A prodigious percentage of the total American population, approximately 85%, develops some kind of pimples during their lifetime. Most of the 85% struggle with the skin problem in teenage only. Yes, your skin is prone to pimples during those vulnerable but crucial years of your life. But, is teenage and pimples inseparable? Can’t we cure the problem immediately after it tries to ruin our skin? Well, curing pimples isn’t really easy, but, you can easily avoid them. If you don’t believe it, you will get to know every minor detail about treating pimples, types of pimples in teenage and how one can avoid them by being proactive. Yes, pimples are not easy to get rid of, but being proactive makes things easy for your skin health. Instead of just getting rid of pimples, your aim should be to have a good skin health. If you have a great skin, and also work for eliminating the causes of pimples proactively, you won’t see any pimples in teenage. So, let us see how teenage and pimples are related and how can one really keep the menace away from their skin.

For keeping pimples at bay, you need to understand why teenagers are prone to this problem. What makes their skin susceptible to pimples? If you see the stats carefully, hormonal changes are among the topmost causes of acne. And during teenage, human body observes the most fluctuation in hormones. This is why almost every other teenager is suffering from acne today. The abrupt changes in some hormones can make you experience this worst nightmare. Specifically androgen is one such hormone that causes acne if you have imbalanced levels of the same in your body. This is the simplest reason and you might also be aware of it. Hormonal changes are believed to make teenage and pimples inseparable. But, we have the key to break the association.

Before that, we want you to know some other causes of acne. Not every teenager develops pimples because of hormonal imbalance. Some may see the ugly spots because of clogging of skin pores. This is the cause of acne that has not relation with age. But, since you are most active in teenage, it is expected that dust and sweat can clog the pores easily. The pores of your skin let your skin breathe and if they get blocked due to some reason, a sudden breakout may result in pimples. There can be many factors creating blockage, like the excess of oil produced by glands, dust, dirt or dead skin cells. Bacteria can also build up in the pores and become a medium for pimples to pop out. Altogether we have two major reasons behind pimples- hormonal imbalance and pores clogging.

Treating pimples and acne is not as simple as it appears to be. Most of you might have visited the dermatologist, but soon you would realize that it was simply waste of money and time. Depending on the cause and site of infection or blockage, you can have different types of acne and to get rid of that, you have to first confirm that which type of ace you are suffering from. Further, you need to have a treatment that does not allow pimples to reoccur. Yes, there are many chemical cosmetic products and also some allopathic drugs, but they aren’t a solution to pimples. Some of you might be expecting us to talk about the dermatological treatment, but unfortunately you will not find it here. These treatment methods do not cure pimples permanently and you will see your enemy soon after you finish the current treatment. Specifically dealing with pimples in teenage requires a fool proof proactive plan. So, there are some crucial steps that you must take as soon as you enter into teenage.

  • The very first step is to drink a lot of water. Make it a habit to sip a glass of water every hour while working as being hydrated reduces the chances of your skin developing acne. If you can drink hot water, it would be best for your skin. Apart from saving your skin from pimples in teenage, you will observe a magical glow on your face with regular us of hot water. And you don’t really have to wait for a particular age to inculcate this good habit, right? In place of soft drinks, or any other carbonated drink, just add a cup of hot water to your plan.
  • Next big step is to avoid oily and greasy foods as they are not healthy for your body as well as skin. We often blame hormonal imbalance for the close association of teenage and pimples, but often teenagers do not have a diet healthy enough for their skin. Fried, preserved and junk food is one of the biggest cause of not only pimples in teenage, but also hormonal imbalance. So, the packaged, unhealthy and fried food you enjoy to eat is not something your skin really likes. Stay away from preserved food items as much as you can.
  • Sometimes there is specific type of food to which your skin is allergic, find it out and throw it away from the kitchen right now. Yes, you might have been eating a particular food for a long time now without realizing that you are allergic to it. If you develop sever pimples at random times, try to relate it with your eating habits. There might something that your skin doesn’t like, and you have to quit is no matter how much you love its taste.
  • Try to keep everything natural. Not only treatment, but also everything else. Think twice before using make up; use it only when you cannot go on without it. In case it is really necessary, make sure you use high quality products only. All these cosmetic products are highly loaded with chemicals that your skin won’t respond to well. Stay confident about the beauty of your skin as you look beautiful without any make up.
  • Wash you face with plain water quite often. Especially after workouts, do not let the sweat clog the pores of your skin. Try to wash your face whenever you come home. It will remove dust and will also reduce the chances of any bacterial infection.
  • Sometimes, general utilities like shampoo and hair wash are to be blamed for pimples in teenage and at all other ages. You should choose natural products as your daily utilities as this reduces the chances of any ill effects. If your parents had pimples, you are also prone to them and hence choose every product that comes in contact with your skin directly or indirectly carefully.
  • You might not be aware of the fact that the treatment for acne you use everyday might be turning the present acne into the real disaster for your skin. Yes, most of the chemical treatments have adverse affects on your skin. For these two reasons, the natural treatments for acne are recommended to all acne patients. So, apart from the proactive strategy, make it a rule to go natural.
  • We have covered almost all of the causes of pimples in teenage, but the major one is still left. Hormonal imbalance is something very difficult to deal with, but only when you try to tackle it using allopathic drugs. After certain age, you should try yoga. Yoga is the only answer to all the mood swings, fluctuations and also pimples in teenage. While all the other proactive measures discussed above will try to prevent acne from outside, yoga will do great magical improvements in your skin, mind and entire body internally.

In case you are doubtful about implementing the above discussed proactive strategy, you should think once again. Treating pimples and acne is still a major challenge for most of the dermatologists. A whooping amount is being spent on the ineffective treatments methods which in the end prove to be harmful. If we include everything starting from over the counter medicines to prescription fees, the overall health care for pimples and acne in the United States itself exceeds $1 billion every year. Despite spending this much amount, new patients are being added to the crowd of millions. Some of them have the same ugly skin since years and other have a continuous cycle of temporary relief and sudden breakout. Taking all these facts into consideration it looks like acne will become ubiquitous in the United States in the coming years. And if something can stop it, it is natural treatment along with the proactive strategy. If we can somehow save the teenage group from pimples, a lot of burden can be dissolved.

Teenage is a beautiful phase of your life. You grow up to be mature, learn a lot, and also develop your own perspective to the world. Do not let pimples affect your confidence during these crucial learning years of your life as it can create a huge difference. Pimples may not be life threatening, but they have a clear impact on your future. Now, with the proactive natural strategy to avoid pimples, you can make a difference. But, for that, you have to follow all the tips religiously. Yes, you might have the key to a beautiful teenage, but as long as you don’t use it regularly, it is not going to work. To make it work, a strong intent and efforts are required from your side. Those who have spent a considerable amount of time and money visiting dermatologists might not find it difficult. And those who have just encountered their first few pimples, why would you want to try ineffective treatment for years when you know nothing is going to give you permanent relief? It is time when the proactive plan would work best for you. But, we leave the decision up to you. Enlighten your life by improving your skin and saving it from pimples by simply staying proactive or keep on scheduling visits to dermatologist for years and then come back to natural ways of treating pimples. Choice is yours.

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