From as early as 2500 BC, the therapeutic benefits of gold preparations have been reported in Indian ayurvedic culture. You might have heard of swarna bhasma/ gold bhasma if you have been close to ayurveda and ayurvedic medicines, but do you know all the benefits of swarna bhasma? Are you aware that from head to toe, there are a number of problems in which swarna bhasma can be used.  Gold is a well known metal used in ornaments, and is also considered auspicious in many countries, but according to ayurveda, we can gain even more from this metal. But, for gaining all the health benefits, one has to be sure about the right, natural and ayurvedic manufacturing of swarna bhasma. Swarna bhasma- the ashes of gold that we get after a very difficult and natural process of manufacturing the bhasma ayurvedically has tremendous health benefits. Yes, swarna bhasma is definitely beneficial for your health, but there are certain aspects associated with this prime ayurvedic preparation that shouldn’t be ignored at all.

For instance, swarna bhasma is special, and there is no doubt about it, but the preparation of this bhasma should also be fool proof. Apart from a perfectly ayurvedic and natural preparation, the method of intake also holds a significant value. We will talk about all these aspects, but before that, you will the most crucial benefits of swarna bhasma. There are numberless health benefits of using swarna bhasma if you use it right, but the following is the list of some very important health impacts of the ayurvedic preparation.



SWARNA BHASMA AS CARDIAC TONIC: Heart diseases were the top killers of the year 2016, killing 1.7 million Indians in just one year. Heart and cardiovascular problems are becoming prominent day by day. In India as well as outside India, cardiac problems are on rise and this can be attributed to the lack of nutritious food and the absence of physical activity from our lives. Obesity is also contributing directly to the ever increasing heart problems. And for all these causes, there is only one answer- swarna bhasma. Swarna bhasma can take care of the central organ of human body and by doing so, it ensures a longer and healthier life. You too can use swarna bhasma to avoid cardiac problems, and in case you already are suffering from one, taking it in combination with other ayurvedic medicines may help a lot.

SWARNA BHASMA IMPROVES MEMORY AND INTELLIGENCE: The minute particles of swarna bhasma can reach human brain and because of this reason, the bhasma is commonly used in many neurological problems. The processing of gold make the gold particles so small in size that it can easily reach the brain through nerves and hence swarna bhasma can do what no other allopathic medicine can do. Apart from being beneficial in many neurological problems, swarna bhasma can also be used in improving memory, making your brain sharper and making you more intelligent. These involve several precautions and in case you want to use swarna bhasma for any of the above stated benefits, please consult an ayurvedic doctor first.

GOOD FOR STOMACH: Indigestion, loss of appetite, or abdominal heaviness or distension can be dealt with the right use of swarna bhasma. Not only your digestion will improve, but you will feel hungry. To take advantage of this, you have to eat nutritious food. Also, certain food must be avoided when you are on the course of swarna bhasma. This must be clarified from a good ayurvedic doctor as diet plays a major role in determining the effectiveness of swarna bhasma as well as all other ayurvedic medicines. At this point, you should only note that swarna bhasma is beneficial in a number of stomach problems.

HELPFUL IN ANEMIA: Anemia in simple terms is iron deficiency, but this deficiency creates so many problems in your body. You get weaker day by day, inviting so many health disorders and problems. So, we can say that anemia is a condition that makes your body susceptible to so many diseases. To avoid it, you can either go for allopathic iron supplements. Alternatively, you can go for a holistic solution in the form of swarna bhasma. Swarna bhasma is useful in anemia as it raises the hemoglobin level in your blood.


RESPIRATORY PROBLEMS: Asthma, cough and other microbial infections can be used healed holistically with swarna bhasma. Ages old infections resulting in severe cough and cold can be resolved with regular use of swarna bhasma. The patients of bronchitis, asthma and other respiratory problems have reported tremendous relief from the use of swarna bhasma. But whether you should be given swarna bhasma in respiratory problems or not too will be decided by your ayurvedic doctor.

