The painful symptoms of vaginal herpes can change the life of any normal sexually active female drastically within minutes. These two words might be a joke until you get diagnosed with same. Suddenly when you get to know that you have genital herpes, these two words become the most horrible ones. The painful sores on the vagina, the itching and burning sensation occurring continuously for days, and the headache and fever when the virus becomes active for the first time are unforgettable for any herpes patient. In addition to all the physical symptoms, the mental trauma is also a great ordeal for all of those coping with the stress of infection. But, many a times, it is observed that the patient get to know about vaginal herpes months or years after being infected. This increases the chances of transmitting the virus to someone close to you because you have become a carrier and that too without knowing anything about it. Here it becomes important that you are aware of vaginal herpes signs. There are some clear warning signs that soon take the form of symptoms of vagina herpes and can be used as a warning.

This warning can help in early diagnosis of vaginal herpes. Yes, being diagnosed with vaginal herpes or any other form of herpes isn’t really good news. Every time you have to breathe under the tension that herpes virus can become active anytime. Anytime you can develop those painful sores once again soon. Over and above everything else, the incurability makes vaginal herpes sufferers’ condition even worse. But, all this cannot make early diagnosis any less important. Diagnosis doesn’t change the status of your infection and can be of great help. So, today we will see 10 vaginal herpes signs that are a warning that you need to get tested for herpes.

Herpes is a viral infection, the cause behind which is the herpes simplex type 2 virus and sometimes herpes simplex type 1 also. This has certainly become the universal truth which every one of us is aware about, but, today we will see some symptoms of vaginal herpes that can help you in early diagnosis and management of the infection. If you are a woman, it is obvious that you must take more care of your health and body than a man. It is important to take out time and choose the treatment for vaginal herpes that is most suitable for your body and health. Hence, in the end we will also tell you how you can cure vaginal herpes by not following the crowd and not relying on antiviral drugs.

  • Headaches and backaches: The episode of vaginal herpes and most of the other types of herpes start with usual headaches and backaches. These are definitely vaginal herpes signs, but, you would be able to relate it with the problem only when you look at all the vaginal herpes signs collectively.
  • Fever: If you get fever frequently either on and off, or continuously, you should get suspicious. You may suffer from high fever during primary herpes infection. Fever is usually not so high in subsequent attacks but there will be some variations in your body temperature during this time too. But, this again is a very common problem and everyone can get fever. Try to track the reason of fever and this may led you to getting tested for herpes.
  • Fatigue: You might get tired of doing nothing. Yes, the viral multiplication going on inside your body will not only make you weak but will also affect your working efficiency. Tiredness will not leave you even if you don’t do much work.
  • Itching: Itching is the primary and one of the most clear vaginal herpes signs. If you observe frequent itching in your vagina and nearby body parts, don’t make a mistake of ignoring it.
  • Vaginal Sores: Sores although will appear at the later stages of infection, but if you fail to recognize it with all the above listed symptoms of vaginal herpes, this one seriously is an indication that you have to get it tested.
  • Unusual discharge: Apart from sores, in fact, even before sores appear in vaginal herpes, you will see some discharge coming from your vagina. If you keep a check on your personal hygiene and still see this, it is time you get tested for vaginal herpes.
  • Pain while urinating: Vaginal herpes is also characterized with unusual pain and burning sensation while urinating. This is one of the clear vaginal herpes signs that no woman should ignore.
  • Redness of skin: Whether it is vaginal herpes or some other type of herpes, before your skin develops, it will turn red. Sometimes it is observed that the patient never see the sores in the primary outbreak but just redness of skin.
  • Tingling sensations: More troubling than itching are these vaginal herpes signs. If you feel tingling sensation in your private parts frequently, this can be a symptom of vaginal herpes.
  • Ulcers in the vagina: Some unfortunate herpes patients develop ulcers in the vagina during the primary outbreak. The pain in this case cannot be described with words. But, as soon as you see any kind of ulcers, get an appointment to avoid any further torture.

These are the 10 vaginal herpes signs that give you a warning. If you can sense these at an early stage, you can easily manage future symptoms of vaginal herpes. And by managing, we aren’t talking about just taking a pill. There are more than 100 million episodes of oral and genital herpes combined together annually. If we take into the consideration all the money spent on treating all these episodes, the amount if really huge and surprising. Some genital herpes patients happily spend the rest of their lives taking a pill everyday even when they don’t have outbreaks. This is called suppressive therapy in which you minimize the chances of suffering from an outbreak and your doctor is perfectly alright with it. But do you think your body also is okay with this idea? The symptoms of vaginal herpes discussed above bother you only during the genital herpes outbreak and after the outbreak you can live a perfectly normal life. And the antiviral drugs you are consuming like food damage your health permanently.

Apart from the normal drugs and topical ointments, vaginal gel is one alternative very woman should be aware of. This is the latest discovery in the field of herpes treatment, and the most specific type of treatment for vaginal herpes. If you use vaginal gel in place of using antiviral treatment, higher concentration of chemicals will reach the vaginal cells and this will lead to fast recovery. Although this method was a candidate to become the preventive measure for vaginal and genital herpes, it could not prevent the infection completely and only is a therapeutic treatment. According to reports women using tenofovir gel frequently were at 71% reduced risk of getting infected with herpes simplex virus. But again this gel leaves many aspects of the infection unaddressed and the need of a holistic treatment for vaginal herpes and all other types of herpes remains the same.

If you wait for them to heal on their own, the infection may spread to other places of your body, and can become severe, and using antiviral drugs is even more dangerous for your health. What is the solution then? It is better to take proper measure for treating after sensing the vaginal herpes signs and getting tested. These proper measures can be anything like natural products or scientific yet natural medicine like ayurveda. Natural methods for vaginal herpes are one way of dealing with the pain and suffering due to genital herpes.

If you are a long time sufferer of vaginal herpes or any other type of genital herpes, you can go for mil treatments at home. Applying aloe vera helps heal vaginal sores fast, and drinking aloe vera juice raises your immunity and hence decreases the frequency of herpes outbreaks. Although aloe vera cannot reach your brain, it is a good alternative as it is free from all the side effects. Apart from aloe vera, Echinacea, goldenseal, lysine, coconut oil, olive oil, licorice root, colloidal silver solution, and Epsom salt are some examples of natural treatments for genital herpes. In case you have just been diagnosed with vaginal herpes, you are in need of a stronger treatment. Also, there are some unfortunate women who have severe vaginal herpes. If you too are in need of a strong herpes treatment and want to live a life free from herpes, you can try to find a solution in ayurveda. Herpoveda is one such solution emerging as a potent answer to all the sufferings of all the women dealing with vaginal herpes. It is a herbal formula that combines many magical herbs according to a scientific formula. So, you are safe from both- the adverse effects of antiviral drugs, and the sudden outbreaks of vaginal herpes. It has worked for many and you also might get lucky. So, don’t delay it anymore and start living a herpes free life with herpoveda.

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