Arthritis or joint pain sufferers often wonder what the best solution for their pain is. If you have also been suffering from any bones of joint problem, you might have accepted by now that allopathic pain killers aren’t what you deserve. Those who are newly diagnosed might like the pain relievers very much because of their instant effect. But, gradually you will also realize that the effect is instant but short lived. For this short lived relief in pain, one has to pay a huge price by compromising with his or her overall health. So, today we will talk about all the problems arthritis and joint pain patients have to deal with. In addition to this, we will tell you a magical way to cure arthritis. Don’t worry, this magic has got approval from scientists and researchers are also praising this cure for arthritis. And because it has got scientific back up and research evidences supporting its effectiveness and safety, we are finally revealing this ages old medicine. Yes, the magical cure we are talking about has been with us for thousands of years now. Vrihat vatchintamani ras is the gift of ayurveda which is a perfect solution to the pain in arthritis and pain in joints due to any other reason.

There is not one or two, but many reasons for which vrihat vatchintamani ras for arthritis is the best solution. We will talk about all of them in the coming sections, and in addition to this, a critical analysis of the method of treatment you are using at present will be done. It is very important to know vrihat vatchintamani ras for arthritis patients, but, to realize its values, it is also important that you know what you have been using all this while. Have you ever given a thought to what you have been eating all this while? Is the treatment you are taking safe and healthy? What are the impacts of allopathic pain killers on your body in long term? All these questions will be answered one by one, but before that, we will introduce you to the best ever vrihat vatchintamani ras for arthritis.


Vrihat vatchintamani ras is a gem of ayurveda which is famous for its action in pain in joints. What make it effective are its natural powerful ingredients. Vrihat vatchintamani ras for arthritis is best because of many reasons, but one of the major cause of its effectiveness and the real source of its power are a few extremely powerful ayurvedic bhasma. Swarna Bhasma (bhasma or calx of gold), rajata bhasma (bhasma or calx of silver), abhraka bhasma (bhasma (calx) of mica), loha bhasma (bhasma (calx) of Iron, pravala bhasma (bhasma (calx) of coral, mukta bhasma (bhasma (calx) of pearl) and suta bhasma are a few to name. Juice extract of Kumari – Aloe vera is also involved in the preparation of vrihat vatchintamani ras.  So, this herbo mineral preparation is made up of not one or two, but with a mixture of several ayurvedic bhasma. If you have an experience with ayurveda, you might know what each bhasma is made up of and how much healthy they are for humans.

And if you have an idea of ayurveda and the action of these bhasma, you also might accept that if something can cure the acute and unbearable pain of arthritis, it is only vrihat vatchintamani ras. Yes, the pain in arthritis and in most of the joint problems is known to be unbearable. The patient is unable to move the affected joint and even without moving, pain doesn’t decrease. And in case you think arthritis is a minor problem, let me tell you that there are more than 100 different types of arthritis, with different causes and treatment methods. Two of the most common types are osteoarthritis (OA) and rheumatoid arthritis (RA). Osteoarthritis results from cartilage degeneration while rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune disorder in which our own immune system attacks the joints. One thing common in all types of arthritis is acute and extreme pain. So, whatever is the reason, and whatever is the treatment method, first thing every patient want is relief in pain.


But, there is a huge difference in the mechanism of relieving pain among different treatment methods. For instance, the most commonly chosen medicinal science is allopathy. Although this was a situation a few years ago and today all of us are aware of the ill effects of allopathic medicines, there do still millions of people trust the medicinal science. So, it is important that we tell you exactly what the pain relieving drugs you have been taking are doing to your body.

Vrihat vatchintamani ras is natural: If you are also one of the millions of believers of nature, vrihat vatchintamani ras for arthritis is surely the best solution for you. This is extremely powerful, highly effective and on the top of everything else, is made up of all natural ingredients. Yes, the ingredients are quite strong and you have to take care while using vrihat vatchintamani ras, but they are highly effective too. Since not chemical or artificially synthesized drug is used in the manufacturing of vrihat vatchintamani ras, you can expect nature to heal arthritis and take away all your pain.
Vrihat vatchintamani ras is powerful: Arthritis and the pain associated with bones and joints pain is indeed breathtaking. And to combat it, you need something as powerful as vrihat vatchintamani ras for arthritis. Because of the presence of swarna bhasma, loha bhasma and some other strong ingredients, this ayurvedic medicine can easily cure all sort of pain from root. Yes, since this is very strong in action, minute mistake in doses can make a huge difference, but if you take care, you are going to get results better than you expected.

Vrihat vatchintamani ras is the only way to avoid ill effects of allopathic medicines: If you have been taking pain killers for quite a long time now, and are looking for a cure that doesn’t harm your overall health, then ayurveda is the healing science for you. No allopathic drug is free from side effects and diseases like arthritis demand frequent medicinal help. In such a case, the more you take allopathic medicines, the higher is their magnitude of damage. So, not only because of effectiveness, but also because of side effects free action, vrihat vatchintamani ras for arthritis and other ayurvedic medicines are famous.
Since it is ayurvedic, it is based on the concept of holistic healing: Your body deserves nothing less than holistic healing. From head to toe, a single infection can disturb the entire body and not only the disease has to be treated, but all the other disturbances created by the diseases are required to be fixed. From mind, to body to soul, ayurvedic medicines like vrihat vatchintamani ras for arthritis are based on this concept and hence it is the best solution.

Beneficial for long term health: If your focus is your long term health rather than instant action, vrihat vatchintamani ras for arthritis is for you. Ayurveda works towards eliminating diseases in such a way that your long term health is assured. However, with allopathic pain killers, the biggest threat is to your future health only. The more you take help from allopathy, the faster your health will degrade.


So, to avail all these benefits and to have holistic healing from ayurveda, all you need is vrihat vatchintamani ras for arthritis. 125 mg of vrihat vatchintamani ras once or twice a day will do the needful without disturbing the normal functioning of your body. But, as we have been telling you since the beginning and as it is also indicated by several researches, vrihat vatchintamani ras is extremely powerful and hence you have to specific about the doses, diet and other factors that can interfere in the treatment process. It is traditionally administered along with honey, Musta Kashaya and many patients of arthritis have got tremendous benefits from this combination. But every case is different and hence you should consult an ayurvedic doctor before starting vrihat vatchintamani ras or any other ayurvedic medicines.


The ayurvedic doctor will guide you on everything from the doses, to adjuvants to diet you have to follow. Yes, along with physical activity and a healthier lifestyle, diet also plays an important role, not only in treatment of all types of arthritis, but also in the prevention of this bone related issue and many other health problems. You might hear everyone suggesting eating a good and healthy diet, and this too is beneficial in most of the cases, but some healthy foods may not act in your favor if you have certain types of arthritis. So, eating healthy is crucial, but the definitions of healthy food may change according to your present health status. Starting with fresh fruits, veggies, nuts and seeds that are high in fiber, you should aim at increasing your fiber intake with these types of foods. Rest, everything will be told in detail by your ayurvedic doctor because when you are on ayurvedic medicines, you are supposed to take care of your diet too. He or she will guide you in the best possible manner so that you can utilize the goodness of vrihat vatchintamani ras and all other ayurvedic medicines too.

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