Ayurveda possesses numerous notions that straightly affect our entire body and its functions. If we talk about one but strong notion defined by Ayurveda, we would come to know that nearly every aspect of life has the strong connection with Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. Vata, Pitta, and Kapha are typically defined as three body types and the proper function of such body types is highly imperative. Ayurveda also defines Vata, Pitta, and Kapha as three vital energies. Any kind of issue to them may offer notorious well-being complications and some of them may even prove to be life-threateing. Imbalance of Vata, Pitta and Kapha may offer array of life-threatening health issues such as Cancer, Diabetes, Heart Attack, Brain Stroke, Hypertension, Coronary Artery Disease, Pnemonia, Chronic Obstructive pulmonary Diseases, Alzheimer, Tuberculosis and Cirrhosis. You might have understood that how far the balance of Vata, Pitta, and Kapha matters to you. Taking into note aforemtioned facts, here what you need to know about the three body types.


vata doshIt denotes the space and air elements that can be marked by properties cold, dry, light, liquid, oily, clear and rough. Vata is a body type that regulates the entire body’s movements. It possesses ability to regulate the flow of the blood, excrete the harmful substance and wastes out from the body, control the movement of breathing, and regulate the thoughts of the brain. Therefore it becomes imperative to understand the concept of Ayurveda. The imbalance of Vata may cause an array of health complications especially Anxiety, Nervousness, Tremors, Spasm, Constipations, Gastritis, Excess Thinking, Sleep Deprivation, Hard Stools, Emaciation, and Scattered Feeling.


Pitta is a type of body that consists of Fire (Heat), and Water (Moisture). As stated by Ayurveda, Pitta energy is accountable for regulating all the types of heat, and metabolism. Transformation Pitta doshof mind and body can be done with the help of Pitta. All the digestive system is also governed by the energy named Pitta. The balance of Pitta enables you to intellect with the people impressively. It also helps people to develop a high concentration power and make a good decision. However, in the other hand, the imbalance of Pitta may have innumerable negative impacts. One can comfortably become vulnerable to Peptic Ulcers, Fever, Blood clots, Hyperthyroidism, Heartburn, Strokes, Kidney Infections, Eczema, and Acid Reflux, and Dermatitis. A wide range of reasons are accountable for the Pitta Imbalance.  One of the common factors that may force Pitta to show its bad impact on the body is, eating pitta aggravating foods.  Emotional stress is also related to the imbalance of Pitta. Consuming caffeine and nicotine products such as Coffee, Black Tea, Alcohol, Smoking, Non-cola sodas, Ice creams, and other stimulants.  Too much exposure to the sun will also work as a Pitta aggravator.


Kapha is consisted of earth and water element and the primary function of the same is to hydrate the all body cells. Like aforementioned body types, Kapha is also a major body type that kaphais responsible for regulating all the body structure. It also assists people’s to hold the body’s cells together and develops muscles, bone, fat and Sinew. One can also manage to lubricate the joints muscles, moisturize the skin, improve the immune system, and safeguard the muscles tissues. The Dosha of Kapha may cause excess mucous, high body weight, allergies manifestation, complacent, Stubborn, Lethargic, dullness, sluggish bowel movement, thick tongue coat and various other health issues.

As we have aforementioned that all the aforementioned body types have myriads of positive impacts but, if any one of them gets imbalanced it may cause severe health issues. Therefore, it becomes very imperative keep the balance between them and the only thing that can help people to keep the balance among them is Ayurvedic Diet. Not just Ayurvedic diet but also all the Ayurvedic medicines can help people to better manage such body types. The modern medicines we used to take to treat our health issues not only make our health more critical but also deteriorate the all body types. It is only Ayurveda that facilitates all the energies found in our body. If we say that Ayurveda and life strongly connected to each other, then no one is going to deny the saying. Let’s us discuss how Vata, Pitta and Kapha can be balanced appropriately.

