agnivardhak bati

Suffering from disturbed digestion, or loss of appetite, or constipation? Something or the other is disturbed with our stomach many times, right? More than half of the population in India struggles with some digestive disorder at any given point. And this doesn’t include those who ignore their problems for a long long time before reporting to the doctor. yes, ignoring indigestion till it takes the form of chronic acidity or any other acute problem that we cannot bear is extremely common. But now, we have seen an increasing interest in people on living a healthy life. And if you think rationally, it is going to be even for your work because stomach issues not only hamper your health, but frequent problems with our stomach also disturb our work. So, it is high time we start paying attention towards our stomach before it forces us to do so. We will today discuss in detail about an ayurvedic medicine- agnivardhak bati, which is a one stop solution to all the stomach issues. Yes, now you can resolve all your stomach ailments with just one ayurvedic medicine- agnivardhak bati. We will try to see all the ingredients involved in the making of this amazing ayurvedic medicine and at the same time, we will tell you about an excellent ayurvedic company in Delhi from where you can buy ayurvedic products online at lowest price.


kala namak for agnivardhak bati

Kala namak, Nausadar, Gol mirch, Rubber Bush (Aak) – Calotropis Procera flower’s internal parts and Nimbu Satva (Citric acid) are the natural ingredients involved in the preparation of agnivardhal bati. All these herbs are being used separately as home remedies to cure indigestion and other stomach related issues. But the strength required to cure the problem for once and for all is achieved by mixing all these ingredients in a proportion specified by ayurveda.


Out of all the ingredients, the one included in major proportion is citric acid or nimbu satva. Citric acid is widely used in skin care and many of our creams especially anti aging creams contain citric acid. But several researches have recently shown the effect of this natural ingredient in various stomach ailments too. So, let us quickly see the magic agnivardhak bati for stomach issues can create.


agnivardhak bati for healthy digestion

  • The most common problem that our stomach has to go through is indigestion. Sometimes we say we are suffering from poor digestion while many other times, we complaint of gas and other digestive problems. But if you ask what the solution that improves digestion holistically is- I would recommend agnivardhak bati. Agnivardhak bati for stomach and digestive disorders is extensively used because it strengthens the weakened digestive system. Today, the food we eat lacks proper nutrition and has content that is pretty hard to digest too. This puts unnecessary burden on the most vital part of our body, influencing the basic function of stomach. And once our stomach is disturbed, everything else will automatically start falling ill, right? But thankfully, we have agnivardhak bati for stomach and we can use it with getting worried about any of its side effects.
  • Loss of appetite is another such problem that our stomach quite often deal with. You either don’t feel like eating anything or the feeling of abdominal heaviness after taking food do not let you eat. Sometimes the taste of food is altered because of the bad taste of mouth. In all such problems, you can simply count on agnivardhak bati and things will start falling in place in just a couple of days. Anorexia is a term denoting lack of appetite, and here a person stops eating anything. Can you imagine what it would be like when you don’t get energy from any source? Your body will start to collapse gradually, right? Yes, this definitely is a very difficult problem because many psychological reasons are also linked with anorexia. But when we say agnivardhak bati for stomach can solve any stomach problem, it can also take care of your appetite. If you are suffering from anorexia, it will take time to get back to your normal eating habits, but till then your nutritional requirements are also fulfilled by agnivardhak bati for stomach.
  • Many times, ayurvedic doctors recommend the use of agnivardhak bati for stomach issues like abdominal pain (spasmodic abdominal pain). But do not self medicate as the doctor will check the type of abdominal pain you are suffering from and only then he or she will prescribe agnivardhak bati. For instance, if an abdominal tenderness is observed in the epigastric region, then it should not be taken. So, it is better you consult an ayurvedic doctor before taking agnivardhak bati for stomach or any other problem.
  • You can also seek help from ayurvedic agnivardhak bati in constipation. Incomplete evacuation or constipation accompanied with the presence of mucus in the stool and poor digestive function can be treated with the use of agnivardhak bati. Not only constipation, because it has the capability to improve your digestion, you can also use it in diarrhea with mucus content. By acting on the digestive system and improving the secretion of gastric juice along with stimulating the liver, it can cure almost any stomach problem. But here also there is an exception that stops your from self medicating. If you are suffering from infectious diarrhea or gastroenteritis, this ayurvedic medicine may not give you desired results.

In short, we can conclude that agnivardhak bati for stomach problems like loss of appetite, poor digestion, flatulence, constipation, gas, belching, sour eructation and abdominal distension can be used without worrying about the side effects. Now, since more than half of the population of the world today is suffering from at least one of the stomach problems, it is highly likely that you too badly need agnivardhak bati for stomach issues. So, let us now see how we can use agnivardhak bati for stomach issues to get desired results.


Agnivardhak bati can be used in many stomach problems and you too can get benefitted by this ayurvedic medicine, provided you get the right method of using it. And for getting the exact dose that suits your body and gives you best results, you need to talk to an ayurvedic doctor, if you have any of the problems listed above, immediately talk to an ayurvedic doctor. And in case you aren’t able to find a trustworthy ayurvedic doctor, better call paramanand ayurveda. It is an ayurvedic company in Delhi which is providing free online consultation to all. Yes, you have read it right, free online consultation from the best ayurvedic doctors. We will talk in detail about this ayurvedic company in Delhi because if you are thinking of using ayurveda for a better life, you might get many benefits by interacting with paramanand ayurveda. Bute right now, have a look at the usually prescribed dose of agnivardhak bati.


Agnivardhak bati comes in the form of a tablet and you can give half tablet to a child and a complete one to adult. Usually a maximum of 4 tablets broken into smaller doses is more than enough to give you desired results. Also, it is crucial to talk to an ayurvedic doctor because the right time of taking agnivardhak bati changes according to the problem you are suffering from. For instance, in case of anorexia or loss of appetite, this ayurvedic medicine should be taken before a meal. And in problems like poor digestion, abdominal heaviness, and intestinal gas, it should be taken after having food. These minor variations influence the effectiveness or agnivardhak bati for stomach problems and hence it is better you first take advice from a good ayurvedic doctor.


If you are suffering from GERD, acid reflux, or gastritis, and agnivardhak bati doesn’t suit you, it will be reflected as loss of appetite. Yes, it helps to improve appetite, but in rare cases, this also may be an outcome. So, observe carefully and if you lose your appetite on the intake of agnivardhak bati, better report this to your ayurvedic doctor.


This was all about a stomach saving ayurvedic medicine and if you think issues with your stomach can be ignored, let me tell you that your health is determined by the state of your stomach. You can never lead a healthy life with a disturbed stomach. And the key to a healthy digestion and a happy stomach is agnivardhak bati. If you want to buy agnivardhak bati or want to talk directly to an ayurvedic doctor for free, call paramanand ayurveda. It is the only ayurvedic company in Delhi that provides you with free home delivery on all ayurvedic products online. Discount on every ayurvedic product online, free online consultation and lowest price of ayurvedic medicines are some of the benefits you can avail with this ayurvedic company in Delhi. So, if you have chosen ayurveda, you certainly care for your health and if you also care for your time and money, this ayurvedic company in Delhi is the place you need to go.