With the perfect blend of aloe vera juice, naturally occurring iron required for your body, swarna bhasma, and many other such extremely beneficial components for your health, vat chintamani ras is a unique ayurvedic formula that gives assistance to other ayurvedic medicines and also treats many otherwise difficult to tackle diseases. You might have an idea of what aloe vera juice means for your health. And mixing so many other medicinal components in it raises the healing capabilities and medicinal value of the product beyond your expectations. These natural and herbal products are good for maintaining a healthy body, but for treating diseases and getting your health back on track, you need something like ayurvedic vat chintamani ras- immensely powerful and totally side effect free.

You might get medicines that are as strong in action as vat chintamani ras is, in fact, some will give you instant results, but, the key is to do the needful without leaving any side effects. Yes, this is a challenge that no allopathic medicine has cleared till date. All of them have not one or two, but a set of possible side effects. Some of them are temporary, while others hamper your health permanently. The nature of side effects also depends on the amount and frequency of use of the medicines. Talking about life with ayurveda, ayurveda is the only healing science that is capable of providing you relief in any condition, it has survived only because it holistically cares for your body. Let us see one such ayurvedic medicine and all the details about it.

Ingredients of vat chintamani ras

VATA CHINTAMANI RAa ingredientsThe real strength of ayurveda lies in its natural and extremely powerful ingredients, and the right formula for combining all the ingredients existing in nature. These formulas were written thousands of years ago, but surprisingly they have the power to cure the diseases which came into existence even after the ayurvedic texts were written. This is the power of ayurveda and we will now see the ingredients of vat chintamani ras as this ayurvedic medicine inherits all the properties from its ingredients. Swarna bhasma, rajata bhasma, loha bhasma, abhrak bhasma, mukta bhasma, praval bhasma, suta bhasma and aloe vera juice are the main ingredients of vat chintamani ras. As you can see some of these are herbal, while some are metallic, vat chintamani ras has the goodness of both in it.

Process of manufacturing and medicinal properties of vat chintamani ras

The process of preparing vat chintamani ras is also simple. The key is to preserve the goodness and healing abilities of each of the ingredient while mixing all of the together. The VATA CHINTAMANI RAs aloe vera juicefine powder of above ingredients is ground with the aloe vera juice extract. You will get a fine paste after mixing all the ingredients. This paste will have the goodness of the magical aloe vera gel, as well as some other metals that are crucial for the proper functioning of your body.

You might be aware of the role of iron in your body. It keeps you energetic, young, saves you from diseases, helps in red blood cell production and hence save you from many diseases. In the same way, swarna bhasma is also one of the very important components of human body. Although it is present in very low amount, any disturbance in that level can create great deal of trouble. These are only two and many other such metallic components that are essential for human body are present in vat chintamani ras. With the right combination of all these ingredients, we get vat chintamani ras which can be used in the following diseases.

Uses and benefits of vat chintamani ras

Vat chintamani ras is a solution to not only one health issue, but it has a great role to play in the treatment of many chronic as well as day to day health problems. On one hand it is a treatment to something as horrible as paralysis, while on the other hand it also deals with signs of aging on your skin. Let us see all the problems that can be solved using ayurvedic vat chintamani ras.

Vat chintamani ras for brain

Vat chintamani ras is used in the treatment of brain related disorders. Brain is a complex organ, any minor problem in which can cause significant problems in both your body as well as Vata chintamani ras for brainbrain. If you meet an accident and get your hand fractured, that can be treated. Yes, you will have to bear the pain for some time, but after that you can live a perfectly normal life. Whereas the case is not the same with brain as a minor issue can turn into a trouble that won’t leave you for the rest of your life. It is a nightmare to see anyone struggling with these kinds of disorders. On the top of this, it is not easy to treat anything that has some connection to brain with allopathic medicines.

But then, we have ayurveda by our side and this science has efficiently dealt with many life threatening problems like Paralysis (temporary or permanent loss of muscle functioning in human body), facial palsy (sudden changes in the muscles of only half of the face while the other half remains perfectly normal), psychosis (a mental disorder relating to hallucinations and delusions) and epilepsy (a disorder in which nerve cell activity in the brain is disturbed, causing seizures). Apart from this, neuropathy, neuritis and spinal cord demyelination are a few other problems you which you can seek help from ayurvedic vat chintamani ras for brain. Vat chitamani ras for brain is famous for treating all these problems which rarely has solution in any other healing science. So, if you are suffering from any of the above stated problems, or any of your known is going through this tough phase, you can help him get out of it soon by recommending ayurveda and ayurvedic vat chintamani ras for brain.

