Brahmi Bati (Sw. Mo. Ke. Yu.)

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Brahmi Bati (Sw. Mo. Ke. Yu.)

An Ayurvedic medicine named Brahmi Bati (Sw. Mo. Ke. Yu) is derived from several herbs and minerals such as Abhrak Bhasma, Ras Sindoor, Brahmi, Shankhpushpi, Moti Pishti, Nutmeg, and Swarna Bhasma. This medicine provides benefits for various well-being disorders. It is a renowned Ayurvedic medicine in managing umpteen brain disorders. Coma is a severe state of mind that needs proper care. The right utilization of Ayurveda can significantly help people with this condition. The uncanny potential of Brahmi Bati can effectively treat insomnia or sleeplessness. It helps the brain to secrete certain hormones that help in better sleep. It acts as a nervine tonic hence it should be used in the treatment of nerves debility or damage. It also increases the learning capabilities of a person by improving the function of the brain. One can also use it to improve the concentration power. This medicine is also useful in ameliorating insanity, Pneumonia, Hysteria, and Bradycardia. Inappropriate use of this medication may cause certain adverse effects, therefore, prescription of the physician is highly recommended for this medicine.

We do all the possible things to make ourselves healthy but despite that, we have to suffer from some of the diseases like indigestion, fever and many more. What you usually do to stay healthy or I would say disease free? Here, you might say that you consume those medicines, which your doctor prescribes, right? But, tell me one thing if it is a known fact that the consumption of modern medicines can cause side effects, why you want to consume that poison? If you are thinking that there is no Hobson’s choice to cure these types of problems, let me tell you that you are wrong.

There are several ways by which you can make yourself healthy. What about Ayurveda? Don’t you think that there is nothing better than ayurvedic treatment? See, in Ayurveda we have several medicines which can cure health woes efficiently but, the medicine i want to tell you about is one of the most effective medicines.

I know you might be thinking that ayurvedic medicine works at snail’s pace but do you know why this is so? Ayurvedic medicines take a lot of time because it cures your health woes from the roots and it takes times to cure woes from the roots. The modern medicine you consume gives you instant relief but they don’t have the potential to cure any kind of disease from the roots.

This is the reason that I am suggesting you use ayurvedic medicines rather than modern medicines. Like I said before, that there is one medicine which can cure health woes better than some of the modern medicines and the name of that medicine is brahmi bati gold. There are many health benefits of brahmi bati gold. Before approaching to those benefits let me tell you some brief details about its constructive constituents. So, read carefully.

Ingredients of brahmi bati gold

  • Brahmi- Brahmi is an ayurvedic herb which is commonly used to enhance memory. It is one of the best heart tonics and works as a great aphrodisiac. Studies show that brahmi is an excellent medicine to strengthen and boost your mind. It also supports daytime energy and nighttime sleep.
  • Abhrak bhasma- It is a well-known fact that abhrak bhasma is calcined mica ash which is used to make umpteen ayurvedic medicines. It is prepared through the calcined process using with mica as the main ingredient. There are many diseases which can be cured with this. But, it is mainly used to cure respiratory disorders.
  • Akik bhasma- This is a mineral based ayurvedic medicine. This medicine is also used to make many ayurvedic medicines. It is mainly used to cure general debility, heart weakness and feeling of excessive heat in the body. It works on heart, brain, liver and spleen.
  • Praval Pishti- This is an ayurvedic preparation which is prepared of coral. This medicine is used to cure cold, cough and pitta related problems. It improves immunity and is used as a cardiac tonic. Doctors also prescribe this medicine for migraine.
  • Swarna bhasma- As its name defines this medicine is made of gold fillings. This medicine is used to cure many diseases like infertility, asthma, tissue wasting and poisoning.  It is a natural aphrodisiac and is also used to increase memory.
  • Moti Pishti- Moti Pishti is known as mukta Pishti as well. There are many medicines which contain mukta bhasma. By this medicine, you can get rid of many diseases and those include diarrhea with bleeding, mania, gastritis and fever.
  • Nutmeg- Almost every woman is aware of this spice. This is one of the most common spices which used in cooking.  It is native to the island but now is also available globally.  It has many health benefits like indigestion, insomnia, cognitive function and many more. Along with these, you can also boost your skin,Detoxify your body and can get improved blood circulation.
  • Shankhpushpi- It is the ayurvedic syrup which is made of two main ingredients and those are Shankha and brahmi. It is the herb which is known for improving memory also. It has several health benefits which include epilepsy, headache, vomiting and diabetes.
  • Ras Sindoor- Like others it is also an ayurvedic medicine which is made of many herbal and mineral ingredients. Ras Sindoor comes in both tablet and powder form. By this medicine you can get rid of many diseases like cardiac disease, colicky abdominal pain, urinary tract related problems and diabetes.

