Vasarishta is a type of arishta that is used in healing our respiratory system of various types of illnesses. In ayurvedic system of medicines, arishta is a special type of liquid in which the natural ingredients undergo a process of fermentation. This fermentation is said to improve the healing power of all the ingredients. If you are new to ayurveda, you will realize this power on using vasarishta for sure. And in case you have already used some ayurvedic medicines in past, you are going to enjoy the healing capabilities of yet another magical natural healer by using vasarishta in asthma or any other respiratory problems. Vasarishta is the ultimate healer of all respiratory problems and there is no doubt about it, but there is a lot more that you should know before using it. From ingredients of vasarishta, to the scientific studies about the ayurvedic medicine, there are many more surprises coming your way. Starting from the ingredients of vasarishta, we will see all the benefits of using this magical liquid. Then we will see the most common method of using vasarishta in asthma and all other such problems. Following this will be a money saving method to buy ayurvedic products online. Have a look at the natural ingredients involved in the preparation of vasarishta.


Vasaka plant is the first name on the long list of natural ingredients of vasarishta. Here, Vasaka or Malabar Nut is the major out of all the ingredients of Vasarishta and we can say that the medicinal properties of the ayurvedic medicine are largely inherited from this plant. Vasaka plant is a very famous ayurvedic medicinal plant and the entire parts of the plant from root to leaves are used to treat many ailments. Yes, every part of the plant carries some medicinal value, but it is the leaves, which are of great importance. This is why many studies on the leaves of vasaka plant exist in the research.
A study “Adhatoda vasika N. leaves extract: Phytochemical analysis and antibacterial activity” published in International Journal of Engineering and Allied Sciences, the leaves of vasaka plant were assessed for their antibacterial potential against Gram negative and Gram positive bacterial strains. Surprisingly, the antibacterial activity of the leaves extract of A. vasica or vasaka plant was found to be quite satisfactory and comparable to the standard antibiotics screened under related conditions. Although the two aren’t comparable because antibiotics have a lot of side effects and on contrary to this, ayurvedic vasaka plant has health enhancing properties. But keeping the comparison confined to effectiveness only, we can conclude that vasaka leaves are equally effective.
After analyzing several research findings, it was concluded that the leaves of Vasaka contain phyto-chemicals such as alkaloids, tannins, saponins, phenolics and flavonoids. Also, there are studies that suggest that the plant is best effective in treating respiratory problems like asthma, bronchitis, tuberculosis and other disorders. But, every ayurvedic medicine is made stronger by the inclusion of more than a few natural ingredients and vasarishta is also not an exception. Jaggery, Dhataki (Woodfordia fruticosa), Cinnamon, Cardamom, Patra (Cinnamomum tamala),
Nagakeshara (Mesua ferrea), Kankola (Piper cubeba), Trikatu (Pepper, long pepper and ginger), and Hribera (Pavonia odorata) are some of the other herbs included in the preparation of vasarishta. Because of the involvement of these may herbs, one extremely powerful herb- vasaka, and a special method adopted for extracting the medicinal properties of all these herbs, vasarishta becomes a special ayurvedic medicine.
Vasarishta in asthma and other respiratory disorders is very commonly used, but you can also use this ayurvedic medicine in several other problems. In the coming sections, we will discuss all the benefits of using vasarishta in asthma and other problems, and we will also see how you can utilize ayurveda for health and happiness while sitting at home.


Because of the presence of so many medicinal and powerful herbs, vasarishta is a strong Anti-inflammatory agent and also act as bronchodilator, expectorant, anti-hemorrhagic, antispasmodic and anti- allergic ayurvedic formula. Apart from these, the ayurvedic medicine also have proven Anti-bacterial, anti-viral and antifungal properties. I think all these are enough to fight with any respiratory problem, and if you don’t agree with me now, you will surely once you try vasarishta in asthma or in any other problem. Let us see the role of vasarishta in asthma treatment and in dealing with some other diseases, and then we will see why one should use ayurveda for health.

