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Decline in the normal health of the man and woman in the present generation is resulting in many traumas. And to deal with those health ailments, we regularly seek help from many different sources. One very common source that has reached every house and is continuously reaching human bodies as well is allopathy. Allopathy once was a synonym for treatment, but this was the scenario till we were unaware of the ill effects of taking help from allopathic medicines.  But the reality was something else; allopathy is yet another healing science and not the only medicinal science for human beings. There are several other ways you can get your ailments treated and live a healthy life. Each one has its own set of concepts and a completely different definition of healing.

ayurvedic vs allopathyAyurveda also is a science of healing that aims towards the improvement of human life by providing holistic and healthy healing. But this science differs significantly in several aspects and those who have used it or have been in touch with it in any other way might be aware of this. Today we are talking so much about ayurveda and ayurvedic products online and offline because they have once again started realizing that the results of exposing our bodied to unhealthy science like allopathy is not only bad of our present health, but we are continuously putting our long term health at risk. Once upon a time there was ayurveda and since it was the only method of healing, we happily used it. The invention of allopathy then started a debate on “allopathy vs. ayurveda”. Since each one of them had its own advantages, it was almost impossible to decide the winner of allopathy vs. ayurveda, but recently some studies have provided with concrete results. With those results clearly showing the negative impact of allopathic medicines, we can happily declare that the ancient yet modern science- ayurveda is undoubtedly the winner of allopathy vs. ayurveda.

And with this magnificent science emerging out as a clear winner, we once again have a method of treating that is not only complete, but also holistic and safe. And today, everyone is searching for ayurvedic products online as well as offline. This has brought a ray of ayurveda which is not only revolving into India but the beauty of ayurveda has reached to other countries as well. So, with the wave of ayurveda spreading in the world, there is a rise in demand of products like sukumar ghritam. Sukumar ghritam is an ayurvedic medicine which is used to deal with some day to day issues like constipation and some chronic problems like hemorrhoids. But it is not right to start using the product just by reading a few words and in ayurveda, you should proceed only when you have enough information. Today we will tell you a few facts about ayurvedic medicine sukumar ghritam and also some places from where you can buy ayurvedic products online and avail offers like free home delivery and free doctor’s consultation.


INGREDIENTS OF SUKUMAR GHRITAMSukumar ghritam is made up of many natural herbs like punarnava, bilva, brihati, agnimantha, kantakari, gokshura, ashwagandha, darbhamoola (erianthus arundinaceum), kushamoola, kashamoola, shara moola, ikshumoola. Apart from these rare herbal ingredients, this ayurvedic medicine also contains guda, ghee, milk, eranda taila (Castor oil) and krishna (long pepper fruit). Out of these, some are found in the forests of Himalaya and others are commonly used in Indian houses. The perfect examples to cite here are guda, ghee and castor oil. These are not rare and you will find them many Indian kitchens.

All these, and of course many other herbal ingredients are combined in a fixed proportion and processed without the use of any chemicals to make the final product- sukumar ghritam. Now, let us see all the uses and benefits of sukumar ghritam.


Starting from providing relief in minor constipation, to saving you life by preventing hemorrhoids, sukumar ghritam has a variety of uses and benefits for human beings. Its benefits revolve primarily around the disease related to or caused by some problem in stomach. And the problems in abdomen are not only concerned with indigestion. People often use sukumar ghritam in constipation and other digestive issues, but this is not all this magnificent ayurvedic medicine has in store for us. Here is the list of some benefits of using sukumar ghritam.

Sukumar ghritam in constipation

CONSTIPATIONIt relieves constipation, bloating, pain and itching, which are commonly seen symptoms of piles. The problem of indigestion gives rise to constipation and constipation gives an opportunity to piles/ hemorrhoids and many other health issues. So, we can say that indigestion which we often ignore is the root cause of at least a dozen of disease in and outside the stomach. To deal with it holistically, you really need something like sukumar ghritam. Even if you have a sound digestive system, the food we eat today makes digestion a really difficult process. So, you can use sukumar ghritam in constipation and get relief from this and many other problems. And there is no need to tell you that a strong digestion indeed is a key to a healthy body. So, grab the chance to have a healthy and sound digestive system for the rest of your life by using sukumar ghritam in constipation and other stomach problems.