So, this is all about the ingredients of this medicine which make brahmi bati gold more potent. Now, let me tell you about its benefits so continue reading and see which kind of diseases brahmi bati gold can cure.

Health benefits of brahmi bati gold

Brahmi bati gold is an amazing and prominent medicine.  If you want to know why brahmi bati gold is one of the most prominent medicines, you should read ahead.

Coma- Coma is the deep state of unconsciousness. It can happen as a result of traumatic accident such as a blow to the head or a medicinal condition. Coma is different from sleep because in this condition patient is unable to wake up. It is not as a same as brain death. The affected person is alive but he/she can’t respond in the normal way to other people.

Insomnia- If you can’t sleep, you might be suffering from insomnia. According to studies, insomnia is the condition in which you feel difficulties in falling asleep. Even when a person has a chance to do so. There are many possible causes of insomnia and there are studies which show that almost 30-40 present people experience insomnia each year. 

Hysteria- It is the psychological disorder which causes faintness, nervousness and irritability.  Hysteria is a common form of the emotional reactions in which a patient tends to act out of his/her mental control in a dramatic way. For this condition, brahmi bati gold is the perfect medicine and this is because it contains ingredients which have very strong effects on these types of reactions.  

Pneumonia- Pneumonia is the infection in one or both lungs. It can be caused by bacteria, viruses or fungi. Most commonly adults get bacterial pneumonia. It causes inflammation in the air sacs in your lungs which is called alveoli. It can become life threatening if you neglect this disease. Most kinds of Pneumonia are contagious.

Bradycardia- Bradycardia is abnormally slow heart rate of less than 60 heart beats per minute. A normal heart beat is between 60 and 100 per minute. You can get this if you have any problem in your heart’s natural pacemaker or problem in the conduction pathways of the heart.

Insanity- Generally, non-medical term referring mental illness called insanity. This is treatable condition but for that you have to use the correct medicine on correct timing. If you know anyone who is suffering from this, suggest that person to use brahmi bati gold. It contains many natural constituents which has very strong effects these types of problems.

So, these are some of the diseases which can be cured with this medicine. What do you think about brahmi bati gold for health now? Don’t you think that brahmi bati gold for health is one of the best medicines to cure health woes? Modern medicine doesn’t have the potential to match the level of the ayurvedic medicines.

Like others, this ayurvedic medicine is also effective but, still, you have to take care of its doses.  So, read below and gain knowledge about its doses.

Doses of brahmi bati gold for health

In the condition of coma and insanity you can consume this medicine along with dashmoola kwath. In the state of insomnia, take this medicine with Mansyadi kwath. The other diseases which I have mentioned in this article, you can take one tablet twice or thrice a day along with butter, cream and milk.

If you consume this medicine in an appropriate amount, you will not get any kind of side effects. Here, I want to tell you some crucial points which everyone should keep in their mind while consuming this medicine.

Side-effects of brahmi bati gold

  • The ingredients of this medicine can cause side effects to some people. If there is anyone who is hypersensitive to any of the ingredients which I have mentioned above, you should consult with your doctor before start consuming this medicine.

The reason I have shared about this is because I wanted to tell you that there is nothing which can cure mind related problems like brahmi bati gold do. So, if you have any of these diseases, start using this medicine. Actually, a number of people are already using brahmi bati gold for better health.

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