chandrakala ras for diabtese
Ayurpharm International Journal on Ayurveda and Allied Sciences published a study conducted on chandrakala ras back in 2014. In their article named “a clinical study to evaluate the efficacy of chandrakala ras on madhumeha”, researchers studied every aspect from effectiveness to safety of the ayurvedic product. During the clinical study, it was observed by giving Chandra Kala Ras to all patients that there is decrease in blood and urine sugar and decrease in the intensity of the signs and symptoms of diabetes. On the basis of the results observed during the experiments conducted in this study, it may be concluded that the Chandra Kala Ras is having significant effect in ameliorating the disease Madhumeha or diabetes. On contrary to this, in spite of many advances in modern medicine, the management of Madhumeha still remains unsatisfactory in allopathy and all other healing sciences. So, chandrakala ras is the only option for millions of patients of diabetes in India and all over the world.

ayurvedaChandrakala ras is an ayurvedic formula which is the perfect blend of rare herbs and some strong minerals. It has been known to cure diabetes for ages, and many people still rely on this solution. But now, many others are going to rely on the same because it has scientific back up as well. If you too are looking forward to cure your diabetes with ayurvedic chandrakala ras, you are at the right place. Today, we will explore yet another gem of ayurveda and of course, a perfect cure for diabetes- chandrakala ras for diabetes. Also, we will talk about a few places from where you can get ayurvedic medicines online at least price. There are some ayurvedic companies selling ayurvedic medicines online and they provide high discounts and many other offers. So, after completion of this article, you will be aware of why you should use chandrakala ras for diabetes and many other diseases, how you should use this ayurvedic medicine and from where you can get chandrakala ras and other ayurvedic medicines online at lowest price. Starting with the ingredients of chandrakala ras, we will explore all the benefits of using the same. Following this will be the commonly prescribed doses of chandrakala ras. Then we will tell you some precautions that you should be aware of if you are planning to use chandrakala ras.


karpoor(camphor)Ela (Cardamom), Camphor, Amla, Jatiphala, and Shalmali are some of the herbal ingredients of chandrakala ras. All of these are medicinal herbs which are being used in many ayurvedic medicines. Apart from these medicinal herbs, chandrakala ras also contain some heavy metals. Purified and processed Mercury, Tin bhasma and Iron bhasma are the mineral ingredients which are included while preparing chandrakala ras. If you also are scared of using ayurvedic medicines containing heavy metals, let me inform you that it is a medically proven fact that after purification, all these heavy metals are detoxified and are perfectly healthy for human body. so, next time if you have such a doubt in your mind, try to remind yourself that many medicines containing heavy metals as ingredients are tested for safety and no side effect was seen.

The preparation of chandrakala ras, just like many other ayurvedic medicines is time consuming. This is because the purification of heavy metals is time consuming and difficult task. Once we have purified form of all the metallic ingredients in hand, we can start with the actual process of manufacturing. All the dravyas from the medicinal herbs are collected in the first stage. First, all dravyas or liquid extract of plants are extracted and filtered. In the next step, all the purified metals or bhasmas of abraka, lauh, vanga shilajeet are mixed in the dravyas. Finally rasa sindoora is also added and triturated to get a homogenous mixture. Several manufacturers use this method for preparing chandrakala ras, while there are many others who use slightly different method. In ayurvedic texts also, there are more than one process of manufacturing chandrakala ras. So, as long as you are keeping the method of preparing chandrakala ras natural and are following the formulas given by ayurveda, the end product is going to deliver exactly similar results.


Ayurvedic medicines usually have more than just one specific benefit. And in case you chandrakala ras also, as you can see is made up of many medicinal herbs and strong minerals, the ayurvedic formula is effective in treating several health problems. Primarily, chandrakala ras is used in Ayurvedic treatment of bleeding disorders, diabetes and its complications. We will see how this ayurvedic medicine is useful in diabetes and bleeding disorders.

Chandrakala ras in diabetes

 Chandrakala ras in diabetesDiabetes, often referred to as diabetes mellitus, is a metabolic disease in which the person has high blood glucose level, either because insulin production is inadequate, or because the body’s cells do not respond properly to insulin, or both. There can be problem with your eyes, nerve damage, kidney damage, or foot damage due to diabetes. And if you ignore the symptoms for too long, diabetes can prove to be fatal. This disease does not have a solution in allopathy and any other science till date. But ayurvedic texts have mentioned it thousands of years ago in the form of cure for madhumeha as chandrakala ras. You too can use chandrakala ras and get rid of all the signs and symptoms of diabetes naturally.