Sukumar ghritam for women

In women, you can use sukumar ghritam in more than just on way. This can be given as a daily tonic in lower doses for overall good health or women. Doctor’s also prescribe it for dealing with pain in lower abdomen due to any reason. And some women also seek help from this ayurvedic formula to get some relief in menstrual pain. And to your surprise, it is also used to improve skin complexion. What else a woman can dream for?


sukumar ghritam for AbscessOften we see some tender mass surrounded by red or pinkish skin. It is nothing but abscess and it can appear on any part of your body. But the most common sites on the skin in your armpits, areas around your anus and vagina and the base of your spine. Abscess is quite painful to touch and these most probable places make it even more uncomfortable. To deal with it ayurvedically, your doctor might prescribe you an appropriate dose of sukumar ghritam. In case you are using sukumar ghritam in constipation or any other stomach related issue, you might have to take it for quite a long time, but in case you are using it against abscess, taking it for a shorter period of time is enough.

These were all the uses of sukumar ghritam- an amazing ayurvedic medicine and if you take it according to doctor’s prescription, this medicine is definitely going to bring significant changes in your digestion. And improvement in the digestion in turn is going to make your health better day by day. So, we can say that by seeking help from ayurvedic sukumar ghritam, you are gradually moving towards a healthy future. You no more have to buy allopathic medicines for dealing with you small problems.


Sukumar ghritam can be used as a medicine and it is also used for panchkarma preparations. If you are using it as a medicine, you can simply take quarter to half teaspoon of sukumar ghritam with water. The ayurvedic doctors usually prescribe it before food. Based on the intensity of your problem, this dose can be taken either once or twice every day. As far as panchkarma preparations are concerned, it is used in snehana procedure. For this procedure you don’t have to worry much about the doses and the doctor conducting the therapy will decide everything depending upon your condition.


Since sukumar ghritam is an ayurvedic formula and it doesn’t involve the use of any chemicals, this ayurvedic medicine too is safe. It doesn’t have any side effects and hence can be taken for a really long time provided your doctor has asked you to do so. But, if you accidentally take sukumar ghritam in higher dose, you may have to face diarrhea and indigestion. But these are temporary and will subside with time. In case you experience persistent diarrhea and indigestion while taking sukumar ghritam, talk to an ayurvedic doctor immediately.

Only one precautionary measure to be taken apart from taking the medicine in right amount is to avoid exposure to cold and cold water bath are also avoided for the time you take sukumar ghritam.

As we have already told you- as ayurveda is emerging out as a winner in every comparison of allopathy vs. ayurveda, the demand of ayurvedic medicines like sukumar ghritam is also increasing day by day. More and more people are taking help from sukumar ghritam and other ayurvedic medicines to lead a healthy and easy life. This gives rise to one more crucial question- for where to buy ayurvedic products online. As far as physical outlets are concerned, either they don’t have all the varieties or people don’t have one near their house. Here, there is only one way to get the ayurvedic medicines at your doorsteps- buying ayurvedic products online. If you ask for a trustworthy name with a record of lowest price with best quality- it is none other than parmanand ayurveda. This is just perfect if you want to order ayurvedic products online and get them delivered at your doorstep without even paying for the delivery charges.

And this is not the only benefits of ordering ayurvedic products online with parmanand ayurveda as you can also get free consultation from an ayurvedic doctor over phone. In case you have any query related to your health or have any doubt about any ayurvedic medicine, you can seek help from this ayurvedic company and they don’t charge for this too. Isn’t it amazing? Yes, it is unbelievable, but thankfully we now have easy access to ayurveda and have no barriers. You too must grab these opportunities as this is the right time to change the way you treat you body and make your long term health your priority.

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