Balark ras is a perfect blend of many well known ayurvedic bhasma and some other natural ingredients. Each one of the ingredients used in preparing balark ras can serve as a medicine, and by combining, we get balark ras which is immensely effective in dealing with stomach diseases and infections like diarrhea and intestinal worms. It is a healthy and holistic solution to the problems commonly occurring in children. As adults, we can face problems with ease, but when it is an issue related to our child, there can’t be any compromise, right? What if I tell you that you were compromising with the future health of your child every other day. For dealing with infections like cough and diarrhea, it is likely that you have recently taken help from allopathic medicines. But this simple act introduces several side effects in the body of your child. Some of these are temporary effects but regular use can have severe impact on your health.

Rather than this, you can simply choose a holistic and a healthy cure to all the problems of your children as well as for yourself. One such alternative gaining popularity day by day is ayurvedic balark ras. By directly curing some commonly occurring problems in children as well as adults, balark ras can do great favor. But by indirectly saving you body from the undesirable side effects, it is doing more than what is expected from the ayurvedic formulation. So, balark ras is worth discussing. Starting from the list of ingredients used for preparing balark ras, we will see the benefits of the ayurvedic product in the coming sections. A detailed list of precautions and doses of balark ras is also given with some money saving tips.


bhasma of Zinc Sulphide in balark rasRasaka Bhasma or Bhasma (Calx) of Zinc Sulphide is the primary ingredient of balark ras. It is one of the bhasma which are taken in considerable amount to prepare balark ras. In his publication “Evaluation of antimicrobial activity of Rasaka Bhasma” the author not only described in detail the antimicrobial activity of the naturally prepared bhasma, but he also studied the safety profile of the same. While studying the effects of rasaka bhasma in various diseases, the scientist also found a surprising fact that Antimicrobial result of Rasaka bhasma prepared out of ZnCO3 has shown a better result than Rasaka bhasma prepared out of ZnO. You might have studied about these two compounds in your chemistry books, but even if you don’t remember them, it is perfectly alright as this is not going to impact the effectiveness of rasaka bhasma as well as balark ras.

Apart from rasaka bhasma, pravala bhasma is also one of the primary ingredients of balark ras. Pravala bhasma (PB; Coral calx) is a natural source of rich calcium widely used in traditional system of Indian medicine as a supplement in the treatment of variety of bone metabolic disorders associated with calcium deficiency. Several studies have been conducted and the impact of pravala bhasma has been studied in depth. As expected, no side effect of this bhasma has been found in any study.

Deer horn in balark rasShringa Bhasma – Bhasma (Calx) of Deer horn, shuddha Hingula (Purified and processed Cinnabar (Mercury compound)), Gorochana (Cow bile), Karchura (Curcuma zeodaria) and keshara (saffron). Also, juice extract of Brahmi in quantity sufficient for grinding is taken while preparing balark ras. With so many powerful and healing bhasma, the end product which we call balark bhasma is definitely something extremely effective and useful, right? Yes, provided you use them right. With the inclusion of so many bhasma as ingredients of balark ras, the ultimate product become immensely powerful, but with this comes the responsibility of using the ayurvedic product with precautions. The purification processes adopted to purify the heavy metals before including them into bhasma or any other ayurvedic preparation assures that the ingredient will be safe to use, but because we have in hand a really strong ayurvedic medicine, you must use it strictly according to the guidelines provided by the doctor. There are also several other precaution that one has to follow and we will talk about them in detail in the coming sections because ingredients of balark bhasma make it effective, but the way you use it make this ayurvedic formulation safe. And ultimately we need a cure that is both- safe and effective.


Balark ras for diarrhea

Balark ras for diarrheaIt is worth using balark ras for children because of not one or two but many reasons. One of the most common problems our child suffers from is diarrhea. Globally, there an estimated 2 billion cases of diarrheal disease occur each year, and 1.9 million children under the age of 5 years, mostly in developing countries, die from diarrhea. Most of the times, the causative organism behind mild to acute cases of diarrhea are bacteria, viruses or parasites and all of them can be killed with the use of strong balark ras for diarrhea. To make the condition worst, fever also hits you because of the response of the immune system towards the action of the microorganisms living in the child’s body.