You can deal with anxiety, depression, and restlessness using vat chintamani ras

Your brain is active all the time except when you are sleeping. Today, we a have a lot of work pressure, stress related to our relationships, getting promotion, earning more and many other such high ambitions do not let us sleep properly. This not only affects our overall health, but not giving your brain proper rest sometimes proves to be fatal. Waking up whole night to finish Vata chintamani ras for depressionup a project, without giving your brain even a minutes rest can result in overload on this stressed organ. And this is just one instance in which you are putting excess of burden on the innocent mind. So many times we keep on thinking about a particular topic and that topic drives our mind crazy. Still we are unable to take it out and relax. This inability and many other reasons cause depression, anxiety, insomnia and restlessness.

Your brain will not be able to relax even when you are lying on your bed trying to sleep. And these reasons are the leading causes of frequent visits to psychiatrist. But the doctors prescribe you drugs that slow down the working of the brain. By slowing down the entire process, they are reducing your ability to think. Is it the way you want things to be in future? Of course not, in fact nothing can be as harmful as the anti depressant drugs. What is the right way to tackle with these problems then? Here also, it is better you count on ayurveda. Ayurvedic medicines are the best for your brain, and when they can deal with something as bad as paralysis without giving your any side effects, why won’t it treat something as common as depression. Yes, those who suffer from it have real trouble coming out of all such situations, but once you use vat chintamani ras in the prescribed doses, you will see the difference.

Bring freshness and stay young with vat chintamani ras

Vat chintamani ras is an ayurvedic remedy for premature aging of skin. There are many people who look younger than their age, and this surely has nothing to do with the cosmetics and make up. It is because their skin is still young. Some achieve it by having a good diet, sweating the toxics out, and doing so many other efforts. This is a great idea, but not all have time to do vata chintamani ras for stay youngthis much. If you have time, then it is the best, but if you have so much of other work to do and still want your skin to look younger than your age, ayurveda has a solution for you. Ayurevdic vat chintamani ras and many other ayurvedic medicines have the right balance of anti oxidants, and other essential elements that brings glow to your face.

Not only glow, but vat chintamani ras has the ability to reduce fine lines, wrinkles and all other signs that tell your age to the world. Not only women, but today, men are equally conscious about their looks. In fact it is not only about looking young, but you should feel energetic defeating your age. Vat chintamani ras is an excellent rejuvenative for your body as well as skin. So, if aging is your problem, vat chintamani ras prevents aging, hence is the solution. It is the only natural way you can defeat the process of aging not only externally but also internally.

Apart from treating these diseases, vat chintamani ras is also useful for those who are suffering from problems like migraine or vertigo as both of these are pitta disorders. Some digestive disorders can also be treated with this ayurvedic formula. And the best of all uses of vat chintamani ras is to catalyze or accelerate the healing process offered by other ayurvedic medicines. Vat chintamani ras is hence a co prescription with other ayurvedic prescriptions.

How to use vat chintamani ras

The general, effective and safe dosage of vat chintamani ras is 125 mg. Depending on your problem severity you can take 125mg of vat chintamani ras either once or twice during the day. It is safe to take this dose before having meals or after food. Some regular users of ayurveda use it after mixing with honey while ayurvedic doctors prescribe it in combination with musta kashaya. As it is also a catalyst to many other ayurvedic medicines, you will see its name with many other ayurvedic tonics and medicines. But, before combining anything and everything, you must consult a doctor. And for the exact dose also, it is better if you take your doctor’s advice, because the dose for you may vary depending on some special medical issues you have.

Precautions and Possible side effects of vat chintamani ras

Like many other ayurvedic medicines, vat chintamani ras is also safe and has no permanent or even temporary side effects if taken under prescribed dosage. But, as we always keep on telling vata chintamani rasyou, self medication can be harmful and consult a doctor if you are not sure about the suitability of vat chintamani ras or any other ayurvedic medicine. Apart from this, vat chintamani ras belings to the category of ayurvedic medicines which should not be taken for a long time until the doctor prescribes you to do so. Yes, there are many herbal ayurvedic medicines which can be take for a really long time, but  since this contain metallic ingredients, taking it for too long can create problems. It is also advised to avoid the intake of vat chintamani ras during pregnancy, lactation. If you are planning to give vat chintamani ras to a child, or you belong to the two special categories, you should first talk to your doctor.

So, you have in hand a tool that can not only fight with so many diseases all alone, but it is also used in conjunction with many ayurvedic medicines because of the amazing and unbelievable healing properties it has in store for us. This is like an opportunity for your body to make a comeback and fight with all the problems it has ayurvedically. Leaving allopathic medicines as long as you can avoid them is going to be one of the best decisions for your health. In other words, by choosing ayurveda you are choosing your long term health over the instant action of the drugs.