Vaikrant Bhasma to Cure A Number of Health Issues

vaikrant bhasma

Vaikrant Bhasma (वैक्रान्त भस्म) – One Stop Solution to Numerous Health Issues

Anemia, ascites, diabetes etc. are the common health issues now a days and getting them treated via the allopathic medicines is quite risky as they always insert some side-effects in our body with every dose taken. So, what is the solution in that case? Well, you’ll get the answer over here.

The only way to get the ultimate solution and that too without being worried about the ill-effects is in the hands of Mother Nature. Mother Nature has already given more than just one or two solutions for every single health issue. Moreover, all the solutions are equally safe and secure to use and you can go for the one that suits you the best. All these solutions have been categorized in a single class named “Ayurveda”. Ayurveda, being the oldest and most effective medical science, can give you what exactly you are looking for. One such ayurvedic option to solve all your queries is our today’s ayurvedic medicine, i.e. Vaikrant Bhasma.

Here, you’ll get to know why Vaikrant Bhasma is so potent in dealing with the numerous health issues at the same time. We’ll answer the questions running in your mind about what are the factors making Vaikrant Bhasma an ultimate solution for various ailments and their associated symptoms. We’ll talk about everything over here in the coming sections. So, let’s talk in detail regarding the same.

Ingredients of Vaikrant Bhasma (वैक्रान्त भस्म के तत्व)

The major ingredients of Vaikrant Bhasma include:

Vaikrant  (वैक्रान्त)

Vaikrant or Tourmaline is considered as a type of semi-precious gem-stone that is found in many parts of the world. The name tourmaline comes from the Singhalese Language – “tura mali” which means “vibrant colored stones”. This gem-stone is called so because it is found in many shades like purple, pink, green, red, amber and blue. The other forms in which it can be found are translucent and black. It is known to be one of the rare minerals found on earth that can produce their own electric charge. The electric charge is produced when tourmaline is either put under the immense pressure or heated and cooled to the extreme levels.

You might or might not be aware of the fact that Vaikrant Bhasma can assist remaining healthy as well. Well, sounds interesting as well as strange! If we talk about the health benefits that Vaikrant Bhasma, they are also huge in number.

The components of Vaikrant Bhasma make it a brilliant natural detoxifier, hence, assisting us get relief from the stress and anxiety. It is very well-known to improve our focus and mental alertness. Moreover, it can be helpful in regenerating the cells and improving the cardiac functions as well. Apart from all these things, Vaikrant is valued for its reputation as a fabulous immunity enhancer as well as the blood purifier.

Gandhak (गंधक)

Gandhak or sulphur is a name you might already be aware of. It is a form of non-metallic element found in nature. Gandhak or sulphur is one the vital elements required for the proper functioning of our body. Actually, it is the third vital element required by the body (after calcium and phosphorus). Sulphur is mainly present in our saliva, bile, protein, amino acids as well as insulin. Gandhak is a perfect agent to purify blood, get healthy digestion and preventing toxic build-up. These are the reasons Ayurveda has also adopted Sulphur in its numerous brilliant medicines.

In ayurvedic medicines, the “Shuddha Gandhak” is used to fulfill the medicinal purposes. For making the Gandhak “Shuddha”, the shodhan karma is done to sulphur, where it is processed and purified, so as to make it consumable by the humans. Sulphur is used as an ingredient in the ayurvedic medicines only after getting the whole process done.

If we talk about the health benefits that one can achieve using Shuddha Gandhak include the treatment of cough, asthma, general debility, enlargement of liver and spleen. Shuddha Gandhak is well-known to solve the skin related issues like fungal infections, scabies, eczema etc. as well.

Preparation Process of Vaikrant Bhasma (वैक्रान्त भस्म को बनाने की विधि)

The preparation process of an ayurvedic medicine is also a factor that determines its effectiveness. If the preparation consists of the chemical compounds or any other form of adulteration, the quality of the ayurvedic medicine will suffer. Moreover, it might have the chances to possess some ill-effects for us.

Here, in case of Vaikrant Bhasma, the method of preparation is completely natural and ill-effects free. During the preparation process, at first vaikrant is converted into the powdered form and further mixed with equal amount of gandhak. Now, the ultimate mixture is mashed in lemon juice and further the sphere is made up of the paste and closed in the earthen pot (samput) and burnt in the half gajput slowly. Then after cooling, it is burnt again. The whole process of burning and cooling the sphere is done 8 times and finally, our ayurvedic medicine “Vaikrant Bhasma” is obtained.

These both ingredients as well as this completely natural and traditional ayurvedic preparation make it a brilliant Ayurvedic bhasma, hence, giving it the name “King of all Bhasmas”. All these things altogether give certain health benefiting properties to Vaikrant Bhasma. What are those Properties? Well, let’s talk.

Properties of Vaikrant Bhasma (वैक्रान्त भस्म के गुण)

Well, due to the goodness of the ingredients and natural ayurvedic methods, Vaikrant bhasma possesses certain amazing properties, hence, becoming really beneficial for us.

  • Being known as the “King of all Bhasmas”, this ayurvedic bhasma is used to heal a number of health issues in absence of Heerak Bhasma (हीरक भस्म).
  • It is a well-known antidote for the poisons.
  • It is known to provide nutrition to all the “sapt-dhatu”, i.e. Rasa (रस), Rakta (रक्त), Mansa (मंसा), Meda (मेदा), Asthi (अस्थि), Majja (मज्जा) and Shukra (शुक्र), hence, gifting us a healthy body.
  • It is valued for having the memory enhancing quality.