BENEFICIAL FOR SEXUAL HEALTH: You can restore your sexual power with the use of high quality swarna bhasma. Swarna bhasma contains anti-inflammatory, immunomodulatory, anti-oxidant, Antianginal and many other such agents. Apart from these, by making your brain stress free, you can easily boost your sexual desire. It is used by many to live a perfectly normal sexual health, and some also use it as a part of treatment for the most common sexual disorders. Swarna bhasma can be viewed as a holistic and healthy cure for sexual problems.

HEMIPLEGIA AND COMPLETE PARALYSIS: Paralysis is the toughest problem to deal with if you are using allopathic medicines. However, in ayurveda, there are many solutions to all types of paralysis and swarna bhasma is one of them. Swarna bhasma is often combined with some other strong ayurvedic medicines, and all of them together can easily cure complete paralysis as well as minor cases of paralysis.

MENTAL DISORDERS: Sometimes certain part of your body stops responding to your brain signals and we call it paralysis, but many other times, the brain stops working the way it should. Depression, anxiety, anger and stress are some of the ways your brain expresses the need of some help and this help shouldn’t be sought in allopathic medicines because of the ineffectiveness and huge number of side effects. Ayurvedic medicines like swarna bhasma are extremely helpful in overcoming these mental disorders and to get desired results, you don’t even have to compromise with the physical health.


SWARNA BHASMA AS IMMUNITY BOOSTER: Swarna bhasma is the ultimate natural immunity booster that carries all the necessary elements required by your body. Often swarna bhasma comes in many forms and depending on the need of your body, your ayurvedic doctor may give you the correct combination of health enhancing herbs.

SKIN PROBLEMS: As we have already told you, from head to toe, there are several ways in which swarna bhasma can enlighten your mind, body and health, skin too is not an exception. Swarna bhasma is a one stop solution to many health issues including some difficult skin problems like syphilis. While elevating mood and keeping you stress-free, gold bhasma can also improve metabolism of blood formation, digestion, assimilation, excretion and purification. This can lead to clear, glowing skin.


These were not all the benefits of swarna bhasma as the ayurvedic preparation is capable of improving human health in many dimensions but form the list we can get an idea of the healing power of the magical bhasma. Swarna bhasma indeed is magical, but to make the medicine act in the direction you want, the preparation of ayurvedic swarna bhasma has to be special too. Ayurveda has described in detail the right method of extracting the goodness out of gold, and you should buy this bhasma from the ayurvedic company that follows the strict ayurvedic procedure. Preparing the bhasma through a natural process and in the right manner is of high importance because this influences the quality of the end product. Also, there were many doubts about the safety of swarna bhasma and other ayurvedic medicines containing heavy metals as primary ingredients. Thankfully many research publications have resolved the doubt in favor of ayurveda by testing the bhasma for safety. It has been concluded from the research carried out in the entire world that swarna bhasma and all other bhasma are completely safe provided they are purified according to the process mentioned in the ancient ayurvedic texts. So, swarna bhasma of whichever brand you choose, the purification process has to be performed without any loopholes. In case you aren’t sure about the brand’s manufacturing process, you can simply place your order at paramanand ayurveda. This ayurvedic company in Delhi offers only high quality ayurvedic medicines. Whether it is swarna bhasma or any other ayurvedic medicines, if you are buying it from this ayurvedic company in Delhi, you are going to get best quality at best price.

Also, knowing the benefits of swarna bhasma is one thing and practically using the ayurvedic medicine is another. It is must that you consult an ayurvedic doctor before using swarna bhasma or other ayurvedic medicines. Yes, you know all the benefits of swarna bhasma, but the ayurvedic doctor must approve its use for you after critically analyzing your present health condition and past medical record. So, it is compulsory that you consult an ayurvedic doctor and this also can be done by making just one phone call to paramanand ayurveda. Apart from all other money saving offers, this ayurvedic company in Delhi also offers free online consultation and free home delivery. Using ayurvedic swarna bhasma is not only beneficial, but also easy with this ayurvedic company in Delhi, right?

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