Vasarishta in Asthma:

Asthma is really an annoying problem which is a chronic inflammatory disease that affects the air passages that carry air from the nasal area and mouth to lungs and vice versa. As far as allopathic medicines are concerned, in case you just want to suppress the symptoms of asthma, you can continue using the heavy drugs. But in this case too, be prepared to bear a lot of side effects. A smarter way that the patients of asthma are choosing is to use ayurveda for health and stop compromising with their overall health. Yes, the generation of today is health conscious and this is leading them choose ayurvedic medicines like vasarishta in asthma over the most harmful allopathic drugs.

Vasarishta for Pharyngitis and laryngitis:

Pharyngitis is an inflammation of the pharynx that is a sore throat, which is often the result of a viral infection and associated with acute nasal infections. On the other hand, Laryngitis is an inflammation of the larynx (voice box), usually caused by a viral infection or a bacterial infection. Both of these are a great cause of discomfort and pain. But the good news is that ayurveda has given us vasarishta for dealing with both of them. This wonder liquid can be used in fighting with both the problems and you can clear your throat and heal your voice box naturally with the right use of vasarishta.

Cough, cold and bronchitis:

Sometimes, the misery starts with acute cough and many other times, cold give the invitation to all other problems. These issues once in a while can be tolerated and dealt with. But with increasing frequency and intensity, these problems become more and more severe. Similarly, bronchitis also can be viewed as a severe form of persistent cold and cough. Actually, inflammation in the bronchial tubes causes all the problems and all we need to good care of the bronchial tubes is the anti inflammatory action of vasarishta. Using vasarishta in problems like cough, acute cold and bronchitis will help you prevent similar type of infections in future. So, vasarishta definitely does more than we expected out of this ayurvedic medicine, right? Yes, this indeed is a powerful liquid, but we should know how we can utilize the power of the ayurvedic formulation in the right direction. So, let us see how we can use vasarishta in asthma and other respiratory problems.


Most commonly prescribed dose of vasarishta 12 – 24 ml once or twice daily. But the doses of this ayurvedic medicine as well as any other ayurvedic medicine depend on your body type and medical history. So, in order to be sure about the quantity you have to take, you must consult a good ayurvedic doctor first. And whether it is about consulting an ayurvedic doctor while sitting at home, or it is about buying ayurvedic products online, only one name is enough for everything related to ayurveda- paramanand ayurveda. This was once the best place to buy ayurvedic products online, but today, people choose paramanand ayurveda as a one stop solution to all their ayurvedic needs. You will see a lot of other advantages of buying ayurvedic products online with paramanand ayurveda in a short while, but before that, let us see some precautions you should take while using vasarishta in asthma and other such problems.


don't skip meal

The effectiveness of ayurvedic medicines largely depends on the precautions you take, the food you eat and the regularity with which you take the medicine. So, the first precaution is to use vasarishta strictly according to the doctor’s prescription. Next you should take care of the diet you are taking. Sour food is to be strictly avoided while you are on the course of vasarishta. Food that is sour in taste might interfere with the effectiveness of vasarishta and hence you should completely stay away from it as long as you are taking vasarishta in asthma and any other respiratory problems. For any specific instructions and precautions depending on the problem you are suffering from, you can call the doctors at paramanand ayurveda.
With right precautions and the exact information about vasarishta, you can be sure that you are using ayurveda for health in the right manner and can also be assured of getting the desired end results. What else one wants? If something can cure your problem from root without disturbing any other part of your body and while improving your overall health, you should not think twice about incorporating such a magnificent health formula in your life. So, go ahead, get instant advice from ayurvedic doctors and buy all ayurvedic products at lowest price and without paying any delivery charges with paramanand ayurveda. If you are new to ayurveda, this is going to eliminate all the difficulties coming your way while choosing ayurveda for health and in case you have experienced the magic of ayurveda, you will find it extremely easy to use it again.

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