful for the overall health. Brahmi Ghrita is also prepared from several types of natural ingredients that include brahmi, trikatu, ginger,Danti, saptala and Shankhapushpi.

Brahmi -: Brahmi is one of the vital ingredients found in the Brahmi Ghrita. This is an effective and powerful herb. Brahmi has powerful medicinal properties that are helpful for treating various health purposes. Brahmi helps to open and clarify the mind, strengthen the memory and intellect, support focus and concentration, encourage a balanced emotional state, support healthy blood cells, promote daytime energy and nighttime sleep and promote healthy skin and hair. This is a really beneficial natural herb for human health. Let’s see the health benefits of other natural ingredients of Brahmi Ghrita.

Danti -: Danti is also a very popular herb used for various health purposes. This is used for the treatment of cough, skin diseases, fever, liver condition etc. It is also used for curing piles, anemia, heart ailments and jaundice during pregnancy.

Trikatu -:  Trikatu is an Ayurvedic herbal blend of ginger, pippali and black pepper. These herbs are highly effective to cure digestive issues and respiratory issues. It also helps to promote proper bile flow, healthy detoxification and fat metabolism. The gentle heating action of this blend primes the digestive tract to digest food, absorb nutrients and effectively remove waste.

Shankapuspi -: Shankapuspi herb helps to support healthy brain and mind. It helps to support blood flow to the brain and also helps to calm the mind. It helps in better sleep. So, if you want to improve the memory power, concentration, alertness and sharpness of the mind, this herb is the best option for you.

Saptala -: Saptala is also one of the powerful herbs that are used to cure several types of skin diseases. It is also good for hair. So, the use of this natural herb helps to make your skin glowing and shinier as well as promote hair growth.

 So, these were the benefits of the natural herbs used in the preparation of Brahmi Ghrita. After reading the health benefits of the natural herbs, you might have comprehended the effectiveness the Brahmi Ghrita. Let me tell you the preparation method of Brahmi Ghrita. To prepare the Brahmi Ghrita, you need to mix all the aforementioned natural herbs until only ghee remains. Leave it for several hours to cool down and then separate the Brahmi Ghrita from the residues using clean cotton cloth or filter paper.

So, we have discussed the natural ingredients found in Brahmi Ghrita, their effectiveness and the preparation method. Now, let’s see the health benefits of the Brahmi Ghrita.

Health Benefits of Brahmi Ghrita

The health benefits of the Brahmi Ghirta are endless. This is one of the powerful ayurvedic medicines used for the treatment of various health ailments. It is a famous ayurvedic medicine available in the herbal ghee form. This medicine has ghee as its base.  

For brain health -: One of the important functions of the Brahmi Ghrita is to boost the learning power, memory power, concentration power and speech and the alertness of the mind. It helps to improve the functions of the brain. Apart from improving the memory power and the other functions of the brain, it is also used to cure mental illness, emotional imbalance, addiction issues and the nervous system disorders.

Brahmi Ghrita helps to balance Vata, pitta and Kapha in the body. By balancing all three doshas in the body, Brahmi Ghrita helps to protect you from the attack of the diseases. Well, it is a tri-doshic, Brahmi Ghrita is especially beneficial for pitta disorders due to its cooling and cleansing action on the body and mind. So, these were the health benefits of Brahmi Ghrita related to the brain health.

Addiction Treatment -: Brahmi Ghrita is a powerful herb to use during the treatment of addiction issues including drug, alcohol, tobacco, food, sugar and sex addiction. It has a great effect on the brain and the nervous system that help to reduce the carvings and calm the emotional eruption that occurs during the withdrawal process.  Brahmi Ghrita can be taken as a powder, tea, medicated ghee and tincture throughout this time. It is an excellent herb and ayurvedic medicine for opening the mind, enhancing the intellect and promoting spiritual growth.

Other Health Benefits -: The health benefits of the Brahmi Ghrita are not ended here. It has numerous health benefits. You can use Brahmi Ghrita for treating skin diseases, epilepsy and female infertility. You can get rid of several types of skin disorders with the help of Brahmi Ghrita. This is also useful for those females who are suffering from infertility.

So, this was a long list of the health benefits of the Brahmi Ghrita. All these health benefits of the Brahmi Ghrita are due to its powerful medicinal properties which include memory enhancer, anti-stress, antioxidant, anti-cancer, adaptogenic and antidepressant properties that help to cure several health complications.  Brahmi Ghrita is a really beneficial ayurvedic medicine that can improve your overall health. Regular consumption of this medicine will surely boost the memory power of the brain as well as improve your overall health. Now, let’s see how you will take this medicine.

Dosage of the Brahmi Ghrita

It is suggested to take any ayurvedic medicine after consulting an ayurvedic doctor. Well, the recommended dosage of the Brahmi Ghrita is 1-2 tablets once or twice a day along with honey and raisins or as directed by the ayurvedic doctor. Now, let’s see some of the points that you need to remember when starting this medicine.


Brahmi Ghrita is considered safe for most of the individual if it is taken under medical supervision and within the recommended dosage. Brahmi Ghrita does not have any type of side effects when taken less than 10 grams in a day. If you take this medicine in a higher dosage, it can cause following side effects -:

  • Loss of appetite
  • Heaviness in the abdomen
  • Sticky stools and excess fat in the stools

People with heart diseases, high blood pressure problem and high cholesterol level should take this medicine under strict medical supervision.  Brahmi Ghrita is based on the cow’s ghee which is in saturated fats. So, consult a doctor for appropriate dosage. Brahmi Ghrita can be taken during pregnancy under the supervision of ayurvedic physician. According to the Ayurveda, Brahmi Ghrita is completely safe for lactating mother and babies. If you follow all these points carefully, surely you will not experience any kind of side effect.

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