Voltaire, a famous French enlightenment writer, historian, and philosopher once said “The art of medicine consists of amusing the patient while nature cures the disease”. And this is just one example. There were several great men favoring the nature and natural cures in the past, but at that time we were busy with the fascinating allopathic medicines. And today when so many research conclusions point towards the side effects of allopathic medicines, we finally have thought of waking up from a century long sleep. In almost every health related journal, today you will find some buzz about nature curing the incurable health issues, some also talk specifically about ayurveda. Luckily we still have ayurveda by our side, and for this we should thank the tremendous power of the science of natural healing that made it survive despite all odds.

SWARNA MALINI VASANT RASAnyways, it is good to see more and more people turning towards ayurveda- something that your body requires to survive healthily in a polluted environment and an unfavorable lifestyle. Today, we will tell you everything about a very powerful ayurvedic medicine- swarna malini vasant ras or suvarna malini vasant ras. As it can be seen by the name, like a few other ayurvedic formulas, swarna malini vasant ras also contain the power of gold. Swarna bhasma, one of the ingredients of swarna malini vasant ras, is definitely the only safe way to tackle all the problems related to your health and it is also the best way to gift your body the everlasting disease fighting capabilities. But swarna bhasma is not all this ayurvedic tonic is contain. Swarna malini vasant ras is comprised of many other herbal ingredients and some extremely beneficial bhasma prepared ayurvedically. So, there is a lot more to know than just the name of this ayurvedic medicine. Here we will tell you every bit of detail about the beautiful healer made up of all natural ingredients- swrana malini vasant ras. With this, you would be able to assess the real reach and capabilities of ayurveda and this will automatically take you one step closer to a healthy body and a longer life.

Swaran malini vasant ras is a great ayurvedic remedy for many diseases and it is the best because apart from healing, it also induces the body with self healing capabilities. Yes, by raising the immunity of the body, it prepares your body to fight with anything harmful hitting it in future. Not only this, it is also a tonic for a healthy heart and better digestion. With so many diverse roles the ayurvedic medicine can play, it must be difficult to wait for the entire list of diseases swarna malini casant ras can cure. So, starting with the ingredients which give all the healing abilities to swarna malini vasant ras, to the natural method of preparation adopted according to ayurveda, we will uncover all the details and possible uses of ayurvedic swarna malini vasant ras.


As it is also suggested by the name, swarna malini vasant ras contain swarna bhasma. The swarn bhasmamedicinal benefits of swarna bhsama and its general health benefits are well known to mankind. And since swarna malini vasant ras also contain gold bhasma, it by default inherits all the properties of swarna bhasma. Apart from swarna bhasma, prawal pishti, white pepper powder,  kastoori, nag bhasma, vang bhasma, abhrak bhasma, kesar, moti pishti, pippali and kharapara adds to the healing capabilities to the powerful ayurvedic medicine. These were the ingredients and it is very crucial to choose the right ingredients in the right amount while preparing swarna malini vasant ras as well as any other ayurvedic medicine. But, equally important is its method of preparation. Ayurveda emphasizes on the use of natural products not only while choosing the ingredients, but while preparing any medicine, one should strictly avoid any chemical intervention. So, let us now see the best method of preparing swarna malini vasant ras.


There can be several ways to prepare the same medicine and as long as you are preserving the healing properties of the ingredients, it will give you good results. We are going to tell you one of the best methods of preparing swarna malini vasant ras. First all the ingredients except kasturi, kesar and gorochan are mixed together. Butter is added to make thick paste and then the same process is repeated with lemon juice as well. After mixing them with butter and lemon juice, the rest of the three ingredients are also added. After grinding this mix, we get swarna malini vasant ras. The process was simple, natural and also not time consuming. So, it seems there was no need of chemical intervention. But, even for medicines that take too long to prepare via natural process, ayurveda only sticks to the same ignoring the time taken for preparation because nothing is more valuable than your health.


Swarna malini vasant ras is famous for treating tuberculosis and giving your body the lost state back in a couple of weeks. According to several researches, tuberculosis still claims more lives than any other infection. So, it is better we treat it with swarna malini vasant ras for tuberculosis- what is reliable and holistic rather than torturing our already suffering body with heavy and harmful antibiotics. But, the effectiveness of swarna malini vasant ras for tuberculosis is only one example of what swarna malini vasant ras can do. It has a lot more uses for the health of human beings. In fact, it is one of the few ayurvedic medicines which not only cures a particular disease, but aims at improving your overall health.

Chronic fever

suvarna malini basant ras FOR CHRONIC FEVERFrom tuberculosis to urinary tract infection, any infection can trigger fever. But to deal with chronic or persistent fever holistically, you have to deal with the infection. Antibiotics are made to bring the body temperature back to normal, but ayurvedic swarna malini vasant ras cures chronic fever by resolving the underlying issue.


