Trailokya Chintamani Ras Can Solve Your Health Issues

Want to improve strength and stamina via Ayurveda! Trailokya Chintamani Ras is the perfect tridoshnashak solution for you. It is known to be a fabulous herbo-mineral medicine or ras aushadhi of Ayurveda. This ayurvedic composition is considered very effective for improving strength and stamina. Trailokya chintamani ras becomes so potent and powerful because of certain factors, one of which is the “ingredients”. I believe talking straight about each one of the ingredients in an explained way will be more helpful to you. Do ingredients really play that important role? You’ll get the answer here.

 Ingredients of Trailokya Chintamani Ras

Shuddha Gandhaka

Shuddha GandhakaIt is the purified and processed sulfur. This process of “Shodhan Karma” is done so as to make sulfur consumable. During this process, the toxicity and side-effects of shuddha gandhaka are reduced.  Gandhak is required to be available in the body in an enormous amount (after calcium and phosphorus) depending upon the body weight of a person, for the proper functioning of the body. Gandhak is very-well known to purify blood, assist achieving healthy digestion and prevent toxic build-up in the body. It plays a vital role in determining the health benefits of trailokya chintamani ras.

Heerak Bhasma

heerak bhasmaHeerak bhasma is made up of diamond gemstone. The other names with which this ayurvedic composition is addressed are heera bhasma or diamond ash. It is known to take care of the imbalance occurred in the tridoshas and enhancing strength by improving nutrition. Ayurveda has given it a name, i.e. vajra bhasma, because of the fact that it is very beneficial in dealing with a variety of chronic health issues. The respective chronic issues are various types of cancer, tuberculosis, diabetes, obesity and chronic anemia.

Swarna Bhasma

swarna bhasmaSwarna bhasma is made up of the purified and processed gold and for this purpose, only the 24 carat pure gold is used. In Ayurveda, it has a significant role to play in treating infertility, asthma, poisoning, mal-absorption syndrome etc. It somewhere contributes a lot to the effectiveness of Trailokya Chintamani Ras. It is said that if a person has been given gold for a particular amount of time, say for months, no poison can have any effect on that person. So, this component is going to assist you understand the benefits of trailokya chintamani ras for health.

Raupya Bhasma

Raupya BhasmaRaupya bhasma is a perfect example determining the relation between our health and Ayurveda. It is again a very powerful metal used in Ayurveda treatments after gold. During the preparation process, at first the fine powder of silver is processed with lime juice and then dried and finally heated under the high temperature. Raupya bhasma is addressed with the other names as well, i.e. rajat bhasma or silver ash. This ayurvedic drug is used to treat a number of health ailments like eye diseases, anal fissure, frequent urination, jaundice, liver hypertrophy, oligospermia, epilepsy etc.

  • Using the metals like gold or silver for the medicinal purposes has been in process since years and even ages and it is yet a successful formulae. Here, both of these ingredients are adding to the impact of trailokya chintamani ras on our body.

Lauha/Loha Bhasma

lauh bhasmaIt is a mineral based ayurvedic medicine which is prepared from the calcined iron. This efficient ayurvedic medicine is very-well known to strengthen the body and improve the RBCs count in the blood. A person facing lack of blood may suffer from the consequences like pale skin, hair fall, loss of memory, panic attacks, irregular menstrual cycle (females) etc. Loha bhasma works to overcome this lack of blood and associated problems. Moreover, it is capable of balancing the pitta and kapha doshas.

Abhrak Bhasma

abrak bhasmaAs the name indicates, it contains abhrak or black mica as the major component along with approx. 72 other ingredients. Abhrak bhasma is a wonderful ayurvedic medicine having the unique capability of assisting the other ayurvedic medicines to reach each and every cell and tissue of the body in the best effective manner. This is the reason why abhrak bhasma is used with the other ayurvedic medicines. Apart from that, abhrak bhasma is used for treating asthma, urinary disorders, bronchitis, fever, mal-absorption syndrome etc.

Tamra Bhasma

Tamra BhasmaThis ayurvedic medicine is prepared by purifying and processing copper and is very well known to balance the pitta and kapha doshas. Due to the scraping quality of tamra bhasma, it is effective in treating the high cholesterol issues in people. The health issues that can be efficiently taken care of using tamra bhasma are tuberculosis, chronic respiratory conditions, cough, cold, eye disorders etc. Tamra bhasma is considered very responsive if you have got poison inside the body as it can produce instant vomiting.

Moti Bhasma

moti bhasmaMoti bhasma or mukta bhasma is the ayurvedic bhasma made up of the moti or pearl. In the preparation process, at first, the purification of pearls is done and then they are reduced to oxide by the calcination process. It contains calcium (pearl is composed of calcium) as the major component. The other ingredients of moti bhasma which are available in the lower amounts are magnesium, silicon, phosphorus and manganese. The properties of moti bhasma making it capable of dealing with the numerous health issues are antacid, antipyretic, antiulcer, soothing and cooling properties.