So, these are all the properties making this amazing ayurvedic bhasma a perfect solution for various health problems. Now, if we are talking about the health problems that can be effectively dealt with by using Vaikrant Bhasma, let’s talk in detail.

Health Benefits of Vaikrant Bhasma (वैक्रान्त भस्म के लाभ)

The health benefits of Vaikrant Bhasma are wide and talking about all of them in detail is not quite possible. But, we’ll try to make you understand the effectiveness of this ayurvedic medicine by talking about some of them. So, let’s move to the details of the health issues that Vaikrant Bhasma is efficient to treat.

Fever (बुखार)

Vaikrant Bhasma for feverIf your body temperature has reached the level which is considered as more than normal, you have been caught by fever. It is a form of health condition that represents the response of our immune system to the foreign invaders. It can sometimes reflect some underlying health issue as well. Fever or pyrexia is a nothing to worry about until it tends to affect you for a longer period of time.  There are various sorts of fever, but Vaikrant Bhasma can assist you get rid of all of them in a fast and effective manner. Along with the consumption of this ayurvedic medicine, proper rest and healthy diet can solve the matter.

Tuberculosis (टी बी)

vaikrant bhasma for TuberculosisTuberculosis is the infectious disease that is caused by the bacteria Mycobacterium Tuberculosis. It is considered as the second biggest killer in the world, mainly affecting our lungs and bronchial tubes. TB is of two types – latent TB (bacteria remains in the body in an inactive state without showing any symptom) and active TB (the disease can show symptoms and even can get transmitted to others). Vaikrant bhasma can treat the issue without gifting any side-effect in exchange. The dosage consists of vaikrant bhasma (62.5 mg) along with gold bhasma (31 mg), pippali powder (1 gm) and vidanga powder (1 gm).

Nocturnal Emission (स्वप्नदोष)

vaikrant bhasma for Nocturnal Emission-3It is the health issue in males when they wake up in the midnight with wet bed sheets and underpants. This problem is known as “wet dreams” as well. This is the common problem in the males in the mid age and the adolescent age. It is not a situation to worry about until either it is persistent or the male has crossed the adolescent age. Practicing yoga and meditation as well as the proper diet can assist you getting the problem solved. Apart from all this, vaikrant bhasma can also work to solve the matter. In this case, vaikrant Bhasma (62.5 mg) is recommended to be taken with prawal pishti (125 mg) and honey or honey.

Anemia (खून की कमी)

vaikrant bhasma for anemiaAnemia is a medical condition in which the count of red blood cells (RBCs) and hemoglobin becomes lesser than normal. Anemia affects a person due to any of the two reasons:

  • Decrease in the production of red blood cells
  • Increase in the loss or destruction of Red blood cells

In men, anemia is defined as the hemoglobin level lesser than 13.5 gram/100ml, while for women, the level considered is lesser than 12.0 gram/ml. Vaikrant bhasma can be the ultimate solution on the way. The dosage includes vaikrant bhasma (62.5 mg) to be taken with manikya bhasma (62.5 mg), kasis bhasma (125 mg) and Swarna Makshik Bhasma (125 mg). This dosage is recommended to be taken with either of pomegranate juice and honey.

So, these are the major issues which can be perfectly treated via using Vaikrant Bhasma, but these are not the only ones. There are many other health issues as well that can be taken care of using Vaikrant Bhasma. These include piles, respiratory disorders, oral health related issues, diabetes etc. Vaikrant Bhasma is very well-known as an immunity enhancer as well.

So, these health benefits can be gained using this astounding ayurvedic bhasma. But, everything can be achieved only after knowing and understanding the adequate dosage regarding the same. How to use the medicine, especially an ayurvedic medicine, is also a really crucial factor one needs to take care of before following the same.

So, let’s now talk about the dosage of Vaikrant Bhasma.

Dosage of Vaikrant Bhasma (वैक्रान्त भस्म की सेवन विधि)

The standard prescribed dosage of Vaikrant Bhasma is 125-250 mg twice a day with either of honey, cream and butter. Although, the disease wise doses have already been mentioned in the last section, i.e. health benefits of vaikrant bhasma and here, I have mentioned the standard dosage of the same, you should still consult the ayurvedic doctor before going for the same. I am suggesting this because the dosage of the ayurvedic medicines doesn’t remain the same in every case and it depends upon the various factors like age, weight, gender, current medical situation and medical history.

The ayurvedic doctor will suggest you the dosage depending upon these factors only and hence, will be able to assist you gain the maximum health benefits of Vaikrant Bhasma or any other ayurvedic medicine.

So, I have mentioned everything about Vaikrant Bhasma and its healing effects on the body. But, now the question is – “Do the ayurvedic medicines really benefit us?” Well, the answer is quite simple. Yes, ayurvedic medicines benefit us.

The Ayurvedic medicines can surely benefit us in every case, assisting us deal with our health issues in the best possible manner. But, it can never be done by Ayurveda alone if you are not determined enough to get treated from the roots. Taking the ayurvedic medicines can surely heal the health conditions, but for fast recovery from the same and you need to scarify your laziness and unhealthy eating habits.

A person who is able as well as willing to stop being lazy and start his day with exercise and start eating the healthy food instead of the fast and junk items can only get the ultimate relief from the disease and associated issues. But, the people who blindly follow the modern medical science have to, at first, start believing Mother Nature and its derivatives.

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