This make human body weaker and weaker day by day and at this point of time, we need a solution that can not only take care of the infection causing diarrhea, but can also reenergize your child’s body. This is one reason you should use Ayurvedic treatment for fever with diarrhea. Balark ras for diarrhea is also the only holistic cure because of the side effect free nature. Mild cases of diarrhea can be treated at home, but do not allow the disease to progress as it can cause sudden deterioration of health in no time.

Balark ras in treating intestinal worms

balark ras for intestinal wormsJust like diarrhea, intestinal worms are also likely to hit children very fast. Children are particularly susceptible to intestinal worms. That’s because they may play in environments with contaminated soil, such as sandboxes and school playgrounds. Older adults are also at increased risk due to weakened immune systems. In fact, with the deteriorating quality of food and lack of physical activities, people of every age have weakened immune system. Contributing to all the factors are the antibiotics that suppress the immune system. On the other hand, ayurvedic medicines help the immune system become strong enough to fight with problems like intestinal worms on their own. So, you can use balark ras for diarrhea, and can also take help from the same in case of intestinal worms.

One can use balark ras for diarrhea in adults as well children. Same holds true for intestinal worms treatments as well. But since these two problems commonly hit children, the ayurvedic formulation is used mostly by children. It is also given in case of acute cough in children. In all, these three are the most troublesome problems and affect the health of any child adversely, and all of them can be tackled with balark ras.


doses of balark rasSince balark ras is a mixture of so many extremely strong bhasma, you have to be careful while using this ayurvedic medicine. The usually prescribed dose of balark ras for diarrhea and for other problems is 125 mg once or twice a day. For further instructions, you can talk to an ayurvedic doctor. If you cannot find a good doctor near your place or want to consult an ayurvedic doctor in South Delhi for free, you can make it by placing a call to paramanand ayurveda. Balark ras is advised along with honey and ghee but this also may change depending on the problem or disease. If you are sure that balark ras is what you need, or simply want a holistic cure to any of your health problems, we will tell you how can do so while sitting at home in a short while.


There are no side effects of balark ras provided you are taking it within the prescribed limits and this limit will be decided by your ayurvedic doctor after examining your condition. But, since balark ras contain a lot of heavy metals, you have to be extra careful. Follow the precautions described below to avoid any inconvenience.

  • consult with doctorAlways consult an ayurvedic doctor before using any ayurvedic medicine and balark ars for diarrhea and all other problems also is not an exception. If you don’t have any ayurvedic doctor in mind, we will tell you how to contact an ayurvedic doctor in South Delhi and get free online consultation.
  • Be precise about the doses and adjuvants you have to take because slight overdose of balark ras can cause great inconvenience.
  • Try to avoid junk food, fried food items when you are taking balark ras or any other ayurvedic medicines.

With these simple precautions, one can be sure about the safety of balark ras. The key is to simply follow an experienced ayurvedic doctor. As we have described earlier also, the ingredients are the real source of power and medicinal benefits, but to gain the maximum out of it, you must understand how to use it. And the exact dose and the right method of using balark ras can be determined only when the ayurvedic doctor gets to know each and every symptom of your problem. So, talking to an ayurvedic doctor is as crucial as the ingredients are, and thankfully, now it is as easy as making just one phone call. By making one phone call to paramanand ayurveda, you can directly interact with one of the best ayurvedic doctor in South Delhi. So, grab the opportunity and let ayurveda heal your body holistically. You can also buy balark ras and all other ayurvedic medicines online from pramanand ayurveda and here too you will have additional benefits like heavy discount, free home delivery and several new offers.

So, paramanand ayurveda is the medium to save your health as well as money. This ayurvedic company is helping ayurveda reach every house in India. Now, your health depends on your intent to stay healthy and live long.