Shankha Bhasma

shankh bhasmaAs mentioned, “shankha” indicates that shell is used in the preparation. So, yes, shankha bhasma is made up of the powder of the purified “Conch Shell”, which is obtained via calcination process. This ayurvedic bhasma is known to effectively balance the pitta and vata doshas. Shankha bhasma is a perfect way to treat the complaints related to the digestive system which include the problems like gastritis, abdominal pain, mal-absorption syndrome etc. Apart from that, shankha bhasma can work to improve your skin complexion and treat acne as well.

Prawal Bhasma

prawal bhasmaIt is made up of the coral and is a rich source of calcium. As already understood, it is used for the treatment of the health and bone ailments related to the calcium deficiency in the body. Here, at the very first, the coral pieces are grinded to prepare a fine powder and then processed in either of aloe vera juice or shatavari or jayanti juice extract or cow’s milk. The health issues that can be effectively treated using prawal bhasma include diseases related to vata and kapha doshas.

Shuddha Manashila

Shuddha ManashilaIt is an arsenic sulphide and is available with the other names like manahshila or mansil or manshila or realgar. This component of trailokya chintamani ras consists of the orange-red color as well as the soft monoclinic crystalline structure. According to rigveda, manashila is very helpful in environmental purification. The health issues that can be taken care of using shuddha manashila are hiccough, dyspnea, bronchitis, emesis, psychological disorders, respiratory problems, ophthalmic, skin disorders etc. Of course, the pure form of manashila can’t be used for the consumption purpose, so the shodhan process is done in order to make it consumable for the humans.

Shuddha Hartala

HartalaThere are four types of hartala – vanshpatri, tab ki hartala, guvariya hartala, godvanti hartala. Hartala is yellow in color with the vapid taste and hot nature. Shodhan Karma is done to hartala in order to make it safe for use and reduce the side-effects that affect us in the form of phlegm and other vata related issues. After shodhan karma or purification, haratala becomes consumable for the humans and benefit us by treating obesity, moles, abrasions, itching, leprosy, skin diseases etc. Moreover, it is very beneficial for balancing the vata, pitta and kapha doshas, hence, adding to the health benefits of trailokya chintamani ras.

Bhawna Dravya:

Chitrakmool, aak dudh, suran kand, nirgundi, snuhi, shigru, kapardak/cowrie, ras sindoor, vaikranta bhasma.

All the above mentioned 9 ingredients prepare the complete list of bhawna dravya for providing us the goodness of trailokya chintamani ras. According to Ayurveda, bhawna dravya is the specific liquid preparation including the various fresh juices, water, clarified butter, honey etc.  It is prepared to treat or process the medicinal ingredients that are further used in the formulation for the purification or adding properties of the potency enhancement.

Shuddha Parada

Shuddha ParadaIt is the major component adding to the healthy impacts of trailokya chintamani ras on our body. The shodhan karma is done to detoxify and purify mercury. After this process, the mercury becomes safely consumable by the humans because the process reduces the side-effects and toxicity of the mineral. During the preparation of shuddha parada, at first, the mercury obtained from cinnabar is processed with garlic juice, betel leaf juice and triphala decoction. Then it is washed in the kanji water, which is the ayurvedic fermentative preparation, in order to obtain the shuddha parada. This mineral is used in treating various forms of skin infection, vitiligo, laxative, decreased urine amount etc.

These are all the ingredients of trailokya chintamani ras that add to its effectiveness and beauty. They have proved to be a great assistance to this ayurvedic medicine because of the fact that they, even individually, are also equally beneficial for us and potent enough to treat our numerous health issues. So, if the topic has turned the way towards the health benefits of trailokya chintamani ras, let’s move with the flow and talk about the same.

Health Benefits of Trailokya Chintamani Ras

The health benefits of trailokya chintamani ras are also tremendous in number. Let’s have a look on a few of them one by one.

Enhance Digestive Health

gutrestorationDigestive system means a complete system that includes organs like mouth, esophagus, stomach, small intestine, large intestine, pancreas, liver and gall bladder. All these organs perform their respective functions in order to complete the whole process and covert the food into energy assisting us in our regular activities. The dysfunction of any of these organs due to any reason may lead to affect the whole digestive system, hence, causing issues like acid flux or GERD, gallstones, irritable bowel syndrome, hemorrhoids, indigestion, heartburn etc.

Trailokya chintamani ras can be a great assistance to you in solving these health issues by showing its magnificent effects on pancreas, liver and small as well as large intestines.

Improve Heart Health

Heart has a really significant role to play in easing our survival. It is the organ in the body that performs to pump blood as well as oxygen to each and every other organ of the body. And during this whole pumping throughout our life, the heart beats for about 2.5 billion times over an average lifetime. But, what if this heart is not healthy? This condition can put a question-mark on your healthy and happy life. Can’t it? Yes, a weakened heart may lead to gift you a variety of health issues like coronary artery disease, congestive heart failure, heart attack, cardiomyopathy, tachycardia, heart attack etc.

