You must have taken many allopathic medicines to treat just one infection or a simple health condition. Whenever you go to the doctor, you leave the clinic with a bundle of antibiotics, even when it is a normal bacterial infection. But do you know a single ayurvedic medicine can be used a huge number of health complications? Yes, you will be surprised to know all the benefits of vang bhasma. Vanga Bhasma is prepared from purified Tin. In past, our ancestors used to cook in tin pans and hence their daily requirement of tin was met easily. But with time we have all new cooking utensils and with this replacement is replaced the only source of tin. Hence we, the people of modern generation eat in utensils that look good and fancy, but we have lost a source of one of the essential minerals and this is creating so many problems.

Yes, vang bhasma benefits might surprise you, but the problems created because of its deficiency will surely shock you. Research conducted on animals have shown that insufficiency of tin can impact human body in the form of reduced growth, loss of hearing, loss of hair and reduced feeding efficiency. This is just one side of the coin, and by taking tin through vang bhasma, which is a completely natural source of tin, you can save your body from the harmful impacts of drugs as well as some chronic diseases. Following is the list of all the vang bhasma benefits. If you find it beneficial for you, or find a disease in the list that you are also struggling with, we will also tell you what to do next and how to utilize the power of vang bhasma to improve your health.


•Vang bhasma is known to improve the taste of your mouth. Because of many digestive problems or imbalance in the pitta levels, many people struggle with a bitter or bad mouth taste. This hampers their eating desires too. Vang bhasma can resolve this issue naturally. You just have to take this bhasma for a few days and you will feel better.

•If you want to improve your skin complexion, vang bhasma is what you need. Being tired of all the cosmetic products and allopathic treatments for getting a fair complexion, millions of people all over the world have used ayurvedic products and as expected, with ayurvedic formulas like vang bhasma, they have succeeded it attaining it.

•Beauty with brain is what everyone desires and along with a fair complexion, one needs a sharp brain to survive in this competitive world. If you also want the same, you will be glad to know that vang bhasma makes you sharper and intelligent. Yes, the bhasma has a reach to your brain and it acts as a memory tonic too.

•Because it is a natural source of tin, this ayurvedic medicine is good for both- physical strength as well as mental capabilities. You can be stronger physically as well as mentally with the use of vang bhasma. The active ingredients of vang bhasma make it possible for the ayurvedic medicine to keep your mind calm, make you patient and also help you in several diseases making you physically stronger.

•Immunity has a vital role to play in deciding human health. A collapsed immunity results in several infections, uninvited diseases and repeated offs from work. To avoid all this, you can use vang bhasma as it naturally elevates your immunity by making your immune system stronger and sound. Therefore, one of the most valued vang bhasma benefits is its action on immunity.

•Minor problems like vomiting due to indigestion can also be resolved with the use of vang bhasma. But, in case you are pregnant and that is the reason behind repeated vomiting, you should consult an ayurvedic doctor as vang bhasma might not be safe for you.

•You can also deal with most challenging problems like anorexia with vang bhasma. Anorexia affects our health in a drastic manner. When we define it, it is just a loss of appetite due to which many of us are unable to maintain a proper diet. But when it comes to evaluating its effects and the extent up to which it can harm our body, the list is quite long and threatening. So, do not allow any condition to ruin your health and use vang bhasma to quickly overcome the problem.

•Vang bhasma is prescribed by many ayurvedic practitioners in healing of otherwise non healing wounds. Our skin repair mechanism helps in wound healing, but because of some health problems like diabetes, some have problem as their wounds heal extremely slow. In these cases vang bhasma can be used.

•Helminthiasis is a sexually transmitted infection and vang bhasma is the perfect answer to it. You can not only get rid of the present infection, but preventing such infections in future is also possible with the use of vang bhasma. In case you are too shy to talk about this with your doctor, we can make it easier for you. Just call paramanand ayurveda and talk straight to the ayurvedic doctor for free. Yes, you can talk to an ayurvedic doctor for free at paramanand ayurveda. There are some other advantages of choosing paramanand ayurveda to order ayurvedic medicines online, but we will talk about them later on.

•Premature ejaculation and noctural emission are two extremely common problems that many males have to deal with. In these cases, ayurvedic medicine like vang bhasma can help a lot. Vang bhasma is known to develop virility and strength in every aspect. Also, if these two conditions are borne out of stress, then too vang bhasma can help you get out of the problem.

•Whether it is cough or cold, bronchitis, asthma, and any other chronic bronchial disease, vang bhasma is best. According to a recent report, deaths linked directly or indirectly to air pollution will triple by 2050 if no measures are taken. And considering the present scenarios, keeping your respiratory tract healthy is a real challenge, but thankfully, the list of vang bhasma benefits also includes respiratory infections. Vang bhasma benefits the respiratory tract and keep it free from all the infections.

•Vang bhasma is light to digest and is a coolant by nature. So, in no way it harms the stomach, rather it helps people recover from issues like emaciation, lack of taste is food and anorexia.

•By improving the taste of your mouth, and by treating anorexia the bhasma makes you stronger. But in no way it will make you fat. In fact, vang bhasma is recommended by many ayurvedic doctors as a means of shedding weight naturally. With the use of vang bhasma and some minor lifestyle changes, you can easily shed those extra kilos while staying fit and healthy.

•Vang bhasma is a great way to fight with sexually transmitted infections like gonorrhea and worm infections like helminthiasis. Also, vang bhasma for respiratory disorders is just one example and there are many urinary disorders like strained micturition which can be treated with this amazing bhasma.

•Vang bhasma benefits don’t end here and the last but not the least is curing diabetes. Diabetes is known to be incurable in allopathic medicines, but ayurveda has many potent solutions to the problem. You can heal your body and some people even reverse their diabetic status with the use of vang bhasma and a few other ayurvedic medicine.

These were vang bhasma benefits and they might have left you in surprise, but this is not all and your ayurvedic doctor might prescribe vang bhasma in some other conditions too. So, the key to a healthy life is ayurveda and ayurvedic products like vang bhasma. Ayurveda and health are synonyms and the sooner you understand this, the better it is for you. Once you accept this, you will need some assistance. First of all, finding the right ayurvedic doctor is a challenge to everyone. But thankfully, paramanand ayurveda has made it easy for you. You can now talk to an ayurvedic doctor over phone and clarify all the doubts relating to ayurveda and health. And trust me, this was the only challenge as you can now order ayurvedic medicine online with paramanand ayurveda at lowest price. Whether it is vang bhasma or some other ayurvedic medicine, you can call paramanand ayurveda and all your problems will be resolved. By the way, with paramanand ayurveda, you will also get free home delivery if you order ayurvedic medicines online.

So, no unnecessary delivery charges, no waiting for doctor and fixing an appointment, and no more traveling to find the right doctor or to buy ayurvedic products. All this can be done by just one call to paramanand ayurveda. I don’t think there is any excuse left to start a new life with ayurveda. If you have any doubt, just make a call and resolve it because it is your health and ultimately you are going to pay the price for delaying it.

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