Tips To Balance Your Vata 

 When it comes to balancing the Dosha of Vata, it is imperative to take into account that only Ayurvedic diet and healthy lifestyle can help you to make the change in your Vata Dosha. A ripe fruitsright alteration in your diet will allow you to get healthy nutrients in your body. A healthful diet does not allow people to be vulnerable to Vata Dosha. Ripe fruit contains more nutrients than unripe fruit therefore eating ripe fruits can allow you to better deal with Vata Dosha. Incorporating Vata balancing herbs in your diet can help you to eradicate the Vata Dosha Effectively. Herbs such as Chamomile, Herbal teas, Jatikosha, Fennel, Ginger, and Lemon are few of the best sources to balance Vata. Boiled and starchy foods are good for Balancing the Dosha of Vata. Healthy lifestyle can also pave the path of a life where there is no space for Vata Dosha. If you don’t want to be susceptible to Vata imbalance, there are certain things that need not to be done. You should not eat Vata aggravating foods. Drinking alcohol, Coffee or black tea can be the prominent reasons for Vata Imbalance. One can be highly susceptible to Vata Imbalance if the person is living a sedentary life. Living a sedentary lifestyle aggravates all sort of Dosha (Vata, Pitta and Kapha).

Tips for Balancing Pitta

We do know that Pitta is associated with various health complications, therefore, the management of the same is highly imperative. The imbalance of Pitta may aggravate the issues such as Arthritis, Joints pain, Acid Reflux, Peptic Ulcer, Anger, Frustration, Heartburn, don't skip mealRestlessness, Discomfort, Nausea, Vomiting, Intolerance and various other issues. One can manage to deal with all the aforementioned health issues by balancing the Pitta Dosha. There are certain things one can do to manage the issue of Pitta. Skipping the meal can aggravate Pitta Dosha, therefore, one should not skip the meal under any circumstances. One should prefer to eat foods that are sweet, bitter and astringent in taste. Mentioned foods will allow you to cut your receptiveness to Pitta Dosha. Embracing the nature and natural things can substantially help people to balance the Dosha of Pitta. Incorporating pitta supporting herbs do not allow Pitta to aggravate itself. Coriander, Cardamom, Cilantro, and Fennel are the prominent herbs that Ayurveda recommend to consume to Balance Pitta Dosha. To maintain Pitta body type, there are certain things that need not follow. First of all, you should not eat foods that are sour, salty and pungent. Chili and Cayenne pepper should be avoided. One should not eat highly processed fruits (Canned or Frozen Foods). Do not prefer to consume Nicotine, Caffeine, and Alcohol-based products.  Deep Fried foods are highly associated with Pitta aggravation.

Tips for Balancing Kapha Dosha

A balance Kapha has significant health benefits conversely, imbalanced Kapha is highly associated with innumerable health complications. A balanced Kapha incorporates stability, compassion, contentment, motivation, and groundedness. One can get various health issues if Kapha Dosha takes place. Imbalanced Kapha may force you to be receptive to Lethargy, lack of No-Smoking-No-Drinkingmotivation, laziness, malfunction of metabolism, anxiety, stress, depression and various other issues. Sweet, salty and sour foods can be the primary reasons for the aggravation of Kapha. A sedentary lifestyle may also pave the path of life where Kapha Dosha may dominate. One can do certain things to maintain the Dosha of Kapha. First of all, on should take exception to everything which is linked to stimulation of Kapha Dosha. Do not eat fried and greasy foods. Avoid bad habits such as alcohol consumption, smoking, and cold drinks. Here are the things one should do to balance Kapha Dosha. We do know that the sedentary lifestyle is the biggest enemy of Kapha therefore, quitting the sedentary lifestyle is highly imperative. Experts say that regular exercise ameliorates Kapha Dosha efficiently. Eating fresh fruits and vegetables can extensively help people to balance the Kapha Dosha. Ayurvedic medicine such as Trikatu Churna can help in the management of Kapha. Incorporating Kapha facilitating herbs can prove to be a great option to reverse the issue of Kapha Dosha. Gokshura, Guggulu, Turmeric, Ginger, Pippali, Black Pepper, Punarnava Guggulu, Neem, Kutki, Kalmegha, Trikatu, Mahasudarshana, and Kanchanara Guggulu are some of the best Ayurvedic herbs which can significantly ameliorate Kapha Dosha. It is also believed that early rising can substantially balance the Dosha of Kapha. One can also consider using Triphala Churna for alleviating the severe influence of Kapha Dosha. Warm temperature is also found to be highly beneficial in the management of Kapha Dosha. Certain sorts of Pranayama can also assist people to ameliorate Kapha Dosha.