Ayurvedic swarna makshik bhasma is the ancient yet new solution to all your health problems. The name sounds a bit heavy, but you can also expect the ayurvedic medicine to bring in tremendous changes in your life. And all those changes will be for the betterment of your health. Unlike allopathic medicine for which you pay a high price and buy the side effects along with the intended effect, swarna makshik bhasma and all the other ayurvedic cures are totally free from side effects. This is what is attracting the people of India back to the science of healing they can trust easily. Being an Indian, if you haven’t heard the name swarna makshik bhasma earlier, there are chances that you know something about ayurveda. But this something has to be converted into everything if you really want to change your life.

swarna makshik bhasamEveryone dreams of a disease free life, but how many of work for it? Do you think you take enough care of your body? Do you feel you give the attention to your body it deserves, and I am not talking about the external body? Taking care of how you look is pretty different from keeping a track of how you feel from inside. And if you really want to take good care of your health and your body, you can’t do it without ayurveda today. In today’s world, due to the changing environment, deteriorating health, unhealthy lifestyle choices and low quality food, we start encountering one health issue or the other right from our childhood. Hence it is a challenge to live a healthy and a long life. Adding to the challenge are allopathic medicines that are full of side effects and under the pretext of healing devastate our health completely. So, the only option we are left with is to look back at the same trustworthy and safe curing method- ayurveda.

We will see everything about the amazing ayurvedic medicine- swarana makshik bhasma. Swarna makshika bhasma is being manufactured by many brands and it is in trend these days because of the impact it has on the overall health of human beings. But in reality, it is one of the most ancient medicines known in ayurveda. You will find the references about swarna makshika in some of the very ancient Ayurvedic texts like Charaka Samhita, Sushruta Samhita, Ashtanga Sangraha etc. You might have read about some of these in your school books. Let us now see the major components of swarna makshik bhasma that make it so much useful for our health.

Ingredients of swarna makshik bhasma

Swarna makshik bhasma is made up of swarna makshika. Swarna makshika is found in nature and if you do the XRD analysis of the naturally occurring substance, you will find it containing copper, iron and sulfur. If we look deeper into the history of this compound, we see many instances of makshika being described in several different ways. Initially makshika was the only name given to the compound, but since it looked similar to gold it was also called as swarna makshika. There is another type of makshika which was obtained from the banks of river Tapee. This version was named as Rajata Makshika and it was inferior in quality. If we continue to elaborate, you will several different types of this element. So, let us concentrate the components found in swarna makshika- iron, copper and sulfur.

Role of iron in human body

iron in swarna makshikStarting with iron, you might have been prescribed with iron supplement by the doctor if you had weakness in past. What was the purpose of giving iron to our body? Actually, iron is required for proper growth of human body and maintenance of robust health. Starting from improving the functioning of brain to strengthening the muscles growth, iron has an impact on almost every body part apart from our overall health. Iron deficiency may often cause severe fatigue, body weakness, and other health ailments. People who are short of iron are not only anemic but they cannot even to their day to day work in an optimal way. In our body, about 70% of iron is found in hemoglobin and myoglobin. So, the shortage of iron is directly reflected as lower hemoglobin levels.

What copper can do for us

copper in swarna makshikIron is famous because of the very common deficiency- anemia, but do you know anything about copper? Of course, copper also is a part of human body and it has some very crucial functions to perform. Starting from regulating the heart beat to balancing the hormonal problems in thyroid glands, copper can do it all for us. It is helpful in dealing with the symptoms of arthritis. It is also important to have normal copper level in our body in order to let the iron get absorbed inside human body. So, even if you are have sufficient iron in your body, lower copper levels can affect the absorption, and hence affect your health. Apart from all this, copper is also helpful in quick wound healing, enhancing red blood cell formation, and reducing cholesterol.


The preparation method for swarna makshik bhasma may vary from brand to brand, but one thing is assured with ayurveda- the process of manufacturing the medicine is kept natural. No chemical intervention is allowed so that the healing properties of nature are preserved. One very famous and commonly used method of preparing swarna makshik bhasma is to boil the purified form of swarna makshika in lemon juice. Then it is dried and once again ground with lemon juice. This step leaves us with the cakes of swarna makshik treated with lemon juice. Then these cakes are heated in a closed container at approximately 500 – 600 degree Celsius. This process is repeated for 10 times in a container without any air to obtain its Bhasma. Did you see any chemical or drug involved in the entire process? And this is the reason why ayurveda is considered as the safest possible methods of healing. The end product we get after heating at such a high temperature, that too not once or twice, but at least 10 time will have the following medicinal properties.