A normal spleen (an organ located right below your left rib cage) weighs 150 g and is approximately 11 cm in craniocaudal length. This is in normal conditions, but when this weight reaches 400 to 500 g, we call it splenomegaly. There are cases where it is seen that the spleen has enlarged up to 1000g. Any type of viral, parasitic or bacterial infections can result in this painful condition. But, it is good news that ayurveda has a cure for this problem too. So, start using swarna malini vasant ras early to avoid future complications.


Leucorrhea is the most common problem the women of today are suffering from. There can be several reasons behind this annoying discharge, but the results of ignorance can be complicated. Antibiotics can although give you temporary relief, but the tendency of leucorrhea to reoccur is yet to be understood by the allopathic mechanism. However, ayurveda has a solution for this too. Ayurvedic medicines like swarna malini vasant ras are capable of giving you a normal life back. At the same time, it also re energizes your body that might have become weak due to leucorrhea.

Cough and asthma

Cough and asthmaCough again is an output of some sort of infection and if this infection is ignored, it can propagate further to cause cold and fever. Additionally, it is not easy to get rid of cough soon. Once it catches hold of your throat, it is going to stay for quite long. But luckily, with swarna malini vasant ras, you can easily deal with all types of cough and even asthma. Asthma is a chronic condition which with change in weather can make breathing a challenge. To tackle all such respiratory tract related issues, turn towards ayurvedic swarna malini vasant ras and say good bye to all types of cough.

These were only a few diseases which can be cured with swarna malini vasant ras, and it is also useful for many other organs. Especially for heart it is a tonic that gives more power to your heart and at the same time try to keep the vital organ disease free. Cardiovascular diseases are becoming common killers all around the world, and only ayurvedic medicines like swrana malini vasant ras can save you from these sudden shocks. And the uses and benefits of swaran malini vasant ras are still not complete as this medicine can be used for treating all sort of problems like indigestion, neuron related problems, and liver disorders. It is also effective in treating impotency and problems like oligospermia in males. So, from head to toe, swarna malini vasant ras finds its use in each one of the human organ. Unbelievable, but true- one ayurvedic medicine can cure more than a dozen of diseases, thanks of the variety of ingredients it is made up of.


Taking 125mg to 250 mg of swarna malini vasant ras is both safe and effective. But this is just a generalized dose which is alright for a healthy individual. In case you have some specific medical condition, you must consult a doctor. And for this you don’t even have to step out of your home. Just take the number from parmanandayurveda.com and interact directly with an experienced ayurvedic doctor. So, better be precise with the doses to get the desired results.

overdoaseFollowing the general dose is also safe, but if you intake exactly what your body needs, the results will be much better. Talking about the side effects, the only side effects with swarna malini vasant ras is gastritis, and that to will be seen only in cases of overdose. So, be cautious about your oevrdose, and everything else will be taken care of by swarna malini vasant ras.

In the beginning itself, we have told you that nature heals and medicines only pretend to heal. It is not just a saying and if you look deeply into the working mechanisms of the two entirely different sciences of healing, you would find that allopathic medicines are designed just to pacify the symptoms of a particular disease. Not only this, for so many chronic problems, allopathic medicines even today have no answer, while ayurveda being and ancient science of healing can cure all those problems. Isn’t it unbelievable? In today’s technology enabled world, one can do research with so many resources and still people are dying without proper cure. Why? Allopathic science actually just creates and illusion of healing, and in reality, ayurveda is a deep science that aims at holistic healing. Something that is just designed to play with the symptoms cannot be expected to cure problems like paralysis, cancer and diabetes.

ayurvedaThis is ayurveda- a concrete fool proof and holistic science that attempts to make your life beautiful and free of medicines. With this aim, it has introduced many medicines like swarna malini vasant ras. You just have to make right use of them and your body will automatically become healthier and better with each passing day. This way, we can say that ayurveda and health go hand in hand. But usually it is not that easy to get the required ayurvedic medicine. Have you also eve faced the problem of availability. Actually there are so many people, especially in India who are keen to use ayurveda and ayurvedic products, but lack of proper consultation and difficult in arranging the medicine required are the two hurdles that often make them drop the idea. Thankfully, these two are no more going to stop you from incorporating ayurveda in your life.

Recently an ayurvedic company- parmanand ayurveda with a resolution to help ayurveda reach every house in India has come out with almost all the ayurvedic products on single site and also free home delivery. So, the only two problems that were earlier stopping you from using ayureveda are now solved. Go ahead, choose any ayurvedic product you want, get the desired product at your doorsteps, and pay only for the product. Now getting a healthy body is this easy!