Chandrakala ras for bleeding disorders

bleeding diordersSeveral bleeding disorders like hemoptysis, hemorrhage and hematemesis can also be dealt with chandrakala ras. Hemoptysis is the presence of blood stains in mucus, while hemorrhage is the leakage of blood from the blood vessels. Although these two are not at all normal, the third one, hematemesis is even more chronic and severe. Hematemesis is the vomiting of blood. All these chronic problems have only one solution in ayurveda, and that is chandrakala ras. Chandrakala ras for diabetes is famous, but many ayurevdic doctors recommend the use of this ayurevdic medicine in these bleeding disorders. Chandrakala ras doesn’t have any side effects and hence you can use it for quite a long time. Because of the perfect blend of herbal and mineral ingredients, chandrakala ras is the perfect solution to all the bleeding disorders.

These were two most common uses of chandrakala ras and you can consult your ayurvedic doctor in case you want to use it for any other problem. More than enough scientific studies have been conducted on the effectiveness of chandrakala ras for diabetes and bleeding disorders. Also, much work has been done in the direction of proving the safety of the medicine. So, you can go ahead with the use of this ayurvedic formula. Now, let us see how people usually gain benefits from the use of chandrakala ras.


dosage of triphala gugulluThe ayurvedic doctors usually prescribe 2 tablets of chandrakala ras before or after food. Depending on the severity of the problem, this dose is recommended once or twice a day. The general adjuvants with which chandrakala ras is taken are cumin seeds, sugar or cow milk. But, these are the usually prescribed doses that are safe and effective for a normal human being. If you have some special medical conditions, the ayurvedic doctor might decide a higher or lower dose of chandrakala ras. So, it is better you consult an ayurvedic doctor before starting your course of ayurvedic medicines. Also, since chandrakala ras contain some mineral ingredients, it is strong in action. So, you have to be careful while using this ayurvedic medicine as it is not as mild as some herbal ayurvedic medicines. So, let us now see some precautions one must follow while using chandrakala ras.


Since chandrakala ras is a strong in action and is highly effective, you have to be a bit careful. Here are some of the precautions that are to be taken while using chandrakala ras.

  • Self medication in case of strong ayurvedic medicines like chandrakala ras is not recommended. You must talk to an ayurvedic doctor first and in case you don’t have access to an ayurvedic doctor, you can simply make a call at parmanand ayurveda. This ayurvedic company gives free online consultation from highly experienced doctors without charging any fee.
  • Be precise about the doses of chandrakala ras you are taking. Accidental overdose may cause severe side effects, and hence you should be careful.
  • Taking chandrakala ras for a long time is not prescribed since it contains heavy metals. You must talk to your doctor if you have already taken chandrakala ras in past. Although it is side effect free, but these heavy metals should be given to body in limited amount only.

With these precautions and safety measures, chandrakala ras can be used safely by everyone who wants to eliminate diabetes, its signs and symptoms. With this complete, correct and scientific information, you can now go ahead with the use of chandrakala ras for diabetes and other disorders.

happy-family form abhrak bhasmAs per several researches, irregular food habits, lack of exercise, stress and strains are some causative factors of not only diabetes but several other problems. If you can have control on these factors, you are less likely to suffer from these deadly problems. But it is easy said than done. And this is true in the context of improving our lifestyle as well. We don’t have time to eat, and whatever we eat, it lacks basic nutrition. The food today is deprived of nutrition and preserved food is spreading its territory even in India. The second factor is lack of physical activity. Walking for a few miles every day, going out in fresh air and some mild exercises are more than enough to keep yourself safe from diabetes, but these minor changes are not achieved by everyone. We are so busy with our jobs that we forget about our health. It becomes difficult to take out time to eat in this busy schedule, how can someone find time to work out, right?

See, if you do not find time to work out and to take care of your health, diseases are going to force you to take out time. So, either you take time and look towards your health, or soon you will have to look after a few diseases. So, the choice is yours. But, if you are already in the grasp of diabetes or other health complications, with your lifestyle changes, you need a healthy and holistic cure for your problem and that is none other than chandrakala ras. Chandrakala ras is the perfect answer to all the doubts regarding diabetes. It was discovered in the ancient times, but even today, no allopathic medicines can beat chandrakala ras for diabetes in terms of effectiveness and safety. During all the research and studies conducted on chandrakala ras for diabetes and other problems, no side effect of taking the medicine was found. Unfortunately, we cannot claim the same for the allopathic medicine for diabetes. So, now you must have understood why chandrakala ras is the obvious choice for those suffering from diabetes and other such chronic problems.

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