Medicinal properties of swarna makshik bhasma

red blood cellOne thing is clear just by looking at the ingredients of swarna makshik bhasma- it helps in formation of red blood cells. So, the best possible treatments for anemia is swarna makshik bhasma, and in case you also are low of hemoglobin, order your pack fast. Apart from enhancing the production of red blood cells, swarna makshik bhasma also has anti inflammatory properties that help you in elevating pain and inflammation in your body naturally. The antacid properties make it suitable to use in many stomach issues as everything wrong inside your stomach starts from imbalance of the acid levels only. Swarna makshik bhasma also is a natural antidepressant and anti hypertensive. These two properties make it suitable to be used if your brain is in some sort of problem. The anti ulcerogenic and anti pruritic properties are also present and all these together make this bhasma one of the best bhasma available in ayurveda. With all these and some more medicinal capabilities, swarna makshik bhasma can be used in the following conditions.

Uses and benefits of swarna makshik bhasma

Benefits of swarna makshik bhasma for stomach: The role of stomach is to digest the food and extract the energy out of it. If this process is disturbed for a short while, you will have to face inconvenience, and if the same continues for too long, your overall health will be hampered. And these days, the food is making it difficult to do its work in a proper manner. So, we often need digestive help in the form of antacids and other digestive stimulants. If you also have some digestion related problem like hyperacidity, heartburn, nausea, mouth ulcers, vomiting or gastritis, you can use ayurvedic swarna makshik bhasma. In fact, the same can be used in chronic infections in stomach as well as peptic ulcer and ulcerative colitis.

Impact of swarna makshik bhasma for human mind

MindMind controls our entire body and it is this mind that sometimes creates tremendous problems. You can deal with any physical ailment until and unless your mind is at peace, but when this organ of the body gets disturbed, controlling it once again is not an easy task. Here also swarna makshik bhasma can rescue you. Whether it is anxiety, depression, headache due to any reason or insomnia, swarna makshik bhasma is all you need to keep everything at bay.

Effect of swarna makshik bhasma on skin

Smooth and Infection Free SkinSwarna makshik bhasma on skin acts as an anti oxidant and hence it has amazing anti aging effects on your skin. With age, pollution and of course a diet lacking proper nutrition, you skin ages faster than your age. This is a reason of disappointment and this stress make us buy any and every cosmetic product, but it time to realize that although skin is an external organ, it reflects what is going on inside your body. So, to bring glow on your skin, you have to fix things internally. And swarna makshik bhasma on skin can help you a lot by rejuvenating the dying tissues. It is administered with cow’s urine to deal with skin issues.

Some general benefits of swarna makshik bhasma

Since swarna makshik bhasma is an ayurvedic medicine prepared with all natural ingredients, it can be used in many other problems. Yes, it is definitely beneficial in all the problems related to digestion and brain, but it has many other benefits. To start with, swarna makshik bhasma is an ayurvedic treatment for high blood pressure. Apart from this, jaundice, chronic low grade fever, burning sensation in the eyes, burning micturation, bleeding piles are some of the diseases in which you can count on this magnificent bhasma.  For women, this bhasma can be used as a treatment for vaginal itching, leucorrhoea, and other abdominal diseases.

How to use swarna makshik bhamsa

dosage of swarna makshikAll the ayurvedic medicines are safe and side effect free, but swarna makshik bhasma contain iron and copper and hence you have to be careful about the doses of swarna makshik bhasma you have to take. For a child below 18 you can give 2.5 mg of the bhasma for every kg of body weight. The maximum dosage for a child should not exceed 250 mg in a single day. For adults usually 125mg to 375 mg of swarna makshik bhasma is considered safe.

Although it is considered safe during pregnancy and lactation period, but we don’t recommend you taking it before consulting a doctor. If the doctor prescribes this ayurvedic medicine, go ahead with and if you want to take it, consult a good ayurvedic practitioner. Self medication during pregnancy and lactation should be strictly avoided.

There are no side effects of swarna makshik bhasma if you take it in the prescribed amount after having food. But since it contains metal components, even a slight overdose can be harmful for you. Hence, you should use it under the supervision of a doctor. These days, there are many companies in India which provide free consultation, so, if you don’t have access to any ayurvedic doctor, you can get it online. For ordering the swarna makshik bhasma and other ayurvedic products, you can take help from internet. Ayurveda could not reach the position it deserved in India because of the unavailability of all ayurvedic medicines. But now this is not an issue. There are many brands manufacturing almost every ayurvedic formula. Some even have a large collection of all the products coming from all the brands. One such company is parmanand ayurveda where you can choose after comparing the price quality and other specifications of the same product from all the brands manufacturing it. Also, they provide free home delivery for all the ayurvedic products.

After looking at companies like this, we can hope ayurveda is going to become the future cure for all human problems, the way it used to be. And that day will be the best day as a we can hope to live a healthy life after that.