Keep your heart healthy and all these heart problems at a bay with trailokya chintamani ras. This ayurvedic medicine is proved to be very effective in improving your heart health.

Treat Tuberculosis

Tuberculosis“If your cough has completed the 3 weeks duration and still not leaving you, you are suffering from TB”- this is what we generally hear, but is it the only symptom of tuberculosis? No, there are various other symptoms other than just cough, which include blood with cough, chills, fatigue, fever, loss of weight, loss of appetite, night sweats etc. Although, this is a disease mainly related to our lungs, it can affect the other organs of the body as well. It can affect our spinal cord, joints, liver, kidneys, eyes, brain (causing meningitis) etc. One needs to be concerned, but not worried about the same, because tuberculosis is contagious, but can’t catch you easily.

Trailokya Chintamani Ras can do this great favor to you without giving any sort of side-effect in return. Not only tuberculosis, it can work effectively in treating the other respiratory issues like pneumonia, cough etc. as well.

Strengthen the Nerves

Strengthen the NervesOur nervous system is said to be a complex network of nerves as well as cells that work to transfer and exchange messages between the brain and spinal cord and the other body organs. We all have two types of nervous system – central nervous system and peripheral nervous system, both of which performing their respective vital functions. The dysfunction of the nervous system may lead to several health problems like Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, Multiple sclerosis (MS), peripheral neuropathies, epilepsy, stroke etc.

Trailokya Chintamani Ras can be a perfect solution to these nervous system related issues. It prevents you getting into any such condition causing such health issues by providing strength to your nerves.

Treat Vata Related Problems

Treat Vata Related ProblemsThe excess of vata dosha in your body is not going to affect just one or two of your organs; instead it has the tendency to break you completely. It is mainly going to affect your joint causing muscle ache, muscle fatigue, weakness, pain in bones and joints, nerve pain, numbness etc. But, it is not limited to that only. Vata dosha excess in your body can affect your brain, digestive tract, circulatory system as well causing anxiety, nervousness, fear, gurgling intestines, gas, bloating, goose bumps, cracking skin etc.

Trailokya Chintamani Ras can be your perfect companion if you are planning to balance your vata dosha real soon. Along with balancing the vata dosha, it can truly assist you get these health problems treated as well.

So, these are some major health issues out of the wide list that can be effectively treated using Trailokya Chintamani Ras. But, it’s not over yet. You can gain each and every aspect about this wonderful ayurvedic medicine. One vital point that you still need to know and keep in your mind is “how to use trailokya chintamani ras?” Well, this is going to be elaborated in the very next topic, i.e. dosage of Trailokya Chintamani Ras.

Dosage of Trailokya Chintamani Ras

If we talk about the dosage of Trailokya Chintamani Ras, it is recommended to be taken 1 tablet twice a day.

The adjuvants that are recommended to be taken with this ayurvedic medicine in specific health issues are:

  • It must be taken with either of Dashmula kwath and Rasnadi kwath for treating the vata related issues like gout, paralysis etc.
  • It is recommended to be taken with Ginger juice or honey in case of kapha dosha diseases.
  • Pitta related issues can be solved if given with either misri or ghee.


If you keep the adjuvants also in mind while consuming Trailokya Chintamani Ras, it will give you the best desired results. But, there are certain other aspects as well that you need to strictly take care of before the intake of this ayurvedic medicine. These are:

  • As it contains heavy metal content, better consult your doctor before starting taking this ayurvedic medicine. And consume it for the duration as mentioned by the doctor only because over-duration may be harmful for you.
  • Overdose may lead to heavy metal toxicity in your body. You require taking this medicine under strict medical supervision and only in the limited amount.
  • Pregnant and lactating women as well as the small children are strictly prohibited to use this ayurvedic medicine.
  • Check your hypersensitiveness before consuming this ayurvedic medicine.

So, keeping these aspects in mind will assist you keeping the ill-effects of the medicine at a bay and keep yourself safe.

Ayurvedic Medicines Are Potent Enough to Treat You……

Like trailokya chintamani ras, all the ayurvedic medicines are potent enough to treat your and even cure your health issue from roots, it is just that we have not yet started believing them. We require striving for health because we don’t believe our creator, nature and its derivative, ayurveda. The day we understand the relation between our health and Ayurveda, we’ll be able to live our life in a simpler and easier way than what we are living today.

We already know that our life with Ayurveda will be the best life, still we avoid it and run after the other modes of treatment that are, of course, not going to assist us the perfect and desired way. Why? Because we want the instant results! One must understand the fact that all the best things need time to be done and the same way, Ayurveda also takes time to heal us. But, on the other hand, it is only Ayurveda which is beneficial in the long run. This is not a new fact; instead we all know it since the very beginning.

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