Virechana is gaining popularity as the world is going mad over the end results of this natural procedure. Not only in India, but many people from every corner of the world are trying to undergo this process. Some wants it in order to get rid of diseases and health problems they have while others just want to detoxify their bodies. Whichever category you fall in, it is important for you know what virechana is, its significance and virechana benefits for health. Since it has been everywhere, let us see what the best natural detox has in store for human beings.

Ayurveda has always surprised us with its magical herbal medicines, unbelievable life saving treatments and health enhancing ayurvedic therapies. Virechana is also one such surprise package that is definitely more than just a health enhancer. Scientifically speaking, virechana is an ayurvedic process that aims at cleansing the small intestine and other related organs. It primarily focuses on the detoxification of liver, small intestine, pancreas and gall bladder. But, almost all the organs of human body receive some benefits from this holistic healer. How it is done? We will talk about it after listing virechana benefits for health. Once we justify why it is the best natural detox, we will discuss other necessary details to take the next step. So, let us quickly see why it is the most comprehensive and healthy way to detox and rejuvenate your body.

  1. After virechana, an incomparable sense of lightness follows. This can only be experienced by the person undergoing the procedure. But, almost 96% of the patients have reported to feel extremely light after virechana. Nothing else can give this instant effect without harming your body, hence it is the best natural detox.
  2. Clarity in thoracic region, or what we call as hrid shuddhi in ayurveda is also a consequence of virechana. Thoracic spine is the longest region and also the most complicated. And hence it is not easy to detoxify this part without virechana. With this simple process, the thoracic cavity is cleaned naturally.
  3. Virechana benefits for health are many, but rarely anyone would tell you that it also leads to improvement in skin complexion. Improved complexion is referred to as varna shuddhi in ayurveda and it can be achieved with this ayurvedic therapy. So, don’t trust the fake claims of cosmetic industries as you have to bring the internal health and beauty to reflect on the skin. Why mask with chemicals and harmful cosmetics when you can get the real look with the best natural detox.
  4. Virechana is the best natural detox because it works on the thoughts, sensing abilities and intellect too. This is why most of the people today prefer ayurveda. With procedures like this one, it aims at holistically healing human body and taking it towards a state of health and well being.
  5. With the natural detoxification, you will observe a great improvement in your digestive system. This improvement in the digestive capacity is due to the cleansing of the intestine and absorption of some extremely powerful and healing herbs.
  6. All the channels according to ayurveda are clarified with the virechana benefits for health. In ancient ayurvedic texts as well as modern medicines, it is referred to as sroto-vishuddhi.
  7. Virechana is the best natural detox because it not only cleanses the colon and other body parts, but also reaches your brain and improves the sensory and motor functions. Yes, something that is still not achieved in allopathy can be easily tackled with some ayurvedic medicines and this wonder ayurvedic procedure.

These were some of the reasons virechana is considered to be the best natural detox. You can go for it in case you want tremendous improvements in your health. It helps you get rid of ages old problems of indigestion, acidity and many other minor problems you might have been facing right now overnight. However, as stated earlier, it is not just an health enhancer. Your ayurvedic doctors might have recommended you with virechana in order to combat certain disease. Here is the list of virechana benefits for health due to which your doctor might have prescribed you with the ayurvedic procedure.

  • Virechana targets most pittagenic disorders (the disorders arising due to disturbed pitta levels in human body)
  • It gives excellent results in skin diseases and rejuvenates the skin cells, thus making you look young and fresh.
  • Sometimes, it is also recommended in cases of chronic fever
  • Patients struggling with hemorrhoids (piles) can easily avoid surgery and other painful procedures with the best natural detox- virechana.
  • The ayurvedic procedure not only rejuvenates the body, but can also kill the growth of abdominal tumors.
  • Splenomegaly and Hepatomegaly are also on the list of virechana benefits for health.
  • Liver infections like jaundice and all the symptoms of jaundice can be controlled overnight with virechana benefits for health.
  • The powerful procedure can also kills worms growing inside the stomach. By cleansing the small intestine, it makes the environment unfavorable for any harmful substance to survive.
  • Conditions like Gout and glaucoma can also be almost reversed with the one day procedure. Yes, you may need a few ayurvedic medicines later on, but nothing can replace the action of virechana. This is why it is the best natural detox.
  • Not only for physical health, but virechana also impacts the mental well being in a positive manner. It is a potent treatment for minor stress, depression and Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD).
  • Virechana is the best natural detox because it detoxifies the body in such a manner that diseases gradually disappear. Yes, the detoxification is a one day process, but, it leaves impact that takes care of your body for a long time. So, one consequence of virechana is subsidence of diseases that you might have.

These were the virechana benefits for health for which the entire world wants to undergo the procedure. Earlier, there were speculations about the flushing out of good bacteria and electrolytes. This is the case with a diarrheal infection. You become weak and there is a huge loss of electrolytes. However, in recent research experiments, it was observed that if done strictly according to the principles of ayurveda, no such problems occur. Yes, weakness, fatigue and slightly low blood pressure follow virechana. But, all this is temporary and you will get back with the improved energy levels within a day or two.

With all the justification provided and all the virechana benefits for health listed above, if you think you should also undergo this magical treatment, here are some useful details.

As you know by now, virechana cannot be compared with diarrhea if done under medical supervision, let us know exactly how it is done.

  • A combination of herbs based on the problem you have, your medicinal history and the end results you want is administered in the morning.
  • During the process, it is expected that the patient avoids taking any mental or physical stress.
  • After an hour of administration of herbs, the bowel movements start after anytime between an hour and two.
  • Any severe cramping, pain or unusual symptoms must be reported immediately to the ayurvedic doctor.
  • It is also prescribed to sip only small amounts of warm water

These were some useful instructions. Although with the end of bowel movements, the process also ends. But, after this too, you should look into your diet. For a few days, try to avoid cold drinks and cold baths.  The idea is to stay is a warm environment and keep your body warm too. If you follow everything religiously, you will get all the enormous virechana benefits for health. And to accomplish this, you also need a reliable place to get it done under the supervision of experts. Yes, the expertise and experience of doctor, the quality of herbs used and the way the process of completed also influences the end results.

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